Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1 Of Navratri: The Day To Honor Maa Shailputri

Chaitra Navratri has started today. Today, is the first day of Navratri, the day devoted to Goddess Shailputri. Offer prayers, observe fast and seek blessings from the Devi. But how to observe this day in the right way? Widen your knowledge about the first day of Navratri through this article.

Chaitra Navratri will begin by worshipping Devi Shailputri.

Devi Of Today, Maa Shailputri

Navratri commences with pleasing Goddess Shailputri. The first Avatar of Maa Durga, Shailputri is popularly known as the ‘Daughter of Himalayas’. As the Devi is companion of Lord Shiva; therefore, worshipping her with the Lord helps the devotees to enter Moolchakra. The goddess carries lotus in her left hand and Trishul (trident) in the right hand. Riding on a bull, she looks incredible. Shailputri is also known as Hemavati and Parvati.

How To Perform The Rituals Of The Day

As today is the first day of Navratri; therefore, the main event of this day is ‘Ghatsthapana’. To conduct this ritual, prepare a small bed of mud and grow barley seeds over it. Now, place a Kalash (pitcher) on it. The Kalash is filled with water and a red sacred thread is to be tied around it. Take a bowl filled with rice and keep it on top of the Kalash. Finally, place a coconut (wrapped with mango leaves) over the Kalash. Make sure not to disturb the Kalash for the following nine days. After setting up Ghatsthapana, offer a garland made of fresh flowers to the goddess. Read the holy book ‘Durga Saptshati’.

Mantra Of The Day

Vande Vanchhitalabhay chandrardhakritshekharam |
Vrisharudham Shooldharam Shailputreem Yashasvineem ||

Please The Devi With Observing Fast

To please Maa Shailputri, you can observe Navratri fast. The fast starts early morning with offering prayers and performing Aarti. During Navratri fast, you can eat nuts, curd, fruits, Sabudana (Sago). While keeping the fast, you should strictly avoid intake of onion, garlic, and alcohol.

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