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Monday, May 26, 2014

Modi’s Swearing-In Ceremony Muhurat Decides The Fate Of India

Muhurat of the oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of India in 2014, will change the future of India. How? Read this article by Astrologer Vijay Goel and see what astrology says about the coming days.

Oath taking ceremony Muhurat of Narendra Modi will change the fate of India.

Narendra Modi won the heart of India in Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Everybody was expecting this victory, but nobody knew that it will be such a big sweep for all the existing powers. Entire nation is holding breaths with a dream of seeing India as the biggest power. Let’s see what Mr. Modi is going to do. The swearing-in ceremony of PM Narendra Modi is at 6:00pm on May 26, 2014. In this article, we will see the power of Muhurat at this time. Let’s analyze the future of India for next 5 years with this new Kundali.

5-Year Natal Chart

Oath taking ceremony Muhurat of Narendra Modi will change the fate of India.

Date: May 26, 2014
Time: 18:11:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00" (Delhi, India)

Features Of This Chart

For longevity of the chart:
  1. Movable Lagna (ascendant) with exalted retro Saturn with Rahu.
  2. Lagna is aspected by own lord, Venus and another pious planet Jupiter.
  3. Longevity as per Jaimini System:
Lagna lord and 8th Lord is in movable sign – long life.
Lagna and Moon: Both are movable - long life.
Lagna and Hora Lagna (Mercury): One is movable and other is common - short life

All these above factors indicated that government will complete the full term of 5 years.
  1. Three planets are in Pushkaramsa: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.
  2. 9th lord Mercury in own house.
  3. Mars is stationary.
  4. Lagna lord and 10th lord together with strong Lagna and strong 9th house is Shankya Yoga, which is very powerful Rajyoga.
This clearly indicate that this muhurtha for government is blessed by saints and pious peoples. After facing all struggles, results will be very positive for the party. The decision made by this party will not be influenced by any external sources (foreign help) at any cost. They had the strength to tackle all problem in-house itself.

Negative Influences
  1. The placement of malefic planets in Lagna.
  2. 7th lord Mars in 12th house.
  3. 2, 12, 6, 8 houses has malefic influences.
  4. Mars is stationary in 12H.
This indicate that firmness and adamant in executions of policies. The weakest point is that due to the suffering of these foreign policies and relations with other countries (especially inimical ones) would be worsen to large extent and cold war may exist. Hard action against terrorist is indicated.

Asha Saham comes under Abhijeet which means that resident of country has many hopes with the government in coming five years which is protected by Brahma itself.

Vimsottari Dasa compressed 5 year Dasa taking seed of Lagna Spustha:

Maha Dasas

Jup: 2014-05-26 - 2014-08-09

Star of Jupiter consists of two Sahams: Preeti and Bratru Saham. Jupiter is in 9H with Mercury and is in Pushkaramsa. This period indicate support from friends and also from rivals turned friends. Due to the blessings of divinity, this period will turn out to be very positive.

Sat: 2014-08-09 - 2015-05-26

Star of Saturn consists of three Sahams: Karm, Santap, and Apamrityu. Saturn is retro exalted with Rahu in Lagna and is in Pushkaramsha. In this period, decision will be taken for the improvement of in-house production in country. Many policies will be made for the welfare of residents and improvement of infrastructure of country. This period will lead to major constructions and civil works in country. Infrastructure related to security in country will be also improved. Hardships in path could be overcome due to blessing of Brahma.

Merc: 2015-05-26 - 2016-02-08

Star of Mercury consists of four Sahams: Labh, Jeeva, Jalpath and Yasas Sahams. Mercury in own Rasi in 9H and also 12th lord, Jaimini Hora lord and Indu Lagnesh.

This period indicate dominance in SAARC countries and very good relations with all neighboring countries. This period indicate increasing foreign travel of prime minister and many cabinet ministers. This is the period when foreign policy could be reframed. In this period, capitalist could be favored, they will influence the government to large extent. Many big industrialist from all over the globe could make huge investment in the country. Value of rupee could be strengthen against dollar. Share market could rise. There could be development and change in import and export policies. Middle class resident and small entrepreneurs may not be satisfied with the policies of the government.

Ket: 2016-02-08 - 2016-05-25

Star of Ketu consists of three Saham: Matru, Kali and Vivaha. Ketu is in 7H with Venus and Moon. This is the period for rectifying all previous agreements with neighboring countries related to security matters. Terrorist and internal security, border related security will be main issues in the country. New line of action and strict measure will be framed and executed in this period and this may lead to more inimical relations with few neighboring countries.

Ven: 2016-05-25 - 2017-03-25

Star of Venus consists of six Sahams: Mahatma, Mitra, Gaurav, Vidya, Paradesa, and Jadya. Venus is also day Hora lord. This is one of the most difficult situation, the country may face. Country could face direct war or war like situation and due to this, GDP will fall and a temporary recession could be there. Bomb explosion, fire accidents are indicated. Here opposition party will have the opportunity to counter react with the government. Government may be defamed due to foreign policy. War like situation could hamper the growth of the country. Government may revamp the tax structure, which could bring relief to the residents of the country. This period is acid test for the government to acquire Mahathma and Gaurav among residents.

