Thursday, March 20, 2014

Celebrate Happiness With International Day Of Happiness

Celebrate the feeling of happiness on International Day Of Happiness on March 20. Everybody wants happiness and it can only be obtained from within. Read on the blog to know more about the techniques of obtaining happiness with Yoga and meditation...

Celebrate International Day Of Happiness 2014 with Yoga and meditation to stay happy.

International Day of Happiness is celebrated all around the world on March 20 every year, to convey the importance of happiness. This campaign was started by a nonprofit movement Action for happiness, in which over 140 countries are working together, for making a happier society. Nowadays, we all are so much busy in our lives that the happiness is lost somewhere.

Happiness has different definitions for different people. The pursuit of happiness greatly depends on our self control along with the physical and emotional health. A happy man reflects its well being and satisfaction toward his current status of life. Gaining happiness is the primary goal of every human being.

Sometimes we realize that, we are not feeling happy or satisfied even after attaining so much of wealth. Therefore, progress not only related to increasing economic wealth, but it should be about increasing happiness and well being.

Yoga and meditation are the important methods for attaining peace, harmony, and health, which are the important factors of attaining happiness.

How To Attain Happiness With Yoga

The natural tendency of a pure soul is to stay contented and joyful. The disturbances from our outer world are the main cause of misery or unhappiness. Yoga is helpful in attaining the internal bliss, with relaxation and peace of mind.

Different Yoga Asanas For Happiness

Vrksasana – This Asana is good for practicing steadiness and openheartedness.
Virabhadrasana – It will help you in feeling more strong and happy from inside.
Utthita Parsvakonasana – This Asana is good for giving rest to your mind.
Trikonasana – It give you a sense of freedom from all tensions.
Prasarita Padottanasana – It will make you more flexible and give you a sense of happiness.
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – It will let go unnecessary tensions from your mind and make you feel lighter and happier.

Meditation For Happiness

Another very effective step of attaining happiness is meditation. Meditation is the state of deep silence and peace of mind for gaining the sense of inner peace. Regular practice of meditation is helpful in realizing ourselves the real potential of our mind.

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Benefits of meditation which are helpful in attaining the true happiness are:
  • It boosts up concentration and happiness
  • Meditation increases our confidence
  • Meditation keeps us healthy
  • It increases positivity and reduces anxiety
Add Yoga and meditation in your daily life to attain the sense of inner peace and happiness which you have been looking for.

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