Monday, December 2, 2013

Feng Shui Tips For Better Health

Today, AstroSage has decided to give you some Feng Shui tips for better health. Feng Shui is something that doesn’t take much effort and you can get the benefits. All you need is to decorate your home and it’s done! Read this article to know how Feng Shui can help you staying healthy life-long…

Feng Shui: Friend Of Environment Lovers

Environment and humans
Feng shui is about three centuries old art, which means ‘Wind and Water’. It believes that everything in the environment has an energy called 'Chi'. Feng Shui is all about arranging the environment so that it affects day to day life by flow of positive energy of 'Chi' 

Applying Feng Shui For Better Health

Health is the most important factor to be taken care of. Unless you are well, you can not concentrate in any affair. By applying Feng Shui Principles in your life you can gain good health. 

Feng Shui Tips For Better Health


A foundation for a healthy environment can be laid by using Feng Shui in your living environment. Few changes may bring good health for you. Try applying below changes and see the positive effects in health:

  • Remove shoes before entering home: Before you enter home, make it a habit of removing shoes everytime. This act would remove all worries and tensions from home and from your mind as well. Also, the dirt of the outside world would remain out.
  • Create clutter free environment: A cluttered home gives bad look.So, you should always create an environment which is not messy.One of the best remedies to stress is an organized living environment.
  • Stay surrounded by soft light & fresh air: Try to stay away from bright light during night. Use soft lights in your bedrooms. It creates a calm environment around you. To gain heath you can also grow plants that look cheered up rather than ones falling downwards. Breathing clean air regularly is also a feng shui foundation for good health
  • Sleeping area should be noise free: It should be away from noisy place or street. Also, avoid watching television before sleep as it drains your energy. Your mind may absorb negative news in your subconscious causing bad dreams.
  • Choose colors that give relaxation: Using blues, lavenders, greens, peaches and other natural earth tones into your home would relax your mind and eyes. Such colors provide a sense of calmness and peace. 
  • Hear natural sounds: Music is one of the best ways to calm down the senses. So, play a track or the sound of birds. These sounds create soothing environment. Listening sounds of nature heals mind and body. 

So, no matter if your health is a bit out of balance or you are facing health complications. Feng Shui can help increase your energy levels and stay healthy. You just need to imply these changes faithfully. 

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