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Friday, February 7, 2014

How Venus Is Related To Your Marriage?

Venus, the planet ruled by the Goddess of beauty and love, is the significator for marriage and life partner. Being the governor of love life, the planet affects all the 12 houses in one or the other way. Read this article to know how Venus rules your married life.

In our horoscope, Venus is the Karak (significator) of married life and life partner. However, if we talk about Venus and Jupiter, a few astrologers as well as the common people have a lot of confusions about both these planets. This is because some of them consider Jupiter for life partner and Venus for marriage. But, I would like to clear that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and therefore, it expands the family. Venus is the Karak (significator) of marital happiness and life partner. Love, emotions, understanding, and sexual pleasures are represented by Venus. Apart from Venus, we need to analyze the 7th house and it’s lord. 

Let’s see what Acharya Varahamihira has said about Venus:

दधिकुमुदशशांककांतिभृत स्फुटविकसतकिरणो बृहत्तनु: 
सुगतिरविकृतो जयनवितः कृतयुगरूपकरः सीताहृदयः

This means that if Venus is huge, good in speed, unaffected and pure like curd, lotus, and moon then it blesses the native in all ways. Placement of Venus in your horoscope describes your married life and life partner.

If Venus is placed in 1st house, the native is expert in sensual activities. Also, the native is famous and popular among females.

Placement of Venus in 2nd house makes the native eager for physical contact, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. These native have chances of involving in extra-marital affairs. 

Venus in 3rd house makes the native obedient to his wife and he likes sensual pleasures.

If Venus is placed in 4th house, it blesses the native with domestic happiness and vehicle. 

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If any malefic planet is affecting Venus, the native is likely to go for live-in relationship. 

If Venus has occupied 5th house, the native becomes over-sexual. The native goes for love marriage, if Venus is not affected by malefic planets.

Venus in 6th house makes the native characterless and he may suffer from sexual diseases.

Venus in 7th house gives good married life and the native is blessed with a good wife. Such natives are likely to get involved in sexual relation before and after marriage. 

If Venus has occupied 8th house, it boosts the love relation of the native. However, if Venus is affected, it can give hidden sexual diseases.

Native whose Venus is placed in 9th house is favored by the luck of his wife. But if Venus is afflicted by malefic planets, it affects the married life in a negative way. If Venus is connected with Moon, it makes the native to have relationship with unmarried girls. 

If Venus is placed in 10th house, it makes the native over sexual and the native gets benefits from ladies. A strong Venus blesses the native with huge income even with small efforts. However, a weak Venus does exactly the opposite.

Placement of Venus in 11th house blesses the native with property from ladies. He makes relationship with many ladies and chances of marrying twice are also there.

Venus in 12th house makes the native highly sexual and he spends on pleasures. Also, the native is interested in arts and music.

The results of Venus given above are as per general standards. Other aspects of sign and planets can change or modify these results. For any specific prediction, we need to analyze the complete horoscope with other aspects of Venus. 

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Will your son in law be helpful to you?

A new trend of Kundali matchmaking has been introduced. While proposing a marriage, the compatibility factor is checked not only to ensure harmony between the duo; but to confirm the tuning they share with their in-laws. With this article, let’s see the compatibility of the boy and the in-laws. 

Marriage Ceremony

Nowadays a new trend has begun in matchmaking of horoscopes; people try to fix the marriage with the native who will not only help her husband but also his parents. Modern matchmaking or the astrologers are not fully competent which is ultimately increasing the count of divorces. Also, it seems that god has thrown all the sinners in this century to punish them for the sins of their past life. Hence, in many cases it has become difficult to maintain stability in the family life for long.

Still, matchmaking is a must in most of the hindu homes and now it has become a trend in all the religions. Reason behind is the increasing divorce ratios in all religions. The relation of husband with the parents of the girl and vice versa is becoming an important factor in divorce. Husbands usually are ill receptive toward their in-laws and vice versa. Parda or ghoonghat has become obsolete and wishes of elders has become an object of mockery in many homes. This degradation of family values are an outcome of westernization and modernization of our Indian culture and society. As a result, people are paying its price in courtrooms. Various brainless TV shows are also the major reason for it. Television and cell phones have corrupted social values beyond imagination.

Guruji Shree KSK has written about it in his fourth reader, but he took the charts of the parents of the girl and with respect to it he has given the rule. Nowadays, no one carries so many charts with them. Therefore, I thought that there should be some logic which can be developed further by fellow astrologers to arrive at a common decision about the topic in question from the chart of the girl itself.