Sun: 2017-03-25 - 2017-06-25

Star of Sun consists of Vanik Saham. Sun is in 8H and exalted in Navamsa. With no aspect and in Ubhayachari Yoga, Yogi planet. This is the major period of economic recession and government subsidies could bring temporary relief to residents. There could be big loss or retirement of major political leader of the presiding government.

Moon: 2017-06-25 - 2017-11-24

Star of Moon consists of ten Sahams: Pitru, Samartha, Mrityu, Artha, Sraddha, Vyapar, Satru, Roga, Pardara, and Bandu Saham. This is a mix period, fame of government will rise in this period. Reconciliation with enemies could be there. There could be increase in fate by residents of country in the government. GDP will start rising. Production of country will increase and bring many new opportunities and hopes.

Mars: 2017-11-24 - 2018-03-10

Star of Mars consists of two Saham: Punya and Sastra. It should be noted that Mars is stationary; hence, it is bound to give strong results. This is the period of victory over the matter related to internal and external security of country. Army will be at high alert and terrorism could be nearly wiped out substantially. Many scandals will open up and culprits could face imprisonment. Government will more focus on technology advancement, knowledge and scientific explorations, development of research centers and education sector.

Rah: 2018-03-10 - 2018-12-09

Star of Rahu consists of three Saham: Putra, Bandhana and Karya Siddhi. Rahu is in Lagna with exalted Saturn. This period indicate victory and solutions over many unsolved matters of past. Political shrewdness would bring complete crushing over enemies. The results of many project will fructify in this period which could make strong political ground of the government whole over country.


Although this Muhurat is not good, this will bring lots of struggle, but finally success to the party, due to the blessings of Brahma; and could emerge as the biggest party of Bharat (India) in the coming years.

By Vijay Goel

Friday, May 16, 2014

What Astrology Says About NaMo’s Victory?

Narendra Modi’s victory in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections has surpassed the records of past many years. We were just listening in the news that the wave of NaMo has come. But, the results have proved that it is actually the Modi Tsunami. Let’s see what Pt. Hanumman Mishra says about this grand victory of BJP.

Narendra Modi (BJP) wins 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

BJP has broken all the records in 2014 Indian General Elections. The poll result was getting up one-by-one unexpectedly. Such an amazing contest it was. Nobody had expected such results. 

Yes, BJP’s victory was expected. But, the poll results have gone out of everyone’s imagination. Indeed, Narendra Modi deserved this victory, but something must have done by stars too. 

Even the leaders of NDA were not accepting such a thumping victory. They were saying that they would get somewhere from 295 to 305. As we know that Saturn shows justice and common people, and Saturn is exalted. Therefore, people will be empowered by this election. Saturn is also retrograde and it shows that people were in mood of giving decisive mandate. Saturn is posited in Jupiter’s star, so the mandate was inclined toward a party that would be more nationalist. 

Jupiter is posited in airy sign of Mercury, in its own star and in the sub of Saturn. Therefore, a wave was evident from these planetary positions. Rahu is conjoining Saturn and in Mars' star make people in want of change and transformation. It also indicates toward a result that was not expected.

The huge effort from Narendra Modi, his numerous rallies and visit throughout India benefitted him a lot. He managed to create trust among the masses about his personality and intentions. That trust resulted in his victory. As, now he will become the next Prime Minister of India, let’s hope that he will give a progressive model to our country, which helps in getting the desired position globally. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who Will Be First Chief Minister For “New Andhra Pradesh’’?

The chair of recently formed New Andhra Pradesh ‘Chief Minister’ is waiting for the right candidate. After N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s resignation, assumptions are being made about the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. So, who he/she would be? Let’s unfold the answer with astrologer VGR Pavan.

Andhra Pradesh is waiting for its new chief minister.

An enthusiastic political analyst asked me about AP politics. He asked me whether it is possible to predict that who will be the first Chief Minister for recently formed “New Andhra Pradesh”. He had given me four options, according to his study in politics. I have already presented my analysis about presidential elections in this esteemed website. So, I asked him to provide horary numbers for each and every contestant. The following are the names of the contestants and their horary numbers.


Note down the co-rulers of each and every number, respectively. Make a list of ruling planets at the moment of judgment. Now, see which horary number has most number of ruling planets at the moment of judgment. Person relevant to that horary member has strong possibility to become the winner. I need to confess to the readers that this is only a testing case study. Readers can verify the rule to make it more authentic. This is a snapshot prediction without going in detailed analysis of each seed number.


Following are the names of contestants and their respective horary numbers:

Chandra Babu22Mars-Sun-Rahu
Ruling planets at the moment of judgment are as follows:

Ascendant Star Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Sign Lord: Moon
Moon Star Lord: Ketu
Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter
Day Lord: Sun

Among the above, we have out to include Rahu because he is associated with Saturn.

Therefore, the final ruling planets are Rahu, Saturn, Moon, Ketu, Jupiter, and Sun.

Now, we have to verify which number has most number of ruling planets in it. Here, ‘option 3’ will go, as it has only one ruling planet in it (Rahu).

All the remaining options have two ruling planets in them. Here, we have to think sensibly and select the number which has “powerful ruling planets” in it. We know in KP that planets ruling star & on ascendant or powerful ruling planets than others. Therefore, the number connected with Moon and Saturn will have the strength to give the result. In the remaining options, we find only option that has Moon and Rahu in it. We already observed that Rahu will deputize Saturn; hence, this combination will have the potential to produce a positive result.

