Friday, March 21, 2014

End Holi Celebrations With Rangpanchami

Today is Rangpanchami, the festival which ends the Holi celebrations. This day is mainly celebrated by the people of Maharashtra. Colors are splashed, lavish dishes are enjoyed and special activities are organized. Know all about this day through this article.

 End Holi celebrations with Rangpanchami.

Rang means color and Panchami stands for five. Therefore, Rangpanchami is celebrated on the 5th day in the dark fortnight of Phalgun month, after Holi. It is mainly the festival of Maharashtra and is popular among the local people as Shimga. Huge celebrations and festivity is seen in the cities like Nagpur, Pune, Nasik, Thane and Mumbai. Just like Holi, people play with colors on this day. Rangpanchami displays the customs and traditions of Marathi culture. 

A Festival Exclusive For The Fishing Community

Rangpanchami holds very special significance for the fisher folks, as this day means celebration, singing and dancing for them. As per the tradition of Rangpanchami, people make a unique sound with their mouths, by striking the back of their hands on the mouth. To add on joy to the festive mood, Puran Poli, the special dish of this day is prepared. 

Festival For The Youngsters

Rangpanchami is celebrated with great zeal in Madhya Pradesh. On this day, young boys gather with friends and celebrate the day by splashing colors on each other. As per the customs of the state, several activities are also organized and held. As Rangpanchami is the last day of Holi, therefore, the level of festive mood and enjoyment is very high on this day. 

Celebration In Rajasthan

In Rajastan, Rangpanchami preparations are mainly seen in the temples of Jaisalmer. Folk dances are enjoyed by the local people. The festival is enjoyed with different colors, especially red, orange and blue colors are seen everywhere.

Elimination Of Evil

Rangpanchami is celebrated with a belief of abolition of negativity and evil. All the rivalries, jealousy, negative and harsh feelings are kept aside and the festival is enjoyed with enthusiasm, promoting affection and brotherhood.

This was all about Rangpanchami. We hope this article will help you in understanding the significance of this day more closely.

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