The seventh house is of the spouse, the 9th is of the father of the native in question and 4th of the mother. Ninth house is about luck and 5th house being 9th to 9th is another important house. After all it is luck, fate, and destiny which makes a person suffer or enjoy whatever he or she is and will go through. Luck is the final verdict of God, it cannot be changed. A good aspect or conjunction or Rashi Navamsa positions must indicate the interpersonal relations of the subject with his in-laws. 

The fifth house is 9th house of ninth and seventh house is 11th house of ninth. So these houses along with other will have their say in our discussion. In my experience, I have found this dictum correct to the last word that “before time and more than destined no one gets anything”.

Life in villages is even today very peaceful and calm. Our values and culture is still alive there and this is a main reason for long life and happiness of the family members. However, slowly the cyanide of modernization is reaching there too. We can see that breakups in marriages are rampant in metros than in villages. Life is meant to be peaceful, soothing, calm and helping not fighting, quarreling, and dominating over each other. Someone will have to let go the ego so that both can remain happy and peaceful. The women folk have not suddenly become a working class but has been working even before independence, what has changed now is the viewpoint of the women and so we are witnessing the results daily in newspapers. That time women maintained their dignity and dignity of the both families. Men were also different and obeyed elders generally. Everything has changed now.

The other factor is the dasha period which changes a human according to its significations, so while for a particular time there are cordial relations between the in laws and son in law, it becomes negative later and there are reverse cases also, the main reason is the dasha which follows upon the native.

Below are four charts of females with different place of birth and time and two of them are real sisters with different natured husbands.

1) 13-11-1974, 6:15 (Ashok Nagar, M.P.)

2) 7- 02- 1973, 9:15 (Atarra, U.P.)

3) 25-11-1954, 4:30 (Hyderabad)

4) 4- 01- 1975, 9:05 (Itarsi, M.P.)

I think we must look at the connection of 5th, 7th sub lords with 9th cusp sub lord. We must also look at the strength of 5th and 9th house. See the irony here that 5th house is called Laxmi Sthaan, the house of luck of father and fourth house is called sukh sthaan. 4th house is of mother and 5th is of luck of the father of the native. 4th house is 12th to 5th house which means that god himself wanted all fathers to be devoid of luck because of mother of the native. It also means that when our parents grow old, they need sukh and luck both to remain happy. Therefore, this is the responsibility of every child whether male or female to provide it without any questions no matter what ever there horoscopes say.

1) The husband of the first chart is away and is on enemy mode for the family of the girl since the beginning. The 7th and 9th cuspal is Saturn in sub of Mercury. Mercury is in 12th house which is 8th to 5th house. At the time of marriage, the couple was under the maha dasha of Saturn. It clearly shows bad relations. It is also fourth house from 9th thus, negating 5th house or good relations.

2) In the second chart, the 5th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in sub of Ketu in fourth house. The 9th cuspal sub lord is Jupiter in sub of Saturn in 3rd house which is 11th to 5th. The native is a dedicated son-in-law and obeys them. Saturn is also the cuspal sub lord of third house.

3) In the third chart, the 5th cuspal sub lord is Mercury in sub of Saturn in first house which is 5th house to 9th. The native has a very friendly husband towards her parents since marriage. The 9th cuspal is Saturn in star and sub of Jupiter in 9th bhava; thus, becoming strong significator for 9th house. The husband is presently going through Mahadasha of Saturn and has very good relations with in-laws since beginning of the marriage.

4) The 5th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in sub of Saturn in 5th house. The girl has a very obedient husband towards her parents. The husband of the native is presently going through maha dasha of Jupiter which is in first bhava, the 5th house to 9th house. The 9th cuspal is Venus in sub of Saturn. The second cuspal is Sun in sub of Rahu in 10th bhava which is second to 9th. These are friendly bhavas and so the relations are also very good.

Thus, we see that role of 5th house is more important than 7th house when it comes to interpersonal relations of the son-in-law with the father of the girl. Readers can experiment on more charts and I am sure they will find 2, 5, 9, 11 house significations from the 9th house in action when the relations are good. Similarly, they will find 6, 8, 12 from 9th or 9th to 9th house when the relations are sour or bad.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Marriage & Astrology

Marriage & Astrology
A Hindu marriage is the formation of a sacred bond with 7 promises for the 7 lives of the duo. According to Hindu mythology, a person becomes complete after marriage. The wife is hence called the ‘Ardhangini’. Ardhangini is a Sanskrit word, which is formed by the conjunction of 2 words – Ardha + Angini. ‘Ardha’ means half and ‘Angini’ means body. When two people are tied together in the bond of marriage, they are considered to be complete with each other. Without a wife, a man cannot perform any Hindu religious ritual. In other words, a man is incomplete without a woman.

