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Vikram Samvat Ends: Beginning Of A New Era

Want to know about the effects of the new Samvatsar on ourselves and our country? Everytime Samvatsar produces some positive or negative effects on the people of the country. Read the article on to know more about the effects of new Samvatsar.

New Samvat comes up with some positive and negative effects.

The first date of the lunar month of the bright fortnight (Pratipada) of Chaitra month begins the new Samvatsar (Era or the 60 years cycle). This year's Nampla Wang era is Vikrami Samvatsar.

In this Samvatsar (era) from the prospect of Graha Yoga, 6 places are received by fortunate planets and 4 places are received by cruel planets, in the house of planets zone. This year's king is Moon, minister is Moon, Sasyesh is Mercury, Dhaanyesh is Mars, Meghesh is Sun, Rasesh is Venus, Neershesh is Mars, Phalesh is Venus, Dhanesh is Mercury and Durgesh is Sun.

Venus and Saturn will change their signs; therefore, this year will usually produce positive results for India. This year the government will pass different laws for the welfare of women and children. Government will remain faithful for the abolition of corruption. Different types of political and natural crisis can be seen by the governments of Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Jammu, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa. This year special attention will be given to gas and power related projects. Capacity of industrial production will increase. Majorly this year will remain auspicious and beneficial for the country and people.

In the month of Chaitra: There will be chaos in politics, production of chaff crops will increase. The price of aloe, jaggery, make up products and salt will increase.

In the month of Vaishakh: The people of Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab, will remain distressed. The prices of Ghee, sugar cane, and milk will decrease. There will be outburst of a unique kind of fever. Prices of cotton, sesame seeds and threads will increase.

In the month of Jyeshtha: Because of five Thursdays in a month, the price of grains and cereals will decrease. Because of five Fridays in a month, there will be an increase in public. Opposition will be faced by the Brahmin community. Government will face some difficulties. Prices of wheat, Urad, sesame seeds will decrease.

In the month of Ashad: There are possibilities of floods. Natural disasters are also possible on some places. There are possibilities of drought and rain deficit. The prices of mustard, urad, wheat, rice will increase.

In the month of Shravan: Diseases will increase because of five sundays in a month. Some natural disaster is possible in Orissa, prices of juices, aloe, Khas, wheat flour will increase. In Hyderabad there will be some situation of tension.

In the month of Bhadrapad: Rain deficit is possible. Loss in agricultural practices is possible. Prices of cotton, wheat, urad, moong, Ghee and oil will increase. Some tensions in border areas are possible. Animals-birds and cows will suffer.

In the month of Ashwin: Inflation will increase. Rain deficit is possible. People will face difficulties in the area of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana. Businessman will face some troubles.

In the month of Kartik: Rain deficit is possible. Sufferings of public are possible. There are possibilities of earthquakes in the seven islands of earth. Prices of Ghee, urad, sesame seeds will increase.

In the month of Margashirsha: We will see very less rainfall. Inflation will increase. There are possibilities of fight or division of states. People will suffer from natural disasters in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Nepal, and North Punjab. Prices of sugar cane, Ghee, sesame seeds, and urad will increase.

In the month of Paush: The presence of five sundays in the month are inauspicious, but five mondays will bring some auspiciousness. Prices of fluids, Ghee, oil, Kapoor, Sandal wood, and the prices of red color products will increase.

In the month of Magh: Welfare and happiness of people will increase. The production of Jaggery, flax seeds, gram lentils will get affected by heavy rains.

In the month of Falgun: Prices of paddy crops will decrease because of five Thursdays in a month. The prices of cows, buffaloes, horses, automobiles, silver and gold will increase. Agricultural practices will improve.

In the month of Chaitra: In slum areas, infection of some unique disease is possible. Loss of trees is possible due to high snowfall in hilly areas.

Results of Plavanga Samvatsar: Medium rainfall is expected, illness will increase. Distress will increase among people because of thieves.

Results of Yearly Lagna: There will be peace in north-east. Middle areas of the country will get affected by heavy rainfall and diseases. Prices of Ghee and grains will decrease in the Eastern areas of the country. Southern parts of the country will remain prosperous, but animals will face some suffering.

We hope that now you are having an idea of the positive and negative effects of the new Samvatsar. Enjoy the positive effects, but at the same time, try to prevent the negative effects of this Samvatsar. 

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