Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lok Sabha Election 2014: Will Meenakshi Lekhi Be The Next Face Of Delhi?

Lok Sabha elections are beginning from April 7, 2014 and will continue till May 12, 2014. AstroSage is predicting the winning and losing possibilities of some of the most looked candidates. In this article, astrologer Acharya Raman has covered the election probabilities for BJP spokesperson, Meenakshi Lekhi.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from New Delhi.

The fever of election can be witnessed throughout the nation. This craze among the people i seen right after the Vidhan Sabha Polls. All parties are trying their best to pitch a universally accepted candidate in the desired constituency, so that they can win a seat in Lok Sabha.

Meenakshi Lekhi has been nominated to fight from New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency. Let us see what the transit horoscope tells us about her poll results:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: 20 March, 2014
Day: Thursday
Time of chart: 8:24:24 GMT+5:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 27’’

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from New Delhi.

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator (Karak) of any of 6,10,11 houses, then the person will qualify. However, if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12, then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally, then we have to see the significations of Maha Dasha-Antardasha lord.
  1. The sixth cuspal sub lord is Saturn in sub of Sun in 12th house.
  2. The tenth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter in third house in sub of Venus in 10th house.
  3. The eleventh cusp sub lord is Mercury in 11th itself in sub of Rahu in 6th house.
  4. At this time, Moon is transiting in sub of Venus in 10th cusp.
Conclusion: Meenakshi Lekhi will definitely WIN the election because of the strong signification of the 11th cusp.

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