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2014 Lok Sabha Election: Will Sushma Swaraj Maintain Her Winning Record This Time Too?

From April 7 to May 12, 2014, are the dates scheduled for Lok Sabha elections. Today, we are going to predict the winning and losing possibilities of Sushma Swaraj. A very respected figure of politics, Mrs. Swaraj is contesting from Vidisha constituency. Let’s know her fate with astrologer Acharya Raman.
Politician Sushma Swaraj will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from Vidisha constituency.

This name needs no recognition at least in northern India. She is leader of opposition and a great leader. She has a lot of following for herself in BJP. So, I will not go into her professional details. She is a well respected figure in Indian politics.

She will be contesting from Vidisha constituency again, last time she won with a record margin. The prashan chart is as follows:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: March 15, 2014
Day: Saturday

Time of Chart: 8: 1: 16 GMT+05:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 26’’

Politician Sushma Swaraj will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from Vidisha constituency.

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify, but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of Maha Dasha- Antardasha lord.

The sixth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter. It is in 3rd house. Houses 1,2,3,6,10,11 are incremental houses for a native. It is in sub of Venus in 10th house.
The 10th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in 7th bhava in sub of Sun in 12th Bhava.
The 11th cuspal sub lord is Mercury in 11th Bhava. It is in sub of Venus in 10th Bhava.
Moon is in 5th Bhava, but in sub of Mercury in 11th bhava.

Here, itself her victory is ascertained by planets, but let us see the Dasha on the poll day. The dasha operating during the poll period will be of Moon and Mars and both are positively indicating her win comfortably.

CONCLUSION: She will win and may break her previous record of margins.

By Acharya Raman

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