After careful analysis, we arrive at the conclusion that option four, which is Vijayamma, will have brilliant chances to become the first Chief Minister of “New Andhra Pradesh”. Good luck to all the contestants and it is my duty to disclose that it is only a research article with pure academic interest. 

Good luck

By VGR Pavan

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sun Transit & Indian Elections 2014

On April 14, 2014, Sun will transit into its exaltation sign, Aries. Till May 14, it will reside here. It will be interesting to know the effects of this transit on the on-going Lok Sabha elections 2014. Read this article by astrologer Acharya Raman to know how this transit of Sun will hit these elections. 

Effects of Sun transit on Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Sun will be entering into his sign of exaltation on April 14, 2014. It will come on the axis of Rahu - Ketu and will be aspected by Saturn and Mars. Both the planets are retrograde. Sun will be in Aries till May 14 and the benefic aspect of Jupiter will be missing. Jupiter is aspecting Saturn and Rahu in Libra, but Mars is devoid of his aspect. Mercury is going debilitated till April 20, 2014.

In the foundation chart of India, the nation is going through Maha Dasha of Sun and Antara of Ketu. We are going through electoral process and some of the phases have been completed, but much is remaining. Sun will transit in the stars of Ketu, Venus and Sun in this transit. Sun is the ruler of planetary kingdom and so it represents rulers, high ranking officials etc. in mundane astrology. The polling is continuing and so does the movement of Sun in various quarters of these constellations. In a nation’s chart, the first house is of the masses, general public and general condition, as a whole. In the chart of independent India, it is ruled by Venus, which also rules the sixth house. Sixth house denotes armed forces, terrorist attacks, labour unions, medical and other paramedical services and doctors and nurses and diseases in general.

The tenth house denotes kings, rulers, party in power, national prestige, reputation, politics and parliament. Ketu is transiting in Aries ruled by Mars, which happens to be the owner of 12th and 7th houses of Indian independence chart. Since, Sun will conjunct Ketu, its effects will be shown by Ketu and Rahu and not by Sun himself. Sun will be in Ketu star till April 27, and then will come to Venus star Bharani. Venus rules 1st and sixth house, as stated earlier. It will transit in Venus star till May 10 and then Sun will move in Krittika in own constellation (Nakshatra). Sun rules the fourth house in Indian Independence chart.

Mercury represents common intellectual caliber of the nation, speed and communications, editors of print and electronic media and commerce among many things. It is going in its sign of debilitation. We are witnessing some useless speeches for the sake of gaining more votes each day. Politician are using their mind in putting efforts to impress the nation. 

On April 27, Venus will move to Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will be directly aspected by retrograde Mars. Presently, Venus is under the benefic aspect of Jupiter. On April 20, Mercury will join Ketu and Sun in Aries. Fiery nature of the sign and Sun and venomous nature of Rahu-Ketu may affect the society. 

Conspiracies and plotting against top leaders may be unearthed by the intelligence agencies, during this time. There could be some major news leaks against the head of the state. From April 27, planetary movements may affect some leaders physically. This is the time when the politicians need to be careful and aware about their safety, during public meeting and travels. Female candidates for Lok Sabha also needs to be alarmed, as some untoward incident may happen with them.

All the sects of society will be confused in general upon choosing the right candidate. They will cast their vote not according to the benefit of the nation, but will go with the wave of the region or area. This will bring us to another hung parliament. It seems to me with no party getting majority of the votes and the pre decided options for the prime post may have to step back to gain the main throne. In all this happenings, I also think that there journalists and higher officials would really need to take care of their health and fame. 

A major section of people are wanting someone to become the Prime Minister of this country. In my opinion it is going to be very difficult. I wish the right person becomes the Prime Minister of this nation and takes this nation on a path of peace and progress.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Lok Sabha Election: Will Bhagirath Prasad Make It In The Elections?

From April 7 to May 12, 2014, are the dates scheduled for Lok Sabha elections. Today, we will discuss the fate of BJP leader Bhagirath Prasad, who is contesting from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. Read what astrologer Acharya Raman predicts about Bhagirath Prasad in these elections.

The fever of election can be witnessed throughout the nation. This craze among the people is seen right after the Vidhan Sabha Polls. All parties are trying their best to pitch a universally accepted candidate in the desired constituency, so that they can win a seat in Lok Sabha.

Bhagirath prasad has shifted from Congress to BJP and is awarded ticket to fight for LS 2014. Let us see what the chart for his electoral future says:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: March 15, 2014
Day: Saturday

Time of Chart: 12: 40: 51 GMT+05:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 26’’

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of Maha dasha- Antardasha lord.
  1. 6th cuspal sub lord is Mars in 4th bhava, it is in sub of Ketu in 10th bhava.
  2. 10th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in sub of Sun. Sun is deposited in 9th bhava.
  3. 11th cuspal sub lord is Jupiter in sub of Venus in 8th bhava.
  4. This time moon is in star sub of Venus in 8th bhava.
This is a clear indicator of his defeat.

The Maha dasha and antara is of Venus till 22-8-2015 which is in 8th bhava. Venus is in sub of jupiter in ascendant in a dual sign. This shows loss for bhagirath prasad.

Conclusion: He will lose this election.

Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Lok Sabha Election: Will Sushma Swaraj Maintain Her Winning Record This Time Too?

