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AstroSage 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial: Part I

Astrologer Punit Pandey, the brain behind, brings you his all new ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’ series. Learn Astrology with our Hi-Tech Astrologer and start predicting future! The best part is - ‘Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes’ series is all available for FREE! Let’s now see what he says in the first part…

Hello everyone, welcome to AstroSage 2 minutes astrology tutorial. In this course, we will focus on predictions and not calculations. For calculations and making free birth chart, you can go to AstroSage Cloud at AstroSage Cloud is a very comprehensive astrology software and you can get all kind of astrological calculations there.

Coming back to astrology, whole astrology is based on 9 planets, 12 signs, 27 Nakshatra or constellation, and 12 houses. The basis of all predictions is the relation of all these factors with each other. Let’s start with understanding planets.

There are 9 planets. Here, I am telling the names of planets in Sanskrit as well apart from English. Even if we are learning astrology in English, knowing Hindi and Sanskrit names will prove helpful going forward, so try to memorize the names in Sanskrit as well.

  1. First planet is Sun. Sun is known as Surya or Ravi in Sanskrit.
  2. Second is Moon, known as Chandra in Sanskrit.
  3. Third is Mars, known as Mangal or Bhaum in Sanskrit. In South India it is also known as Kuja.
  4. Fourth is Mercury, Budh in Sanskrit.
  5. Fifth one is Jupiter, Guru or Brihaspati in Sanskrit.
  6. Sixth is Venus i.e. Shukra in Sanskrit.
  7. Seventh being Saturn, Shani in Sanskrit.
  8. Eighth is North Node. Rahu in Sanskrit.
  9. And, last being South Node or Ketu in Sanskrit.

In Sanskrit, correct word is ‘Graha’, which is roughly translated to planet in English. Graha means ‘that influences’. You can see that this definition is not based on revolution around Sun which is taught in schools and hence should not be confused. Astrological meaning of ‘Planet’ is different from the Astronomical meaning. According to the modern Astronomy, Sun is considered as Star and not a planet. Moon is a satellite and Rahu and Ketu are mathematical nodes. As per Vedic Astrology, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are Grahas i.e. planet because they have influence on us.

This was all for part I. Stay tuned to for the next part. Till then, have a great time. 


By Astrologer Punit Pandey

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