Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zimbabwe Vs Ireland 3rd T20: Astro-Numerology Prediction

The Zimbabwe Vs Ireland - 3rd T20 prediction is now available at AstroSage. Astro-Numerology tells the name of the winning team. Both the teams will battle it out for the title, let’s see who wins.

The ICC World 20-20/ 2014 has begun in Bangladesh. There are many teams contesting and this is the fifth world 20-20 series. We will see many exciting, hilarious and sad moments in here. I will try to find out the winner with my astro-numerology. I would like the readers to take it as pure entertainment and should not make it a base of any of their decisions. The prize money is 3 million dollars. It is a huge amount and all will try to grab the trophy for their respective country. Let us begin:

Zimbabwe Vs Ireland 2nd T20
March 17, 2014, Sylhet (Bangladesh)

Favourite team: Ireland
Time For Prediction: 13:56:52
Date: 14-3-2014
Place: Bhopal (M.P.)

Ascendant Lord: MERCURY - 9
Moon Star Lord: KETU - 9
Moon Sign Lord: SUN- 5
Day Lord: VENUS - 9

WINNER: Our total is 5 so remainder will be 1, thus the winner will be IRELAND.

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