From April 7 to May 12, 2014, are the dates scheduled for Lok Sabha elections. Today, we are going to predict the winning and losing possibilities of Sushma Swaraj. A very respected figure of politics, Mrs. Swaraj is contesting from Vidisha constituency. Let’s know her fate with astrologer Acharya Raman.
Politician Sushma Swaraj will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from Vidisha constituency.

This name needs no recognition at least in northern India. She is leader of opposition and a great leader. She has a lot of following for herself in BJP. So, I will not go into her professional details. She is a well respected figure in Indian politics.

She will be contesting from Vidisha constituency again, last time she won with a record margin. The prashan chart is as follows:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: March 15, 2014
Day: Saturday

Time of Chart: 8: 1: 16 GMT+05:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 26’’

Politician Sushma Swaraj will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from Vidisha constituency.

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify, but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of Maha Dasha- Antardasha lord.

The sixth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter. It is in 3rd house. Houses 1,2,3,6,10,11 are incremental houses for a native. It is in sub of Venus in 10th house.
The 10th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in 7th bhava in sub of Sun in 12th Bhava.
The 11th cuspal sub lord is Mercury in 11th Bhava. It is in sub of Venus in 10th Bhava.
Moon is in 5th Bhava, but in sub of Mercury in 11th bhava.

Here, itself her victory is ascertained by planets, but let us see the Dasha on the poll day. The dasha operating during the poll period will be of Moon and Mars and both are positively indicating her win comfortably.

CONCLUSION: She will win and may break her previous record of margins.

By Acharya Raman

Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Lok Sabha Election: Will Sonia Gandhi Succeed Again?

From April 7 to May 12, 2014, are the dates scheduled for Lok Sabha elections. Isn’t it interesting to know the winning or losing possibilities of some of the most promising candidates? Read what astrologer Acharya Raman has to say about the luck of Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi. 

Congress President Sonia Gandhi will stand in Lok Sabha 2014 election from Rae Bareli.

The fever of election can be witnessed throughout the nation. This craze among the people i seen right after the Vidhan Sabha Polls. All parties are trying their best to pitch a universally accepted candidate in the desired constituency, so that they can win a seat in Lok Sabha.

Sonia Gandhi has been nominated to fight from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh. Since 2004, Rae Bareli constituency is represented by Sonia Gandhi in Lok Sabha. And Congress is winning this seat, except only for three times. Let us see what the transit horoscope tells us about her poll results:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: March 19, 2014
Day: Wednesday
Time of Chart: 9: 31: 44 GMT+05:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 27’’

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of Maha dasha-Antardasha lord.

The sixth cusp sub lord is Venus posited in 7th bhava in sub of Mercury in 7th bhava.

The 10th cusp sub lord is Mercury in 7th bhava in sub of Rahu in 3rd bhava.

The 11th cusp sub lord is Jupiter in 12th bhava in sub of Venus in 7th bhava.

Moon is currently transiting in 3rd house in sub of Venus in 7th house.

Conclusion: Sonia Gandhi will LOSE the election.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prospects Of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal won the confidence of people and became the Chief Minister of the capital overnight. Few days passed and he resigned. But, what is next? What are his future prospects in politics? Let’s try to figure out these answers with this article written by expert astrologer ‘VGR Pavan’. 

 Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of Aam Aadmi Party

Arvind Kejriwal became the sensation after his resignation as Delhi’s Chief Minister. He ruled this important city of India for few fortnights. I predicted his coronation as CM in last elections. However, with this sudden twist, I am little curious to know about his future prospects. My previous prediction was only concerned about his possibility of becoming CM of Delhi, but not for his future prospects. I would like to present before the readers, the anatomy of the prediction. 

The following is the horoscope for horary number 6, which was taken randomly:

Rules are:

Tenth house is apex of the horoscope. Therefore, the strength of this house will determine the possible extent to which the native can elevate. Thus, the sub lord of 10th house is the key.

Ascendant (Lagna) also holds the signification for success and reputation. We should add it for a more meaningful conclusion. Note the sub lord of this house.

Jupiter and Venus are said to be the significators (Karak) for politics. Sun denotes power, whereas Mars denotes authority, and Saturn is for mass popularity. All these planets should be linked with developing houses, especially through sub lord.

Guruji Sri KSK says that houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 are the developing houses and support for the success of the native. These houses help in:

Ascendant- self
2nd house- wealth 
3rd house- help
6th house- victory over opponents
10th house- power of order
11th house- desire fulfillment

Houses 5 - 9 have influence over political life. Fifth house denotes strategic planning; hence, it is related to minister ship. Ninth house is related to Purva Punya (luck from previous birth), and gives the strength to elevate in politics.

In the light of above principles let us judge the horoscope. 

Prima facie ascendant is Aries, which is ruled by Mars (courage). Ketu is in it, but Saturn and Mars are aspecting it. The aspect of ascendant and 11th lords over the ascendant is good; Ketu also reflects the same to a good extent. Star lord of ascendant is also Ketu; hence, it is favorable. Note that Mars is in 6th house, which gives more power for him. Now, the sub lord is Rahu. He is in 7th house along with Mars and Saturn, further; he deputizes Venus in 9th house. Therefore, Rahu is connected with 1, 2, 6, 7, 9,11 and 12 houses. Rahu is a node; hence, it completely replaces the planets related to them. Here, Rahu replaces Saturn and Mars who are strongest significators for 3, 10, 6 houses, respectively. Therefore, we should include them too. Finally, we get 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9,10,11,12 houses which are mostly favorable houses. All these significations are strong as Rahu is placed in own star and sub. 

