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Some Unseen Forces Can Change Our Life: SN Rao

AstroSage is once again back with an interview of an expert astrologer. Today, we will talk to our expert astrologer ‘SN Rao’. If you have interests in Vedic astrology, western astrology, KP system, and palmistry; then we are sure that this interview will take you closer to your interests. 
Astrologer SN Rao’s interview

1. How did you get interested in astrology initially? What made you come into the field of astrology as a profession?

As a child, I began to develop an interest in astrology pretty early in life. It happened because my grandparents used to discuss the positive periods based on Nakshatras (constellation) and transits of planets. I used to read books on astrology. During those days, there wasn’t nearly as much literature available as there is now. Slowly and steadily I made a collection of astrology books and pursued my interest. I am indebted to the professors of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Mumbai) for scientifically explaining each and every subject. I pursued my studies to complete my Jyotirvid and Jyotish Visharad. I used to study the charts of my friends as well as my relatives. I was happy to understand the insights that I had discovered. I do not consider myself as a professional in the field of astrology, as it gives me tremendous pleasure to remain a student of this ardent science. Also, I like to develop my knowledge by analyzing each and every case.

2. What astrological system do you use and why?

There are many systems used by different astrologers. I have come across many such methods by reading western and Vedic books written by eminent writers in this field. Some are easy to understand and practical, whereas others require many cumbersome calculations. With experience, trial & error methods, one usually develops his own unique style of prediction. This is what I have experienced. Initially, I was confident of western methods of prediction. I switched over to KP method in between and then moved on to Vedic astrology. Now, I usually try to predict after confirming these three different styles of prediction. I am sure that if all the three styles give a single answer, then your prediction cannot go wrong. It also helps if you are stuck up and confused using a single style of prediction techniques. My advice for the young astrologers is to adopt any of the above systems which they can relate and understand well. 

3. Any incident related to astrology in your life or your prediction, which created impact and that you want to share with our readers?

There are many incidents in life which can change the belief of an individual. Some incidents happen when least expected and make us believe that there are some unseen forces which can change our life. An interest into understanding these hidden forces and the ability to understand them can help you decipher these powerful energy. Looking back at these incidents, I feel that I have taken a right choice in garnering the basic knowledge about astrology.

4. What are your suggestions for budding astrologers or for those who’re interested in this subject?

An interest is like a small and gentle bud which needs to be nurtured carefully. The young and budding astrologers should learn astrology in a scientific manner from reputed institutes like Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Learning the subject from a learned person / teacher definitely helps. Developing the interest can be cultivated by reading books. There are many books available in the market written by eminent and learned authors which give insight and depth in this field.

5. According to you, which are the best astrology books that one should read?

There are many books available in the market for learning astrology. It is not possible to name all of them. Some basic ones are given below:
  • Western astrology – Books by Alan Leo, Max Heindel are considered to be the basics
  • KP System – There are many books from their publications. Each book has important and interesting revelations
  • Vedic astrology – The epics like Varahamihira, Brihat parashara, Uttara Kalamrita, Mantreshwar Phaladeepika, Jataka Navaneetham, Sarvartha Chintamani are a must. 
  • Books by B V Raman, Chandulal patel, Bipin behari, G S Agarwal, O P Verma and many more are also worth reading.

6. What would you like to say to the users of

Astrosage is an important medium to build and develop the interest of budding youngsters in the field of astrology. It has a huge collection of information about astrology, which is generally not seen on other websites. Articles and honest reviews by eminent astrologers are available on finger tips.

So, this was all for today. Stay tuned as we bring interview of one more astrologer, next week.

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