Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women: Valley Of Love & Strength

Women: a source of survival of human beings. Every woman plays many roles throughout her life, be it a daughter, a wife, a mother ora granny. She fits in every role and hold on the responsibilities. Let’s see that on this Women’s Day, what our astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra says.

Celebrate women empowerment with Women’s Day

Today is Women's Day. Progress of this universe can't be imagined without the existence of women. Limitations of womanhood were proved by Sita; her role of protector was proved by Savitri, who went against Yama (Lord of death) for the well being of her husband and family. On the other hand, she has proved to be the demolisher of anarchy being Durga and Kali. But, it is an eternal rule that time tests everyone. Good and bad days are part of everyone's life; therefore, sometimes women have to deal with adverse situations. 

It's been such a long time, since India got independence. For the safety of women, many so-called plans and rules have been made. However, all these seem to be just a formality. 

We can witness this condition of women through the birth chart (Kundali) of independent India. Position of Ketu in the 7th house and 7th lord, Mars in Rahu’s constellation indicates that our country does more show off than work in the matters related to women. As 7th house lord is itself situated in Rahu's Nakshatra (constellation), some women who are considered as ideal by other women, may face problems in choosing the right direction for themselves. It will create problems for other women, who follow these women. 

Mars is the lord of the seventh house, which is posited in the sign of Mercury (the sign of businessman); and in the constellation of Rahu (ruler of wealth). Hence, women situated at higher places as well as men will play a major role in misleading women. Due to the positioning of 7th house lord in Mercury’s sign, direct impact of Mercury and Rahu-Ketu will be seen on some women today. You may either call it excess of ambitiousness or powerlessness. As a result, women became the object and started selling her beauty either via advertisement of soaps or cosmetics.

Due to influence of Rahu on Mars, the 7th house lord, protectors of women can also be seen exploiting them under the excuse of providing security, reservation and protection. Due to this effect of Rahu and Mars, a large number of Indian women become the victim of rape. 

After analyzing the Kundali of India, it seems that government and administration, if try to work for the welfare of women, might not bring in protecting the womanhood. Therefore, a woman needs to keep herself aware all the time. 

It is very important to figure out those people, who treat women as an object of entertainment. In the name of independence, people are trying to make women a part of such a world, which can even finish her existence. 

Increasing number of incidents such as rape, force us to think that our people who are also our law system, witness these incidents like silent/numb audience. The number of laws and crimes are growing at the same pace. Whether it's rape or any other social crime, such incidents keep on taking place. When these things happen, our intellectuals and social workers start their dramas of protests and rallies. However, all these have no meaning. 

Therefore, it is very important for Indian women to realize that they are not less than men in any aspect. As per the rules and limitations of nature, respect of womanhood will keep on increasing if she tries to behave like a woman only. Reason behind is that that while comparing herself with men, she might lose her fundamental qualities, which ultimately go against the rules of nature. Woman is herself so important that she is ahead men in many aspects, which make her incredible. Woman is respectable and worth worshiping; therefore, question of comparison holds no meaning.

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