Meridian or 10th house rises in Sagittarius which is owned by Jupiter. None in this house and he is placed in 3rd house in Rahu star and Venus sub. He is aspecting ascendant lord Mars and 10th house too. Thus, Jupiter is connected with important houses of politics through Venus. Star lord of tenth house is Sun. Readers should note that Sun is lord of the 6th house and is placed in 11th house with positional status. Further, he signifies 2, 6, 8 and 9 houses through Mars and Venus, his star and sub lords. Remember, here 9th house is not a negative house and it is the supporting house for politics. Thus, Sun promises grand success. Lastly, the sub lord of Meridian Moon is lord of the 5th house which is placed in 5th house (in Leo) in Venus star and Jupiter sub. Therefore, she is strongly connected with 2, 5, and 9 at star level and all the required houses through Jupiter (in the star of Rahu). Further, Moon is called as reflector and hence, is related to Sun and Mercury in 11th house also. Moon is considered as mind, hence the urge for the question is also justified.

Thus, both the important houses are carrying great potential for the success of this young politician. However, the connections of 8 - 12 houses to Rahu also indicate some loss. Therefore, he should take utmost care about security. 8 denote danger and 12 is for secret inimical activity. The other beneficial signification will surely overpower them, but still there is scope for betrayals by others. Jupiter in 3rd house will give trustable associates. 

Sub lord of 6th house Mars is connected with 1 - 6 houses, which denotes success over opponents. Even the strategies of opponents will turn in his favor. Mars in 6th house, being ascendant lord, denotes his dynamism and capacity to curb enemies with tactful plans. 

Sub lord of the 11th house is Jupiter, as discussed earlier; he is strong through sub division. In KP, it is said that the cusp will promise those results which are indicated by the sub lord. Here, Venus is occupant as well as sub lord for 9th house. She is in the sub division of Saturn; hence, connected with 3-7-10 houses strongly. Hence, 9th house favors him. 

Sun in the sub division of Venus is good for power, Mars in the sub division of Ketu is strong for authority, and Saturn in the sub of Sun is for great following in masses. Venus is in the sub division of Saturn and Jupiter is in the sub of Venus. Therefore, all planets related to politics are favorable for success. 

Thus, it can be said that Kejriwal has a very bright future amidst these favorable combinations. 

He is under Venus - Jupiter period till Sep, 2015. Jupiter is aspecting 10th house and has potential of offering power to Kejriwal. The transit of Jupiter in own star and Saturn star is highly favorable for conferring success. Saturn will be in Jupiter star throughout this year. Transit of Rahu close to Mars, Ketu in own star will prove beneficial. Therefore, one can predict grand success for Kejriwal in this progressing year. 

Venus - Saturn period will prevail from Sep, 2015 till Nov, 2018. Saturn is strongest significator for 3, 7, 10 and 11 houses. Therefore, he will be influential during this period. There is favorable aspect between Venus and Saturn, which is rewarding. Incidentally, Saturn is the only planet in the sub of Sun. Therefore, he is strongest planet at sub level. Hence, we can safely predict prosperous results for him. Note that Saturn is lord of the sign “Capricorn” and is ruling India. The cuspal point of 11th house is in Capricorn. 

Venus - Mercury period will prevail between Nov, 2018 and Sep, 2021. Mercury is in the 11th house with positional strength. He is in Mars star and Ketu’s sub. Therefore, Mercury is strong significator for 1, 6 and 11 houses. 

At the time of writing this article on 18-02-2014, ascendant was in Taurus in Sun star and Moon was in Virgo in Moon star. Therefore; Venus, Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Mars are the ruling planets. They are powerful significators too. Hence, one can predict fortunate happenings during the periods of these planets. 

Sun, Moon and Mars sub periods are over in Venus main period. The only periods common with the ruling planets are Mercury and Ketu (deputizes for Mars). Between Apr – Jun, 2019, he will be under Venus-Mercury-Ketu period. Transiting Saturn and Ketu will be very close to the 10th cusp, Jupiter will be in Ketu/Mercury star and Rahu is in Mercury sign Jupiter star. Therefore, he may have significant impact on Indian politics during this period. 

Therefore, it can be said beyond doubt that Kejriwal may have to play a long pivotal role in Indian politics. Let’s see what is in store for this dynamic politician. I would like to disclaim that all my articles are of academic interest without any fantasy or impression. 

Good Luck!!!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

AstroSage Predicted Fall Of AAP Government On December 28, 2013

Breakdown of Arvind Kejriwal’s government is not surprising, AstroSage had already predicted this day in advance. On AstroSage, we had made this prediction on December 28, 2013. We didn’t stop there. On December 29, 2013 and January 18, 2014, we predicted the future of AAP again. 

Arvind Kejriwal, along with his entire cabinet, resigned on February 14, 2014. After 49 days of taking charge of the minority Delhi government, the MLA’s of BJP and Congress demolished his dream of bringing Jan Lokpal Bill. It would have cleaned the corruption at top official positions. AstroSage already knew that this day will come. Hence, we had made several predictions to indicate. Let’s have a look at them.

