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Do’s and Don'ts According To Lal Kitab Vaastu For Good Living

Home is where the heart is, but many make mistake in constructing or maintaining this beautiful home. Well, Lal Kitab is here to give you some useful tips and remedies that will make your home a better one. 

In Lal Kitab each and every aspect is seen very seriously with respect to Vaastu as well as Astrology. Lal Kitab tells us what to do and what not to do as per our Horoscope and Planets. The same way Lal Kitab also tells us the Precautions that we have to take care when Vaastu is concerned by taking our surroundings into consideration.
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In this article I would like to mention certain things which are mentioned in Lal Kitab that will be very useful for all the readers with respect to Lal Kitab. 

  • The first and foremost point is, one should not live near a cremation ground and on the place where there is Cremation ground. As this will slowly make the owner and the residents deprived of their children and their comforts. As such, it is strictly advised not to live on and near cremation ground. 
  • But, if one come to know of the existence of a cremation ground after the construction of the house, then the remedy would be to make water bore in east and north east direction to rectify or lessen the Malefic effect.
  • Whenever, there is a function or some occasion at our home, we burn coal in the backyard to prepare food. But, what we forget is to clear the coal residue, we instead cover it up with mud and sometimes just wash it. This practise should not be followed. As this may cause problems at home, specially if any one in that house is born with Mars in 8th house. The remedy for such a situation is to take out those ashes from the hole/pit and throw it in some flowing water and fill those holes with water and then fill them with new mud.
  • I have come across few homes which have a room at the extreme right corner that doesn’t receive much sunlight. So, they come up with measures to get the room brighter, but what i would say is keep the room its natural way. Do not try to bring in light your way, this will spoil the good effects of Saturn. Remedy for this is that if you want to make that room bigger by increasing its roof height then we should make another roof on top of it and the break the first one (OLD) and put some waste material from that roof in the newly made roof.
  • These days it is a trend to have fully concreted floors from corner to corner, which is not at all good for the ladies of the family. So, it is advised as per lal kitab to keep Kacche (raw ground) floor in the house which will help the females in the house. Also, keeping flower pots in the house with flowers is good. The flowers should be without thorns like cactus at home.
  • People having bad Mars should not live in south facing house as it will ruin their lives, no one will have happiness in such a house. Further, this will have a bad effect on the women of the house, with health problems. It is advised to fix a silver wire on the main gate of the house from one pillar to another without any joint in one piece under the door or dehleez during day time.

I am sure that all the readers who will be reading this article will surely get benefited through this knowledge of Lal Kitab. Its applications related to day to day problems in a practical and easy way by taking certain precautions and simple remedies.

By M S Kondal

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