Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is Dhoni’s Magic Over Or Still Left?

MS Dhoni, one of them most successful cricket personality, is going through a rough phase in his career. Team India is also getting affecting, due to this. So, what says Dhoni’s coming future? Will he enter politics? Will he ever shine again in cricket? Get the answer with expert astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha.


From the last Jupiter change, i.e. from June 2013, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and team India, both are struggling a lot. Dhoni’s performances and destiny, both are not supporting like before. As a result, team India and Dhoni, both are losing their ranking and public support. Apart from this, Dhoni has also stuck in IPL spot fixing disputes, nowadays. Let’s see what would be Dhoni’s destiny in the coming time.


Currently, Ketu - Ketu period is going on from June 2013 up to June 2014. It seems that Rahu/Ketu has created eclipse around Dhoni’s career.

Rahu is placed in Cancer sign in the 11th house with Venus. So, impact of Venus , who is the lord of 2nd and 9th houses, will be prominent in Rahu. We can see that overall, Rahu Dasha has given Dhoni, enough name, fame and income yet. Rahu is placed in Nakshtra of Saturn, who owns 5th and 6th houses and is placed in the 1st house in the custody of Jupiter. Hence, Saturn is also good for him. Rahu is placed with Mars in D-9 in Virgo, and is the reason of strong will power and winning strategy.

In D-10 chart, Rahu is placed with Moon in the 9th house. Therefore, there would be no surprise if, Dhoni joins politics and make fame there too.

Let’s talk about the current problems due to Rahu - Ketu period. We can see that Ketu’s placement in 5th house and 12th of 6th house is the main problem for Dhoni. Though Ketu is under aspects of Jupiter and Venus, but placement of Ketu in Nakshatra (constellation) of Sun, who is the lord of 12th house, is giving losses in Antardasha.

Dhoni is also going under last stage of Sade Sati, so mental worries will be there like, IPL fixings.

His coming Dasha of Rahu - Venus from June 2014, will be good for him. Due to this, we can expect MS Dhoni and team India to rock again after June 2014. However, in coming T20 World Cup, it seems that there are no more magics, because Dhoni is going under Rahu-Ketu-Saturn period up to April 2014. But, Rahu-Ketu-Mercury period from May 2014 will be better and we can hope good performance in IPL. He can get relief in IPL fixing because his time is going to be better from May 2014. All the best to him and team India.

By Mrityunjai OJha

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