Resignation of Arvind Kejriwal and breakdown of AAP government was predicted by astrology beforehand.
At first, AstroSage predicted this day on December 28, 2013 here - Future Of Kejriwal & AAP

In this prediction, we had predicted the formation of a very strong malefic conjunction of planets, which were really harmful for Arvind Kejriwal.

“Exalted Saturn is posited with Rahu in eighth house along with Moon. Interestingly, this Yoga indicates Vishkumbha and signifies that the native is possessed by a demon. It also creates Balarishta Yoga that is considered very dangerous.”

We had already predicted that the government of AAP won’t last long.

“Everything points toward a short stint for him in the government that may not be more than 6 months. Stars indicate that the government may lose the confidence of the house in 12, 18, 19 days or in 6 months at most...”

We had also stated the party will also face stability issue.

“New Delhi is the capital of India and, therefore, political stability is pivotal for national capital. However, position of planets seems adverse to stability…

...All in all, we can say that the present Delhi government is going to enjoy only a short tenure.”

After that, on December 29, 2013, AstroSage came again with a detailed prediction. In which, we showed the planetary conjunctions that can bring downfalls. You can read this prediction here - Oath Of Kejriwal - Fate Of AAP

Here, we predicted that AAP’s government will see a downfall pretty soon.

“According to Astrology, contribution of Saturn and Rahu in creating wonders cannot be denied. If these planets take a person to new heights, they also show the dips.”

“...If this is true then AAP could witness downfall with the same speed as it rose high...”

In this article, AstroSage had also cited the reason of Kejriwal’s resignation.

“...Ascendant-lord and tenth-lord, Jupiter are posited in fourth house, in the sign of Mercury; and Mercury in this chart is quite malefic. Not only this, it is situated with Sun (Lord of sixth house) in tenth house. Thus, enmity is seen from all ends. His opponents i.e. Congress & BJP won’t let him work properly. 

...As Congress is giving so-called support, but trying to judge and trouble AAP in reality; similar signals are being catched from Mercury. Hence, Congress should be considered by Mercury from this chart. This party can make AAP go fanatic because Mercury signifies mind and afflicted Mercury may disturb mental balance.”

AstroSage has once again proved its excellence in the field of astrology. With our astrological analysis, we put our endeavor to help you prepare in advance for the upcoming adventures of future. We are thankful to all our readers who give us confidence by giving a fabulous response, and our astrologers who put all their efforts to make such predictions.

We will keep on predicting and making you aware of the future. In exchange of that, we just need your little time and support. With your love and affection, we hope to serve you the best of our work.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunanda Pushkar: Death Mystery Solved

Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of Shashi Tharoor, was a well known personality. She was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Postmortem report is out now. But, quite confusing. However, we have thrown some light on the exact reason of her death. Read on to know the exact reason.

 Sunanda Pushkar

I had predicted the Sunanda’s death reason in advance, but then I thought of making it available for those who are comfortable in English. Please click here to read in Hindi -

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

The postmortem report indicates that Sunanda Pushkar died due to the overdose of medicines. However, her death is still a mystery. But, you need not to wait for the real reason, it has been discovered by our expert astrologer Pt. Hanumaan Mishra. Read on the article to explore more about Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor, and Sunanda’s death mystery. 

Sunanda Pushkar was not only known because of IPL or being Shashi Tharoor’s wife who is the Minister of HRD. Instead, she was also the centre of attraction for her lifestyle and beauty. Usually, people associate beauty with Moon. Even our Bollywood movies have lots of songs dedicated to the comparison of beauty with Moon. Astrology also believes in this fact. Sunanda Pushkar’s beauty could undoubtedly be compared with Moon, but now she is found dead under suspicious circumstances. 

Be it politicians or anyone from the film industry, all are stunned on Sunanda’s unexpected death incident. She was found dead in South Delhi’s hotel ‘Leela’, room number 345 on 17th of January, 2014. As we all know, the exact reason for her death would never be revealed by police authorities. Undoubtedly, the police investigation in our country has always been a matter of biasing. Especially when it’s the matter related to Central Minister, then it would definitely create doubts. This time also, it wasn’t clear from the initial phase of police investigation, what the exact reason could be for Sunanda’s mysterious death. 

Before her death, Sunanda Pushkar tweeted on a social networking site, Twitter. She had put serious allegations on Shashi Tharoor about his relations with a Pakistani female journalist. She alleged that the journalist is an ISI agent. Not only this, but Sunanda also revealed that she took up all the charges during IPL to save her husband. Under all these conditions, it is indicated that there may be ISI involvement as well, behind her unexpected death. Another reason may be to keep the ugly truth of IPL hidden. These all may have been the reasons, but as per astrology, the result is different. Let’s know the true reason explored by our expert astrologer, Pt. Hanumaan Mishra.

As per the information, Sunanda Pushkar was born on 1 January, 1962 at 5 P.M. in Gemini ascendant and zodiac Libra. Her first marriage was with Sanjay Raina, a native of Kashmir, in the Mahadasha (major period) of Jupiter and Antardasha (sub-period) of Venus. In her Kundali (birth chart), Jupiter is the 7th house lord, while Venus being 5th house lord is situated in 7th house. In the year 1991, she married for the second time in the major period of Saturn and sub-period of Mercury. Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and posited in the 7th house of marriage being 4th house lord. In 1997, under the major period of Saturn and sub-period of Moon, her second husband died in a road accident. Moon is the lord of second house, which is fatal for Sunanda. Along with this, Moon is also eighth from her husband’s house, where Rahu is also posited. In her chart, Moon is posited in the constellation of Rahu. Hence, Moon broke her family bond. After these planetary periods, the sub-periods of Mars, Rahu & Jupiter came under the major period of Saturn. These planetary conjunctions provided her many other facilities, but along with a feeling of isolation in married life. 

