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Transit of Mercury in Pisces (April 4, 2014)

Planet Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign, Pisces, on April 4. Want to know, how the transit of Mercury in Pisces will going to affect your zodiac sign? Pt. Hanumman Mishra is explaining these effects on different zodiac signs. Read on this article to know more….

Transit of Mercury in Pisces and its effect on all zodiac signs.
On April 4, 2014, planet Mercury is transiting in zodiac sign Pisces, Mercury is considered as debilitated in Pisces. Hence, it is understood that, this time might not be appropriate for the work fields related to Mercury. Though the continuation of striking on one another among ministers may falls down, but the usage of bad language will increase. The trend of allegations and recriminations will increase. Indiscipline behavior of many ministers and parties could be witnessed, due to this transit. Election commission may also take some action against any well known minister or party. Any disorder is possible, if ministers don’t keep a check on their language. Political disputes can go out of limit in the areas like Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, Eastern Punjab and Himachal Pradesh etc. Scanty rainfall is also possible in these particular regions.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let's see how this transition will going to affect our zodiac signs.

Aries: You might feel upset due to health related troubles. Try to face the problems and troubles. Family atmosphere may not remain harmonious. You will feel inclined toward spiritualism.

Taurus: Friends and colleagues will help you. Wishes and ambitions will get fulfilled. You will get some good news about your brother or any close friend. During this time, you will foster friendly relationship with many people.

Gemini: Some auspicious event will be organized at your home. Business expansion is also possible. During this period, you will remain diligent. Family atmosphere will remain harmonious. Possibility of getting a vehicle is also there.

Cancer: You will get abundant gain because of your intelligence. You will perform well in your business. You will get benefit from your journeys. You will easily convince others with your impressive communication skills.

Leo: You have to work hard due of extreme work pressure. Possibility of small issues turning into major disputes is foreseen. You might feel tensed about your family life. Avoid useless journeys.

Virgo: During this period, your business will increase and blossom. Females will help you in your work field. Some pleasing journey is also possible. You will do some profitable deal and your partners and colleagues will support you preferably.

Libra: Health related problems are possible. Your opponents may try to harm your reputation. Working conditions will get better. Try to control your language and don't speak harsh. Try to avoid journeys, as far as possible.

Scorpio: During this period, you will get immense respect because of your intellectual capability. You will get success in new ventures. This time is also good for love and romance. Family pleasure will remain on its peak. You will get support from your friends.

Sagittarius: During this period your business skills will improve. You will work in an organized manner. Family atmosphere will remain pleasant. Relations with parents will remain affectionate. You might spend on some luxurious goods.

Capricorn: You will get support from your siblings. Small journeys will prove fruitful. You will meet your old friends. If your work field is related to publishing or agency, then you will get favorable results. Artistic capability will also improve.

Aquarius: During this period, you will become highly popular. Behavior of family members toward you will remain very good. This time is also good from financial point of view. Your interest will increase in abstract science.

Pisces: During this period, you might feel confused. Although, there are possibilities of rise in respect; but, any wrong step can lead to insult. Therefore, try to stay calm. Family life will remain satisfactory. At this time, take care of your health.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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