Friday, September 29, 2017

Sharad Navratri Ninth Day: Praising Maa Siddhidatri

Know about the glory of Maa Siddhidatri! On the ninth day of Sharad Navratri, praise Goddess Siddhidatri and know about the auspicious time for worshipping and significance of Durga Visarjan.


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Maa Siddhidatri: The Awarder of Divine Powers

In literal terms, Siddhidatri means the provider of spiritual and meditative powers and abilities. She is the ninth representation of Maa Durga and is widely worshipped on the ninth and last day of Navratri. Getting blessed by the divine Goddess is equivalent to attaining Moksha. Any devotee who follows a proper conduct and worships her with pure intentions is bound to get his dreams and aspirations fulfilled.

Durga Mahanavmi Puja is conducted on the ninth day, which is followed by hailing all gods and goddesses in front of holy fire and offering prayers.

Immersion of the idols of Durga

On the second day of Durga Puja, devotees bid farewell to colorful idols and statues of Goddess Durga after offering prayers and immerse them into sea. This act is popularly called Durga Visarjan or Immersion of Maa Durga. The auspicious time starts after the first ray of Vijaydashmi or Dussehra’s morning and ends with the last stream of light.

Get the auspicious time for Durga Visarjan

Sindoor Utsav: Symbolising Married Life

Durga Puja is a big festival in West Bengal and is signified as a time to reunite with the holy light. Sindoor Khela or Utsav is an interesting tradition played on VIjayadashmi before the immersion. Married women apply sindoor or vermilion on Maa Durga’s idol, then apply on each other’s foreheads and iron bangles and wish them a happily married life.

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Sharad Navratri Parana: Auspicious Time & Date

30 September 2017
Starting from 06:13:15 AM

Note: Above mentioned time will for followed in New Delhi. Get the time for your city: Sharad Navratri Parana Muhurat 

Navratri Paran

As per the scriptures, Navratri Paran is celebrated on the tenth day and marks the time to end the holy 9-day Navratri fast. After the fast is broken, Brahmins are made to sit on a clean pedestal and offered fruits, gifts, clothes and alms.

AstroSage wishes the best for you and your family on this Sharad Navratri 2017!

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