From November 2005, the major period of Mercury (her ascendant) started, which brought some improvements in her life, as compared to Saturn. In the major period of Mercury, the effect of Venus’s sub-period commenced from April 2009, which lasted till February 2012. This Dasha, not only made her fell in love with Shashi Tharoor, but also helped her in marrying him. From February 2012 to December 2012, effect of Sun’s sub-period in Mercury’s major period prevailed on her. This Dasha (period) was also favorable for her. However, at present, she was under the influence of Moon’s sub-period in Mercury’s major period, which commenced from December 2012. 

As we have seen earlier that Moon is her lord of the second house, which is not only fatal for her, but also eighth from her husband’s house; where Rahu is also posited. Additionally, Moon is in the constellation of Rahu. Hence, the period of Moon is giving quite adverse effects to the lady. Last time, when Moon’s sub-period came in major period of Saturn, she lost her second husband and was depressed for quite a long time. Also, she lived all alone during that time. This time, Moon’s sub-period in Mercury’s major period again brought disappointments and resentments in her life. Some major issue was definitely going on between her and her husband, which is indicated by the Dasha periods too. Moon is in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Rahu; therefore, attraction of her husband toward a foreigner lady is quite obvious. 

Moon is aspected by Saturn in her Kundali and is in Rahu’s Nakshatra (constellation). Here, point to be noted is that aspect of Saturn on Moon is believed to give sadness and disappointments. Moreover, when Saturn is in 8th house, the extent of disappointment increases and the native starts thinking of committing suicide. It is said that when Moon and Saturn are opposite to each other, due to transit; the incidents of suicide increases. At the time of Sunanda’s death, this transit is seen. On 17th of January, 2014; Moon was present in Saturn’s Pushya Nakshatra at 16:08 IST. It is important to note that Moon was under the influence of Saturn and Rahu at the time of her birth as well as time of her death. Hence, during this time, possibilities of suicide looks quite high. On the day of January 17, 2014, she stayed in quite a gloomy state. At 16:08 IST, Moon switched its place to the Mercury’s constellation Ashlesha. Planet Mercury is related to the medicines. Additionally, in Sunanda’s Kundali, Mercury is the lord of the ascendant as well as fourth house. Mercury gives good health in positive conditions; on the contrary, afflicted Mercury can be quite health hazardous. At the time of her death, the planetary periods (Dasha) was Mercury-Moon-Ketu-Mercury-Jupiter. Rest other aspects and periods of planets have been already discussed, which are mostly indicating that it is a suicide. Now, we need to know the medium of death.

From the planetary periods and transits, her ascendant and eighth house seems to be more influenced by Saturn, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter. Saturn and Rahu are the significators of poison as well as medicine. On the other hand, Jupiter is the lord of the tenth house. In Uttarkalamrit, medicines and doctor are considered from the tenth house. It is natural that the bad effects of medicines should be considered from the fourth house, which is in adverse to the tenth house. Additionally, we can also include the sixth house. As Mercury is also putting effects at the time of death; and in the transit, Mercury, the lord of the fourth house is in eighth and lord of the sixth house, Mars is in fourth house; there is a high possibility that medicines have become the reason of death. Yes, because of the Mars’s transit position in fourth and lord of the fourth house’s position in eighth, domestic tiff would have been quite huge. Saturn and Mars both are aspecting seventh house. Hence, there is a high possibility of domestic violence too. But, the reason of death should be suicide.

Now, postmortem report could be anything, as sometimes it doesn’t come right. But, astrology is indicating that she has done suicide and for that, she used medicines as the medium. This is the only conclusion we are getting, rest only God knows the truth.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Is ‘AAP’ deviating from its motive?

Aam Aadmi Party has stepped in politics few months back. In a very short span of time, the party has successfully formed its government on the capital of the country. The party has already faced some serious allegations. Let’s see the future of Aam Aadmi Party in Lok Sabha elections. 

Arvind Kejriwal

In the history of politics, it is probably the first time when a political party formed just few months back; makes its government not only in capital of the country; instead, it has also established its offices throughout the country before the Lok Sabha elections. That means AAP is on the path of becoming the biggest party of the country in the coming time. This is definitely not less than a miracle. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

According to astrology, contribution of Saturn and Rahu in creating wonders cannot be denied. If these planets take a person to new heights, they also show the dips. Astrology says that the exalted Saturn always provokes rebellions. During the formation of AAP, Capricorn was posited in ascendant as well as Aries sign. It means that there was the full effect of movable signs. Also; Saturn, Mercury and Venus are posited in Libra (movable sign). Therefore, it is obvious that the party will speed up its actions, which is apparent. Party has also promoted in the field of politics with an immense speed.

AAP is facing allegations of being dramatic. People believe that the ministers of possessing party never forget to call the media before going on any mission. They never miss a chance of getting publicity. Whether these allegations are right or wrong, let’s try to figure this out with AAP’s Kundali. 

