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Prospects Of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal won the confidence of people and became the Chief Minister of the capital overnight. Few days passed and he resigned. But, what is next? What are his future prospects in politics? Let’s try to figure out these answers with this article written by expert astrologer ‘VGR Pavan’. 

 Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of Aam Aadmi Party

Arvind Kejriwal became the sensation after his resignation as Delhi’s Chief Minister. He ruled this important city of India for few fortnights. I predicted his coronation as CM in last elections. However, with this sudden twist, I am little curious to know about his future prospects. My previous prediction was only concerned about his possibility of becoming CM of Delhi, but not for his future prospects. I would like to present before the readers, the anatomy of the prediction. 

The following is the horoscope for horary number 6, which was taken randomly:

Rules are:

Tenth house is apex of the horoscope. Therefore, the strength of this house will determine the possible extent to which the native can elevate. Thus, the sub lord of 10th house is the key.

Ascendant (Lagna) also holds the signification for success and reputation. We should add it for a more meaningful conclusion. Note the sub lord of this house.

Jupiter and Venus are said to be the significators (Karak) for politics. Sun denotes power, whereas Mars denotes authority, and Saturn is for mass popularity. All these planets should be linked with developing houses, especially through sub lord.

Guruji Sri KSK says that houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 are the developing houses and support for the success of the native. These houses help in:

Ascendant- self
2nd house- wealth 
3rd house- help
6th house- victory over opponents
10th house- power of order
11th house- desire fulfillment

Houses 5 - 9 have influence over political life. Fifth house denotes strategic planning; hence, it is related to minister ship. Ninth house is related to Purva Punya (luck from previous birth), and gives the strength to elevate in politics.

In the light of above principles let us judge the horoscope. 

Prima facie ascendant is Aries, which is ruled by Mars (courage). Ketu is in it, but Saturn and Mars are aspecting it. The aspect of ascendant and 11th lords over the ascendant is good; Ketu also reflects the same to a good extent. Star lord of ascendant is also Ketu; hence, it is favorable. Note that Mars is in 6th house, which gives more power for him. Now, the sub lord is Rahu. He is in 7th house along with Mars and Saturn, further; he deputizes Venus in 9th house. Therefore, Rahu is connected with 1, 2, 6, 7, 9,11 and 12 houses. Rahu is a node; hence, it completely replaces the planets related to them. Here, Rahu replaces Saturn and Mars who are strongest significators for 3, 10, 6 houses, respectively. Therefore, we should include them too. Finally, we get 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9,10,11,12 houses which are mostly favorable houses. All these significations are strong as Rahu is placed in own star and sub. 

Meridian or 10th house rises in Sagittarius which is owned by Jupiter. None in this house and he is placed in 3rd house in Rahu star and Venus sub. He is aspecting ascendant lord Mars and 10th house too. Thus, Jupiter is connected with important houses of politics through Venus. Star lord of tenth house is Sun. Readers should note that Sun is lord of the 6th house and is placed in 11th house with positional status. Further, he signifies 2, 6, 8 and 9 houses through Mars and Venus, his star and sub lords. Remember, here 9th house is not a negative house and it is the supporting house for politics. Thus, Sun promises grand success. Lastly, the sub lord of Meridian Moon is lord of the 5th house which is placed in 5th house (in Leo) in Venus star and Jupiter sub. Therefore, she is strongly connected with 2, 5, and 9 at star level and all the required houses through Jupiter (in the star of Rahu). Further, Moon is called as reflector and hence, is related to Sun and Mercury in 11th house also. Moon is considered as mind, hence the urge for the question is also justified.

Thus, both the important houses are carrying great potential for the success of this young politician. However, the connections of 8 - 12 houses to Rahu also indicate some loss. Therefore, he should take utmost care about security. 8 denote danger and 12 is for secret inimical activity. The other beneficial signification will surely overpower them, but still there is scope for betrayals by others. Jupiter in 3rd house will give trustable associates. 

Sub lord of 6th house Mars is connected with 1 - 6 houses, which denotes success over opponents. Even the strategies of opponents will turn in his favor. Mars in 6th house, being ascendant lord, denotes his dynamism and capacity to curb enemies with tactful plans. 

Sub lord of the 11th house is Jupiter, as discussed earlier; he is strong through sub division. In KP, it is said that the cusp will promise those results which are indicated by the sub lord. Here, Venus is occupant as well as sub lord for 9th house. She is in the sub division of Saturn; hence, connected with 3-7-10 houses strongly. Hence, 9th house favors him. 

Sun in the sub division of Venus is good for power, Mars in the sub division of Ketu is strong for authority, and Saturn in the sub of Sun is for great following in masses. Venus is in the sub division of Saturn and Jupiter is in the sub of Venus. Therefore, all planets related to politics are favorable for success. 

Thus, it can be said that Kejriwal has a very bright future amidst these favorable combinations. 

He is under Venus - Jupiter period till Sep, 2015. Jupiter is aspecting 10th house and has potential of offering power to Kejriwal. The transit of Jupiter in own star and Saturn star is highly favorable for conferring success. Saturn will be in Jupiter star throughout this year. Transit of Rahu close to Mars, Ketu in own star will prove beneficial. Therefore, one can predict grand success for Kejriwal in this progressing year. 

Venus - Saturn period will prevail from Sep, 2015 till Nov, 2018. Saturn is strongest significator for 3, 7, 10 and 11 houses. Therefore, he will be influential during this period. There is favorable aspect between Venus and Saturn, which is rewarding. Incidentally, Saturn is the only planet in the sub of Sun. Therefore, he is strongest planet at sub level. Hence, we can safely predict prosperous results for him. Note that Saturn is lord of the sign “Capricorn” and is ruling India. The cuspal point of 11th house is in Capricorn. 

Venus - Mercury period will prevail between Nov, 2018 and Sep, 2021. Mercury is in the 11th house with positional strength. He is in Mars star and Ketu’s sub. Therefore, Mercury is strong significator for 1, 6 and 11 houses. 

At the time of writing this article on 18-02-2014, ascendant was in Taurus in Sun star and Moon was in Virgo in Moon star. Therefore; Venus, Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Mars are the ruling planets. They are powerful significators too. Hence, one can predict fortunate happenings during the periods of these planets. 

Sun, Moon and Mars sub periods are over in Venus main period. The only periods common with the ruling planets are Mercury and Ketu (deputizes for Mars). Between Apr – Jun, 2019, he will be under Venus-Mercury-Ketu period. Transiting Saturn and Ketu will be very close to the 10th cusp, Jupiter will be in Ketu/Mercury star and Rahu is in Mercury sign Jupiter star. Therefore, he may have significant impact on Indian politics during this period. 

Therefore, it can be said beyond doubt that Kejriwal may have to play a long pivotal role in Indian politics. Let’s see what is in store for this dynamic politician. I would like to disclaim that all my articles are of academic interest without any fantasy or impression. 

Good Luck!!!

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