Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sun Transit in Virgo, Know Astrological Effects

This transit will bring wealth gains in your life! Read on the effects of Sun transiting in Virgo zodiac and know what all changes will it bring to your lives. 


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As per the vedic astrology, Sun or Surya is designated as the fatherly planet. Prestige and respect are the major aspects which gets affected by Sun’s movement. Its positioning decides your fate with respect to career and education, and hence its transit is important for everyone. 

Sun will transit into Virgo on 17th of September 2017 and will remain posited there till 17th of October 2017. Let’s get to know what all change will each zodiac witness during its movement. 

The predictions given below are based on your Moon Sign. To find out what your Moon Sign is, you can check out: Moon Sign Calculator


You will receive good results with this transit. You will perform well in professional space and your seniors will back you for your good deeds…Read More

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Your relations with your seniors and bosses may get affected due to this transit. Try to be good in society as well to avoid any unpleasant happenings…Read More


Marital life may witness challenges. Your partner’s professional terms will flourish…Read More

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You will remain in good health throughout the transit duration. You will completely enjoy the happy times…Read More


You may witness health issues as well as stress during this transit. Try to avoid any such circumstances…Read More


Gains from foreign sources will come to you during this transit. Stress and ego may take you wrong direction…Read More

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You may go on some abroad trip. You may require to leave home to look after some professional terms. Beware of your opponents…Read More


You will be gaining from multiple sources. Your income might also get a hike during this transit while your offenders may also get defeated by you…Read More


Promotion and salary increment are on charts for you. Gains from government are also likely. Financially, the transit seems to be good…Read More 

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Fluctuations in life and financial terms will be there for you. Be a bit more attentive while making transactions…Read More


The good deeds you did in past will bring results now. But your spouse may suffer with health issues…Read More


You may indulge into an argument with your business partner. People into any kind of service may hear some good news…Read More

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