People working in film industry or theatre companies have the influence of Mercury and Venus in their horoscope. This effect is generally seen either on ascendant or on the 10th house. Influence of these planets has also been noticed on 5th house. Let’s find out whether this Yoga exists in the Kundali of AAP or not. 

In the Kundali of Capricorn ascendant, conjunction of Mercury and Venus is situated in the 10th house. This conjunction is also taking place with the lord of the ascendant, Saturn. The lord of the fifth house (Venus) is also giving contribution in this conjunction. Therefore, along with the tenth house, Mercury and Venus are also affecting ascendant, 5th and 4th house. Hence, the Kundali is signifying that the allegations of the people are quite justified. 

I have mentioned earlier also that the exalted Saturn results in rebellion and from January 2014, Rahu has accompanied it. It was this time only when people started supporting the party, which was promising to break the traditions. Whether it was about going against corruption or breaking any other government rule such as not paying the electricity and water bills, they promised it all. This conjunction of Saturn and Rahu will last till July, 2014. Hence, this conjunction seems promising in breaking the traditions. As the allegations say that AAP and Congress have joined hands together, we can say that the AAP has also become traditional. If this is true then AAP could witness downfall with the same speed as it rose high. On the other hand, if this allegation is wrong then AAP would reach the #1 spot before July or November, 2014. 

I have not made this prediction out of any concern or affection for the party. It is undoubtedly clear that AAP if works other than the traditions, conjunction of Saturn (significator of public) and Rahu (significator of acceleration) is going to give them a very big success. AAP will emerge very strong in the Lok Sabha elections. On the other hand, going on the opposite way and supporting hands with corrupt people will result in downfall or you can say public will reject AAP completely. 

Let’s now talk about the Kundli when Arvind Kejriwal took the oath. While he was taking oath, there was the Navamsa of Pisces ascendant, Libra sign and Virgo. Dual natured ascendant, movable sign and dual natured Navamsa; it seems that there is no chance of stability. 

Here, it is important to talk about ascendant, 4th and 10th house. Due to retrogression of the lord of the ascendant, the party is weak. Also, ascendant lord situated in 4th house is in the Mercury’s zodiac, which is ascendant lord’s enemy. Therefore, the party took support from opponent party. Hence, Mercury will play a major role in the government. Also, 3rd house is the house of support and its lord Venus is in 11th house; therefore, Venus will also have a major role in the government. 

Presently, transit of only these two planets has changed. Mercury, which was affecting Jupiter (lord of the ascendant) and the house of the external support (public support) i.e. fourth house, has now taken off its aspect from the fourth house. Also, 4th house lord has shifted in the 8th house from its present house; hence, government is deviating from its issues and aim. As a result of these transits, it is highly possible for many Congress supporters not to support AAP any more. 3rd house too is the house of support, which (especially) indicates support from close ones. Lord of 3rd house i.e. Venus, after undergoing retrogression has returned back to the 10th house. It means that it has the eighth house from its present house. Therefore, during this time, even the closest supporters may leave AAP alone. Throughout January, Venus is retrograde; so personal conflicts will stay on rise during this time. After this time period, things will start getting settling down. However, some supporters may meet the opponents till February end or March. Good news for AAP during this time is that in the month of March, some reports will strengthen AAP to some extent. Therefore, it means that AAP may have to face the malefic results of Mercury and Venus (which are attracting public toward them), if they held the wrong path and hurt the emotions of public. Here, I would like to repeat the same thing once more that if the party will follow the path of truth, honesty and transparency, Saturn and Rahu will keep on blessing. Also, they may create a big history! On the other hand, the same planets which are responsible behind their success may take back their hand, if they moved on to the path of corruption. Overall, these Lok Sabha elections may give very unexpected results. 

Our Astrologer VGR Pavan had predicted that AAP will come into power with decent seats, check here - Who Will Win Delhi Assembly Elections 2013

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ram Jeth Malani Suffering from the Impact of Sadhe Sati?

Ram Jethmalani is a famous lawyer
These days Ram Jeth Malani is the topic of interest for many due to his unique acts. Earlier, he was the hot topic for beginning a stockade against his own party’s National President Nitin Gadkari. And now, he is in talks for debating against Bhagwan Ram and annotating on his existence. Ram Jeth Malani, a renowned lawyer and senior parliamentarian has stated that Lord Rama was a bad husband. He professed that he don’t like ‘Maryada Purushottam Rama’ at all because Rama took the consultation of a fisherman about throwing Maa Sita out of home seriously and actually dumped the lady who even took ‘Agni Pariksha’ to prove her piousness.  Well, this is true that the caste of consulter should not be ‘fisherman’, but who has got guts to stand against such a big lawyer.  Whether he is right or not at his place is entirely a different issue, but we can at least consider his astrological birth chart to know what stars say on this. As per the information, Ram Jeth Malani was born on 14th September 1923 at Shikarpur, Pakistan. However, there is a doubt on his birth time because at some places it is given 02:30 PM and at some it is 04:12 PM. But, his behavior best suits with 04:12 PM.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lal Krishna Advani will Return With a Bang

L K Advani is one of the most respected politician of the present time. He is among very few politicians who have such a long political life but still there is no corruption charge on them. Today is his birth day and first of all I would like to wish him a happy birthday and a long life.

Astrologically, time around birthday is an important period. Astrology considers change of the year as very important event and use present year's chart for predicting yearly events of one's life. This chart is called solar return chart or varshfal chart in astrology.