Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Brihat Kundli : How This Detailed Kundli Can Change Your Life

Hello everyone! Welcome to AstroSage, world’s number one online astrology portal. We thrive to change the lives of many by providing effective astrological solutions and remedies. Many have arrived with problems in their lives and witnessed their lives changing for better with the help of our specialized products and services. So, are you currently facing problems in your marital or professional life? Are you stuck in court cases and legal proceedings? Is your love life an unhappy one? If you are in a constant state of worry, because of all these problems, then you have arrived on time, at the right place. AstroSage has added another feather to its cap, the most innovative, Brihat Kundli. This treasure chest will present you with a plethora of gems coming from various systems of astrology, i.e. from Vedic, Western to Nakshatra Nadi and KP, KCIL and much more. 

Get a glimpse of your future and discover ways to face obstacles with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which we are providing you. Not only will it let you see the ups and downs you are about to face in the coming years but also provide you with the tools to fight the challenges.

Before going ahead, below are the thoughts shared by some renowned people who got benefited from this report and attained direction in life:

  1. I have never seen such a report which is this detailed and accurate, and has incorporated all advanced systems of astrology from every angle. Reading Brihat Kundli report has really relieved me of all my mental worries and stress, and guided me through my worst life situations. Great effort! 

Alok Puranik (Professor, Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University)

  1. Brihat Kundli report is formulated in such an easy-to-understand format that it saves time and efforts to even consult an astrologer! The remedies and suggestions mentioned in it are easy to perform, and really effective in turning the tables around! Definitely recommending it to my friends and family!

Vivek Dwivedi (Software Engineer, USA)

Investing your time and thoughts in it will definitely answer many of your doubts and questions, and make you see the future in a new light!

AstroSage presents to you its masterpiece, Brihat Kundli, a 250+ Pages Colored kundli laced with accurate and detailed life predictions based on multiple aspects of Astrology. A detailed insight into your love life, marriage, family, career, profession, health, studies and much more makes this astro-report particularly remarkable. Advanced systems such as KP, KCIL, Numerology, Nakshatra Nadi, Vedic & Western Systems, 4-Step, and much more are invested in this report in order to deliver, what we call, “perfection”.

Why Brihat Kundli Is The Best Choice?

Exceptional features, accurate predictions, colored format and detailed approach makes this 250+ Pages kundli the best in the market! AstroSage has offered new elements in this report which has never been introduced before! The table below sheds light on the top features that make Brihat Kundli a perfect standout and best choice:

All-In-One Report
You don’t need five different astrology reports to understand your life secrets- Brihat Kundli has all covered!
Multiple Systems of Astrology in One
From Lal Kitab, Vedic, Tajik to KP, KCIL, 4-Step Significator, and Numerology, Brihat Kundli covers it all!
Astrology Charts & Interpretations
Shodashvarga Chart, Ashtakvarga Table, Chalit Chart, Lagna Chart, Planetary Chart and much more.
Detailed Varshphal Predictions
Annual Predictions or Varshphal for the next five years of your life are now one click away!
Lal Kitab Teva
Lal Kitab Teva reveals the type of kundli a native possesses: Dharmi, Nabalik (Minor), Andha (Blind) and Rataundhi (Night Blind)- something no other report exclusively offers!
Favourable Periods & Conditions
Want to start any major business project or purchase a property? Brihat Kundli is your one-stop solution!
Gemstones, Yantra & Rudraksha: Suggestions + Remedies
Wearing which gemstone can bring you luck? Or which Rudraksha can make you successful? Want to know which yantra can help you reach heights of success? Brihat Kundli is your answer!
Know Your Ishta Devta 
Know your Chosen Deity or Ishta Devta and know how to invoke him via remedies.
Planetary Dashas & Impact
Vimshottari, Pratyantar, Jaimini, & Yogini Dasha: Knowing which planetary dasha, favourable or unfavourable, you are currently undergoing becomes easy!
Numbers Bringing You Luck @ Numerology
How numbers influence your destiny and luck- know with Brihat Kundli.
Special Yogas & Raj Yoga @ Golden Time Period Of Your Life
Know about the golden time period of your life and how to reap maximum benefits out of it with Brihat Kundli!

What’s New With Brihat Kundli?

The 250+ page detailed report is well-categorized into different sections, with each section containing remedies, suggestions, and predictions. New features have been added in the report, which explores various aspects from different systems of astrology. Below are the new added features:
Arudha Kundli

AstroSage has now introduced Arudha Lagna Kundli in Brihat Kundli Report, which is used by astrologers following the Jaimini system of astrology and offers accurate predictions based on planetary positions.

Char Dasha Phal

Brihat Kundli now reveals Jaimini Char Dasha Phal or Predictions, which increases the level of accuracy when evaluating one’s kundli.

Yogini Dasha Phal

Get precise life-related predictions with Yogini Dasha Phal Predictions. Know which Yogini Dasha you are undergoing and find remedies to overcome the challenges.

Prastharashtakvarga Chart

Get auspicious and inauspicious indicators as per your kundli, and find more about planetary significators, from Sun to Saturn, using Prastharashtakvarga Chart.

Healing Ability – An X-Factor

Yes! You read it right! Brihat Kundli Report possesses a healing factor for the natives who read it, as it boosts the morale and injects the reader with positivity. Going through this report, which contains favourable details about your future, can lift the spirits and help the native prepare for the future.

Brihat Kundli Report is a blessing in disguise for those who wish to take a sneak-peek into the future. 

Brihat Kundli Report acts as an all-in-one window- Gemstone, Yantra and Rudraksha suggestions, Lal Kitab Remedies, Kaal Sarp Dosha & Mangal Dosha Upay and much more!

Every answer, prediction or remedy offered in the report tells you how to make your future better and brighter.

Knowing your Destiny number as per Numerology, Lucky Color or Direction helps to enhance the “Luck” factor in life.

Along with Lal Kitab Predictions and Remedies, Brihat Kundli sheds light on Lal Kitab Teva and Lal Kitab Ancestral Debts, and how it affects one’s life.

What riches await you in the future: Raj Yoga analysis reveals it all! Know when the golden period of your life begins!

You stay updated about favourable or unfavourable time periods to commence any new project or get married, and what direction to go careerwise.

Will you live a grand life? Or be surrounded by materialistic comforts? Brihat Kundli has the answer to it all!

Colourful & Elegant: Now Looking At A Kundli Becomes Interesting!

It’s a rare opportunity for anyone to come across a kundli this well-coordinated with bright colours! Right? Brihat Kundli gives you a chance to step out of the one-colored or black-and-white zone and enter a multi-coloured world. Now, looking at a kundli becomes interesting! 

Brihat Kundli gives its readers a bright chance to read their life predictions in a colored format, thereby rejuvenating their mind and mood. Impressive graphics and multi-colored texts create an interesting vibe for the readers, and ignite the passion to know more about their lives within them. Many users have benefitted on a major basis after resorting to the solutions and remedies mentioned in the report. 

Join hands with AstroSage, and let this Exclusive, Colored Kundli Report set the stage!