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Conjunction Of Ketu With Other Planets

Ketu, the most secretive and confusing planet of universe, produces different results when combines with other planets. So, what are these results? Read this article and explore what astrologer Acharya Raman says how Conjunction of Ketu with other planets affect your natal chart.

Dear readers, Ketu is the most confusing and secretive planet in astrology. There is not much text available about it, as it is available for Rahu and other 7 planets. There is always a debate going over it, signs of exaltation and debilitation and about its basic nature. Whether it is malefic or benefic intrinsically, is a perennial quest it seems. But, in experience I have not found it to be a benefic planet materialistically. Since, we are living in Kaliyuga and the traits of of Kaliyuga are well exposed by Goswami Tulsidas ji in ‘Shri Ram Charit Manas’. Some say it is of white colour, some say it is brown and some other color. Also, some say Ketu is good in 11th whereas, some say in 10th and so on. Some say Ketu is “Moksha Karaka”. The list is endless, let us see the effect of conjunction of Ketu with other planets in real life examples:

1.KetuSun conjunction: The native’s father may face many difficulties and the native may have to depend on others. Such people may face some eye injuries due to an accident and may have eye problems. They will have weak bones. These people may face problems with the government and with their father. It is also called as Pitra Dosha by many old schools of astrology. Worshiping at Tryambakeshwar in Maharashtra, is the suggested remedy.

The native has eye problems and shares very bad relation with his father. He never succeeded in government related endeavors. Also, the native has broken his bones twice. He is still dependant on others.

2.KetuMoon conjunction: These people may face lots of tension and are prone to migraine. They can renunciate and their mothers may also suffer from small diseases. They may face some serious danger in life; however, they overcome it. These people start life in a foreign place and may have suicidal tendencies. Their mother is dominating.

The native has to moved to Australia. Their mother is dominant and the native is suffering from headaches and sometimes migraine.

3.KetuMars conjunction: There are possibilities that the kids of these people may face some serious health issues. They are prone to diseases of blood and skin. There limbs may get affected in any accident. It may create troubles for the lives of the husbands. The natives may have domestic property problems.

The native’s brother is not doing anything, therefore, he has to feed both the families. There are property disputes.

4.Ketu Jupiter conjunction: Such people are trouble creators, argumentative and may have lots of tensions in life. They are highly calculative, respect seekers, and always discontented. They want to attain Moksha.

The native is a real trouble creator, highly calculative and selfish. He wants everyone to respect him just like an autocrat. He has many tensions in life. From wife to kids, everything in his life has gone haywire.

5.Ketu- Saturn conjunction: People with such combination may face problems in their profession. They will not be obedient and may have many problems in their early life. They have a tendency to shift jobs or leave it for no reason at all.

Not much details can be shared, but the native had lots of problems in life and finally met with lung cancer.

6.KetuVenus conjunction: These people may have problems due to women. They have difficulty in saving money and may face danger from sweet drinks. They have lot of physical pleasures and as a result, get diseases due to them.

The native always had troubled business and his partners cheated on him. His family life is also not supportive. He had lots of sensual pleasures in life. As his previous business flopped, now he is looking for new opportunities.

7.KetuMercury conjunction: Such people develop stammering. They are intelligent, but their intelligence does not help them in time of need. They are not properly treated by their known people. They may have problems from court cases.

The native has problem in speech. The native is not well treated, at home and in relatives.

By Acharya Raman

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