The process of marriage includes many steps; one of them is ‘Panigrahan’. It is a Sanskrit term, which means – to take the water. During this ritual, the bride and groom hold their hands together and the groom renounces – “I will hold this hand of yours always for happiness. May we live longer to cherish this bond! You are the Queen of my house from now. I am Rig Veda; you are the Sam Veda. You are Earth, I am the Sky. Let’s conjoin ourselves in the bond of marriage.” The next ritual is Saptapadi. It is a Sanskrit term, which means 7 steps. In this ritual, the couple takes 7 steps together. Let’s now understand the significance of each step.

Importance of 7 Steps in Hindu Marriage

  • First Step: for food and sustenance
  • Second Step: for strength in home
  • Third Step: for keeping ideals and vows
  • Fourth Step: for a comfy life
  • Fifth Step: for welfare of cattle
  • Sixth Step: for keeping the bond strong in any condition
  • Seventh Step: for fulfilling the religious duties
So, these seven steps signify that the duo is now husband and wife.

In Sanskrit, marriage is termed as ‘Vivaha’, which means righteousness (Dharma). The right conduct of the house holder is Dharma, the material wealth is Artha, enjoying the love life is Kama and attainment of salvation is Moksha. Dharma is considered as of the highest priority amongst these 4 (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).

The Hindu marriage is the compilation of spiritual as well as social duties. Before marriage, the compatibility of the duo is tested by the science of Astrology. An astrologer is the person who studies this science and helps in Match-Making. If the birth charts of both the individuals seem compatible to the astrologer, then only the process is moved further to marriage.

Planets Affecting Married Life


Planet Venus is the significator of marriage, life partner and sex life. Also, it rules over the reproductive organs and processes of the males.


Mars is like the controller of all senses. It influences the senses through the medium of blood. In a female’s horoscope, Mars is the significator of marriage and sex life. It rules over the ovaries and reproductive organs of the females. Planet Mars and Moon rule over the menstrual cycle of a woman. Basically, planet Mars regulates the initiation of the menstrual cycle and Moon decides the duration. By the observations, it has been found that menstruation begins when the aspect of Mars is very powerful over the birth ascendant or Moon ascendant, in transit. If the Mars aspects radical Moon, it results in heavy flow. The first menstruation of a female is the result of Mars’s aspect over birth ascendant. 

Houses Affecting Married Life

Seventh House

7th house is the significator of spouse, reproductive organs and marital happiness. The 7th house from Moon and Sun also rules over the life partner and marriage. In case of males, 7th house from Venus looks after the marriage and spouse. On the other hand, in case of females, 7th house from Mars looks after the same. The lowest degree planet in the Kundli also signifies spouse. It is Pati-Karaka in case of females and Patni-Karaka in case of males.

Eighth House

8th house controls all the secretive things, like the feeling of longevity for the partner or urinary diseases. The house rules over the reproductive as well as urinary organs.

Twelfth House

Twelfth house represents the married love life of the females. Being 6th from the 7th house, the twelfth also represents the enemies of married life. If the 12th house gets afflicted, either by a malefic aspect or association, it gives troubles like extramarital affair. 

Zodiac Signs Affecting Married Life


The Libra indicates balance. So, this is the sign of balance. The sign shows balance in everything; however if the native doesn’t have deep interest in anything. In other words, the native will be shallow. Venus, the cool and watery planet rules over Libra sign.


In the Zodiac, Scorpio is the eighth sign. This sign is related to the sensual desires. Planets present in Scorpio sign decides the attitude of the native toward sensual desires. It happens only if the effect is pure (not impacted by any other aspect or association). Presence of Mars in the sign may result in the rise of sexual arousal for an instant; or Venus is the significator of sensuality.

So, this was all about the intricate factors of males and females that are important for a married life. With this description, you may now check the person’s compatibility with you via birth chart. Apart from Guna Milan, sensuality is another most important aspect of a married life. Hence, this article is concentrated on the least bothered factor while choosing a life partner.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Marriage Numerology: Predictions of Numerology for Marriage

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Many people count on Numerology to match their compatibility
Numerology is a great medium to come to know about future and also to make future better. Like all the other astrological sciences, the calculations of Numerology also helps in obtaining the answer of astrological questions. The article is about the influence of Numerology calculations in the matters related to marriage. Numerology and its remedies can prove to be very beneficial in marital affairs. Numerology, on the basis of compatibility between the Moolank (Root Number) of the bride and the groom, determines whether the marriage is favorable or unfavorable. Not all the Numerologists give their decision on the basis of Moolank only but most of them do the same. But, to get the most accurate result for the matters related to marriage, it is essential to consider three main things that are Moolank (Root Number), Bhagyank (Destiny Number) and Namank (Name Number). When it comes to the issues of marriage the relation between the mentioned three numbers of the girl and the boy is considered. If the relationship between the numbers is positive then the chances of marriage being happy and comforting get stronger.