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How Zodiac Signs Controls Your Health?

Do you think that only your living standards or daily routine affects your health? Have you ever thought how astrology can help you in determining and preventing health problems? If no, then give this article a reading and unveil how your zodiac sign governs your health. 

Our health is directly associated with our zodiac sign

Zodiac signs not only relate to the upcoming events or incidents in our life, but also play a very important role in deciding our physical health. Different planets rule different parts of our body, and thus affect them accordingly. That is why, many people consult astrologers for deciding their medical health. According to astrology, 6th house of our birth chart (Kundali) is considered the most important for determining health. The ruling planet of this house decides that on which part of the body, one is likely to have maximum chances of health problems.

Different zodiacs are associated with different parts of our body. They rule different body parts and this association decides the condition of our health. Here is the brief description that what body part is ruled by which zodiac sign.

Zodiac Signs & Our Health

The 12 zodiac signs

Aries: If you are an Arian, you are prone to:

  • headaches
  • facial blemishes 
  • problems related to brain and eyes

Ruling planet: Mars

Health tip: To keep yourself fit and active, you should sleep well, take proper rest and drink adequate quantity of water.

Taurus: If you are Taurean, then you may face issues related to:

  • throat
  • neck
  • vocal tract 
  • thyroid gland

Ruling planet: Venus

Health tip: Exercise, yoga, and health diet are all you need to stay active throughout.

Gemini: Gemini people are likely to face problems of:

  • arms & shoulders 
  • lungs
  • brain 
  • nervous system 

Ruling planet: Mercury

Health tip: Make sure to include calcium in your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Cancer: Cancerians are prone to problems related to:

  • chest 
  • breasts 
  • stomach
  • alimentary canal

Ruling planet: Moon

Health tip: Staying away from highly seasoned, fried and spicy food is your key for a healthy life. 

Leo: Leo people are more likely to have health issues such as:

  • heart
  • chest
  • spine
  • spinal column
  • upper back problems

Ruling planet: Sun

Health tip: Opt food rich in iron, as it will enhance quality of your life.

Virgo: People with this sign experience problems mainly in:

  • digestive system
  • intestine
  • nervous system
  • spleen

Ruling planet: Mercury

Health tip: Keep your diet simple and include fruits in your diet to enjoy a healthy and active life.

Libra: Librans are more likely to have problems related to:

  • skin
  • lumbar region
  • buttocks
  • kidneys

Ruling planet: Venus

Health tip: Sea food, green vegetables and fresh fruits are recommended for you. 

Scorpio: Scorpions are more prone to have problems in:

  • reproductive system
  • sexual organs
  • bowels
  • excretory system

Ruling planet: Mars

Health tip: Avoid intake of large meals and go for salads. If possible drink mineral water rather than tap water. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarians mainly experience problem in their:

  • hips 
  • thighs 
  • liver
  • sciatic nerve system

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Health tip: A diet rich in protein is all you ever need. 

Capricorn: People with the sign Capricorn are more likely to have problem in:

  • knees
  • joints
  • skeletal system

Ruling planet: Saturn

Health tip: Avoid eating too much sweets and consume food rich in calcium. 

Aquarius: Aquarians are more prone to have problems in following areas of body:

  • ankles
  • calves
  • circulatory system

Ruling planet: Saturn

Health tip: Your body needs food rich in Vitamin C. 

Pisces: Pisceans are more likely to have problems in:

  • dispose tissue
  • feet 
  • toes
  • lymphatic system

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Health tip: Intake of food which has low sugar and fats can do wonders for you. 

This was all about the relation between our zodiac signs and health. We hope that this article will tell you about the health issues which are likely to affect your sign. Make sure to follow the health tip to stay at bay from the consequences. 

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