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Weekly Horoscope – 18-24 September 2017

How lucky your stars will be this week? Here are the weekly predictions based on moon signs painting a nice picture for the rest of your week. 


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These predictions are based on Moon signs. Know your moon sign with Moon Sign Calculator.

ARIES: This week will prove to be a bit hectic and complicated for Ariens. They will be all over the place, leaving one task to catch on to another but won’t be able to accomplish the goals. Professionally it might get difficult for them to achieve success due to their lack of interest and detachment from the premises. There are chances of you travelling abroad, which can be an exciting affair. Your mother might experience some health concerns and you must be present there to take care of her. You might want to explore various professional opportunities, leading to a change in job. Despite being a hectic week, you will take out time for your family and spend some quality moments. This week will be financially profitable for you in several senses.

LOVE LIFE: For lovers, this week will start off good, reaching to a very low-key middle and ending with a fantastic weekend. You and your partner might get into a mild argument over difference of opinions, although you both will make up for it. This week seems great for your spouse, as s/he might achieve something big. Marital life will be a bliss, and the bond will grow stronger day by day.


REMEDY: Chant Brihaspati Beej Mantra.

TAURUS: For Taureans, this week will be full of surprises and mixed reactions. You will be involved in a lot of thinking and would avoid taking hasty decisions at any cost. You might have to face opposite reactions at home for numerous situations, which can create minor tiffs between family members. Talking about family, this week seems a bit lucky for your mother, as her health condition will improve but on a slower rate. You will be required to focus more on work in order to attain professional goals, however workplace will be a major success. There will be an demanded rise in your position and responsibilities in the organization. Hard work is necessary for students.

LOVE LIFE: The week will start off good for Taureans, will remain average in the middle and end on a good note with your partner. There will be some heated arguments which might blow up the romantic vibes. In any case, avoid ego clashes and share your feelings and concerns with your partner. Be open and speak your heart out. It will be a challenging week for married couples. 


REMEDY: Lit a pure ghee diya in front of Goddess Durga Idol.

GEMINI: You will have fun with your family, friends and loved ones throughout this week. Your neighbours and colleagues will be your constant source of support within the specific premise. You can plan and look for a job change during this week. Your father and sibling(s) might get sick through this period. You can go for short trips. Students will work hard and perform well in studies. Kids will have the best time of their lives. You will not lose your determination towards your goal, and cast an impressive image on others with your communicative skills.

LOVE LIFE: There will be room for new relationships in your life, making you fall for more than one ideal person. Don’t let your heart wander around and stick to one person. Control your habit of wearing your heart on your sleeve. It will be a good week and share good times together. Love will be in the air. Married couples will spend quality time and enjoy the privacy. Also, there are chances of your spouse achieving something prominent.


REMEDY: Chant Budh Beej mantra.

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CANCER: You might feel sad about your life, decisions, situations etc. and deeply ponder over your actions. You might get succumbed to negative thoughts and philosophy, leading to blasting anger, abusive speech and much more. Also, you might have to face health-related problems during this time. Avoid this and keep a tab on your eating habits. There will be immense peace and composure within your house. Students will work hard to achieve a good ranking, and will get successful as well. Investing in property can be a profitable idea. 

LOVE LIFE: The whole week will be normal and average for you, but weekend might bring some treats for you. You might feel frustrated and out of ideas at some point, leading to minor arguments. Instead of verbally clashing, try to calm each other and give space. If married, you might indulge into fights, which must be avoided at every cost.


REMEDY: Worship God Shiva and offer him Milk.

LEO: This week will bring forward a wide palette of emotions, mixed feelings and mental instability. At times you will shout in anger, on the other will be soft-spoken. This week will be beneficial for you financially, but there will be an incessant rise in your expenditure. You might get into a quick tiff with family members. Siblings will extend favours. Take care of your health. There are chances of you going on long journeys or overseas. You might feel dejected and face lack of contentment from domestic life. Mother’s health would be low.

LOVE LIFE: This will be the best time to resolve love matters and fights. Beginning of the week seems good but you will be surrounded with some confusions. There are chances of you forming new relationships. Mid-week will remain average, ending in a good weekend. If married, you will struggle to get through the week.


REMEDY: Worship banyan tree and offer milk.

VIRGO: This is the best week to save your money and not spend on leisurely things. There are chances of you travelling abroad. Ambience around the house will be peaceful and quaint, and you will earn well too. You will enjoy various comforts. Children might suffer from health problems and students can face problems in focussing on their studies. You will be inclined towards mysterious topics and would have the urge to know more about them. You might travel for professional work. Ego in behaviour can create issues. 

LOVE LIFE: To be honest, it will be a tough week. You will have mixed feelings about relationships, which will lead to some doubts, feeling of detachment or separation. In case you are married, your spouse might face health issues. However, your spouse will be the sole source of fame and name.


REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.

