Thursday, December 12, 2013

Delhi: Astrology Predicts the Captain of the Capital

Looks like Delhi Elections fever will not go down. Uncertainty looms over our capital. Two Parties emerge victorious, but none with a majority to take over the seat. What is awaiting Delhi, will it be BJP, AAP or the President's rule. Read on… 


New Delhi has witnessed a historical event this year. the people of New Delhi have participated in the elections with great numbers, so much that the election commission had to extend the voting time till 9:30 pm in place of regular 5 pm. This has never happened before as far as I know, but I may be wrong. I am not much into history of voting patterns of New Delhi. More surprising is the result which the people of this city gave, as of now there are two parties who have good number of seats but none can form a sustainable government. In fact, both the parties are now blaming each other and are not willing to take support of each other. 

AAP contested on the premises that all others are corrupt and BJP contested on various other issues including corruption. All have eyes on 2014 Lok Sabha elections and no one wants to spoil the image of their party in the minds of the voter. Thus, Delhi is functioning without a government after huge number of voters casted their vote. This is an irony in itself that the capital of India does not have a majority government even after a very high voter turnout. Congress, the ruling party was completely rooted out by the people in four states and blame game has started in the party itself against each other. All parties try to do good for the people and all parties cannot be non-corrupt because the people make parties and one can never watch over all their functional members all the time. Ultimately, the party gets the beating and not the persons. It goes good with Congress, BJP or any other party. 

I am a non-political person with a view towards a prosperous and corruption free morally sound nation. The options left now are, which I have been hearing on the television:

  1. BJP makes a government but they do not have the numbers to prove majority. 
  2. AAP makes a government with Congress support but they are not willing to do so. 
  3. The eight MLA’s of Congress leave Congress and come with AAP or BJP for majority.
  4. There will be President's rule.
  5. There will be reelection and people will vote again.

I am not aware of any other option if there are any. So, I am casting a horary chart to choose the probable option which might happen now:

Date: 12.13.13
Time: 5:08 am
Place: 77E24 23N16

Ascendant Lord: Mars - 9
Moon Star Lord: Mercury - 9
Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter - 21
Day Lord: Jupiter - 21

The result coming is 9 which one applied we get 4 as the answer to our query.

Result: Option no 4 – There will be President’s Rule

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