Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Budwa Mangal: A Day Of Welfare

Today is an auspicious day, as today is Budwa Mangal. This day is dedicated to lord Hanuman, it holds the power to eradicate sins, sorrows, troubles, and miseries from one’s life. So, how to observe this special day? How to get rid of the ongoing negative phase of life? Get to know through this article.

Observe Budwa Mangal and please Lord Hanuman for a successful and prosperous life.

Budwa Mangal is observed for honouring Lord Hanuman. Though, Hindus pray to the deity on Tuesdays and Saturdays; but, according to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the first Mangalwar (Tuesday) after Holi. Each year Budwa Mangal is witnessed twice, one in the Chaitra month and other in the Bhadrapad month.

As this day is dedicated to Lord Hanuman; therefore, devotees visit Hanuman temples on Budwa Mangal. To honor the deity, Hanuman Chalisa is chanted by them.

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What Is Done On Budwa Mangal?

On the occasion of Budwa Mangal, temples of Lord Hanuman are cleaned and beautifully decorated. Devotees queue up from early morning to offer prayers to the lord. Akhand Sunderkand and Ramayan Paath are organized in the temples. Whole premises of the temple gets filled with the hymns, bhajans and songs of Lord Hanuman. Bhandaras are organized and Prasad is distributed among the devotees and passers-by.

How To Worship Bajrang Bali On Budwa Mangal

To get the blessings of Lord Hanuman, it is very important to worship the deity in the right way. Here, we have explained how to conduct Puja for Bajrang Bali:
  • On a red cloth, place the idol of the deity
  • Apply Kumkum (vermilion) on his forehead
  • Light agarbatti (incense sticks) and Diya (earthen lamp) in front of Lord’s idol
  • Now, pour Panchamrit (mixture of sugar, honey, ghee, yogurt, and milk) on the idol
  • Now, pour some water on the idol
  • Join your hands, make any wish you want to and bow in front of the deity’s idol
Please Lord Hanuman With These Offerings

  1. Sindoor (vermilion)
  2. Ladoo, Pedas
  3. Malpuas
  4. Garland made of fresh flowers along with Tulsi leaves
  5. Chameli oil
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Most Visited Temples Of The Day

  1. Naya Hanuman Mandir (Lucknow)
  2. Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple (Varanasi)
  3. Sri Panki Hanuman Temple (Kanpur)
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Significance of Budwa Mangal

Worshipping Lord Hanuman on Budwa is highly rewarding. The lord listens immediately to his devotees, if remembered with immense and pure faith. It is believed that worshipping and keeping faith in Bajrang Bali is helpful in following ways:
  • All sins and mistakes will vanish from the life of the devotee
  • Sufferings and miseries will end
  • Their upcoming generations will live a long, healthy and prosperous life
  • Professional life will blossom
  • Malefic effects of planets will get reduced
With this article, we are sure your knowledge increases about Budwa Mangal. Observe this day in the above explained way and go closer toward a good fortune.

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