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LIBRA: You will witness sudden increase in your resources, mode of earnings and income. You might achieve something extraordinary which you have been chasing from a long time. Avoid doing or being a part of any conspiracy at workplace. As per the family life, your mother might feel a bit low. There will be a major lack of mental peace and domestic bliss. Students will receive good results. Siblings would extend support. You might develop a religious mindset.

LOVE LIFE: It will be a mixed period for love matters. Beginning of the week will be good, leading to an average mid-week and ending with a great weekend. There are chances of you planning a nice weekend trip, outing, movie nights or picnic with your family, spouse or friends. This is the best time to nurture your relationships.


REMEDY: Worship Goddess Durga.

SCORPIO: Avoid gossiping within workplace. You might face some disturbances within your domestic life. Your mother’s health might deteriorate, so keep a check on her eating habits. You will be financially benefitted and add to your wallet. You will be inclined towards exploring spiritual secrets of life, which can lead to more expenditure. Siblings might suffer from health issues. Children would get quite aggressive in certain situations.

LOVE LIFE: This week for Scorpions will be an average one, starting from beginning to mid to the very weekend. You need to stay calm and composed and think about how to improve your relationship. Don't get angry on your lover over petty issues. If married, you might face some serious issues in family. There would be some uneasy feelings between you two. You need to handle things accordingly and with peace.


REMEDY: Pour water in Swetark tree or Worship Lord Sun everyday.

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SAGITTARIUS: This is an ideal week for you to work on your philosophies and ideologies and bring about a change. Your wisdom will help you make good money. You will get a chance to meet scholars or eminent people. You might get a designatory and monetary rise within your professional premises. You will have a normal domestic life apart from small fights and tiffs, which will get resolved quickly. Pay attention and follow traffic rules when driving a vehicle. There can be a bit of a downpour in father’s health. Children will have a great week, and students will prepare wholeheartedly for exams.

LOVE LIFE: Your love life for this week seems all set and pretty progressive. While the beginning is good, mid-week is average and weekend is best. This week will help you rebuild the foundation of your relationship with love and respect. In case you wish to marry, plan accordingly. If you are already married, in-laws will highly be in your favour. Your spouse will rise in social stature, fame and name. You might plan and enjoy a trip with family or spouse.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva.

CAPRICORN: This week will leave Capricorns stressful for a longer time. You will get mentally tired coping from both professional and personal struggles. There will be ups & downs in your career and business partnership. Try to stay calm and composed and strike the perfect balance. Your income will be stable but there might be some unexpected wealth losses or gains. Any secret from your past might come out in open. Your father’s health might deteriorate. You may plan for long trips. Try converting your hobbies into passion, as it can become the major source of income for you in future. Don't indulge in any dispute, it might trouble you. There are chances of you repaying bank loans or debts.

LOVE LIFE: With a good beginning, Capricorns might bump into a tricky and tough mid-week, although weekend will make it easier to lay off the stress. You might enjoy romantic encounters with your partner/loved one. Some hurdles like misunderstandings etc. can break the flow. If married, avoid arguments with spouse at every cost.


REMEDY: Worship God Shiva everyday and offer him Wheat grains.

AQUARIUS: This will be a lukewarm week for Aquarius zodiac sign and filled with challenges and struggles till the very end. You will be considered as a prominent figure within your professional premises and attain quality success. Although you might have to face numerous disagreements if in a business partnership. Your mother’s health will remain low, which is why you must be around her. You will work well and add to your finances and incomes. You will be blessed with a divine perspective and perform good deeds for people around you. Your social status will subsequently rise, providing you with fame, name and wisdom. Children will remain energetic but encounter health problems at some point. Students will perform better in studies, given they focus on attaining their objectives with hard work. You will surely maintain your dominance over the opponents.

LOVE LIFE: It will be a mixed week for lovers. The beginning of the week will be a bit disappointed, coming to an average in the middle and ending with a fantastic weekend. You might plan for a long trip or drive. You will develop a great bond over the moments you share. This is the perfect time to propose and pop the question. On the other hand, married couples will have to face certain challenges. The spouse will have to deal with health issues during this time.


REMEDY: Keep a yellow handkerchief in your pocket.

PISCES: Pisceans will stay majorly distressed throughout this week. They will spend a lot of money and ride high on expenditure. Due to their strong overseas connection, they will earn well. You will develop interests towards spirituality and religion, and actively participate in several activities. Your health will not be in great shape and you might have to face property related disputes. Keep a steady eye on your eating habits and purchases. On the other hand, your mother will suffer physical pain and loss of health. You will have to work hard and devote your energy and skills in order to attain success. You might face some trouble at workplace. Avoid taking loans. 

LOVE LIFE: Your weekend will start off normally, become kind of interesting in the middle and back to normal during weekend. There will be misunderstandings between you two, which must be sorted out as soon as possible. Don’t ever doubt on your partner. This week proves to be a disaster for your spouse, as she might come across some health concerns. Married life will be full of disputes and ego clashes.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Hanuman whole heartedly. 

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