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Astro Numerology: Instant & Precise Divine Blessing

Astro-numerology, the blend of Astrology & Numerology. Astrologers call it the most precise and instant way to solutions. The advantages with this way of making prediction are innumerable and this article will tell you how. So read on...

Astro Numerology
I have been giving predictions since long using the methodology of - Astro-Numerology. This was told by Late Shree K.S.Krishnamurthy, the founder of KP system, which is the most precise system of prediction till date in modern astrological era. This system was not supposed to be used regularly, as it was a shortcut to the main Horary system of KP. This system was enhanced by Late Shree Suresh Sahasne Ji who was an excellent KP astrologer and learnt this method from his Late Guruji Shree Jyotindra Hasbe.

I have used this methodology many times and have found it giving strikingly true predictions. It has actually made me lazy, when many KP astrologers use the Horary and ruling planets and houses, I just use this simplest method to reach a conclusion. To be honest, I have been wrong many times. But when I looked again at the results, I found that it was my fault in understanding, not the system.

By this system, we can know many day-to-day things. Some of which are knowing the combination of a lock, the floor on which the person could be found, who will win in an election, in which bogie the guests are expected to arrive (this has now become irrelevant because of modernization, but earlier Suresh Sahasne ji has used it for the same purpose) and many other things.

All we have to do is to take the Ascendant, Moon Star Lord, Moon Sign Lord along with Day Lord and make certain additions or subtractions to arrive at the result. It is that simple and precise. It works only when the seeker is asking the question with full faith and devotion, as it is completely dependent on divine help. This will never come correct when used for testing purposes. This is my own experience. Entire KP Horary System is dependent upon divine help without which it is impossible to arrive at the right prediction.

Now-a-days, people use sub-sub lords, I do not know where it will end, but it is my opinion that making things so much complex is not what Late Guruji might have thought for. Life is not meant to be complex but simple and straightforward. All the answers are hidden in the question itself. All we need is to make a genuine try based on the teachings of KP.

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