Thursday, December 26, 2013

India Vs South Africa 2nd Test Match Prediction

India Vs South Africa 2013 series has leveled up. It is the Test Match 2 and everyone is excited to know the winner. Today, South Africa will lock horns with India in Durban at 14:00 IST. With each match, both the teams are giving fabulous performance. Let’s see what their stars say about today’s match!

India Vs South Africa 2nd Test Match
We are witnessing a new young India cricket team with weak bowling and low exposure to foreign lands. The series has now begun. I am trying to find the result as per my method of astro-numerology of KP system.

Test Match 2 - December 26, 2013; Durban, South Africa.

Favorite team: India
Time for prediction: 14:00 IST
Date: 26.12.13
Place: Indore 
Ascendant Lord: MARS-9 
Moon Star Lord: MOON-4 
Moon Sign Lord: MERCURY-9
Day Lord: JUPITER-21


The result is 1 so INDIA will win this game. 

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