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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Difference in debilitated and exalted planets

By Mrityunjai Ojha

We can see there are so many confusions about debilitated and exalted planets, many people consider debilitated planet as a malefic planet. So today we will try to understand what is the basic difference in both these conditions of a planet.

 exalted planets

To know the reason for debilitation and exaltation one may read my detailed article here.

Now I will try to explain how planets work in debilitation and exaltation stage.

Exaltation & Debilitation Stage 

Exaltation means, the planet is placed in a sign where it works well and gives the optimum result as per its nature. For example, Sun denotes the fire element, Sun is the king, Sun needs to rule his kingdom in a proper way, he needs to flow his energy in a positive way throughout his kingdom. Sun is exalted in Aries and not in Leo, though both the signs are with fire elements. This is because Leo is a fixed sign and Aries is a moveable/Cardinal sign, so Sun’s energy will keep flowing/moving in Aries but it will get seized in Leo.

Let’s take one example for Mars, Mars is a young, energetic and quick planet with fire as its element. So why does Mars get exalted in Capricorn and not in Aries or Leo?. Mars will not do his best in Leo and Aries (uncontrolled fire with fire), but it will do his best when we will control his energy and use in proper way in Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign with earth element, whereas Mars energy can be controlled and used. When Mars is debilitated in Cancer sign, it’s energy will be lost.

For a more simpler example, lets consider this circumstance. Suppose you are an actor and you have to choose between Delhi and Mumbai to live, you would obviously choose Mumbai as the opportunities are more there. But if there was no choice and you had to live in Delhi then that will not make you any less of an actor but will only delay your chances in growth.Same with the case when Sun in Libra. As such, if a planet is in debilitated condition, it will not lose its quality but it will take some time to give it’s results.

The main difference is that exalted planet will give results quickly and perform well, but debilitated planet take time and will not be able to work properly up to the mark. It does not mean that Exalted planets are good and debilitated planets are bad in a horoscope. For that analysis we have to see functional and natural nature of the planet and other things in a horoscopes to judge which planet is good or bad.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Exaltation & Debilitation of Planets: Astronomical Reasons and Logics

Exaltation and debilitation of planets
By Mrityunjai Ojha

In astrology, we usually discuss about planets’ exaltation (Uchcha) and debilitation (Neecha). Most of the people and astrologers do not know the logic and reason behind this; like - why Saturn got debilitated in Aries (Mars), but Mars exalted in Capricorn (Saturn) as both these are enemies; Venus got debilitated in Virgo, but Venus and Mercury are good friends; and many more. In the sign of exaltation, the planet functions freely as per its true nature and delivers positive results in our life. But, in the sign of debilitation, the planet cannot function freely because the nature of sign does not support with the nature of planets. Only Mercury is the planet who has the same sign for exaltation, Virgo which is ruled by Mercury itself; otherwise rest of the planets and their signs of exaltation are different from the signs that are ruled by those planets.  Every planet gets debilitation in opposite sign of their exaltation. Here, we will try to find out the reason for exaltation and debilitation of planets in different signs.

Sun:  Sun gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra on 10 degree. As we know, Sun denotes the fire element. Though Mars also denotes the fire, but Sun denotes fire and soul both. Aries is a cardinal sign with fire element. So, when Sun is in Aries, Sun’s fire gets support with sign’s fire and it gives the best direction to Sun for using the fire element like strong will, ambition, determination and leadership, to name a few. On the higher level, Sun in Aries gives independence, clarity, strong judgment and high values.

On other hand, when Sun is placed in Libra, Libra denotes air element and here the energy of Sun is being uncontrolled like fire in a forest, that will destroy everything. Being uncontrolled, it gives materialistic pleasures, like a King who is using his power to get pleasures only. So here, Sun is weak and it will give arrogant nature, poor perception, lack of intelligence, low vitality and dishonesty.

Moon: Moon gets exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio sign on 3 degrees. Moon represents water (Emotion) and Taurus is a fixed sign with Earth element. When water flows through Earth, it will fertile the Earth and all living things; like we give water to plants. Taurus is a fixed sign, which will control the water of Moon and will give firm, stable and determined nature to the native. The native will balance the emotion and relations.

Scorpio  is a fixed sign, but with water element.  When Moon is placed in Scorpio, water of Moon and Scorpio produce excess  of water like flood, which destroy everything due to unbalanced emotions. Such kind of native becomes over emotional, less will powered, which shows the personality disorders, difficulties in relating to other people and emotional disturbances. But, this is good for occult practitioners and Yogis.

Mars: Mars also represents fire element. The exalted sign for Mars is Capricorn, which is a cardinal sign with earth element. The degree of exaltation is 28 degrees. In Capricorn, Mars’s fire element is being controlled due to earth element of Capricorn Sign, and a controlled fire can be used for good purpose. So, Mars gives excellent results here.

Mars gets debilitated in Cancer, which is also a cardinal sign; but with water element. The water of Cancer kills the fire element of Mars. This is like throwing a burning coal in the water. So, the native may be coward, impotent etc.

Mercury: Mercury is known for intelligence and analytical skills, a messenger etc. Virgo is the exalted sign for Mercury. The degree of exaltation is 15 degrees. Virgo is dual sign type with earth element. Mercury in Virgo creates the perfect balance between duality and its ethereal qualities; and the practicality or solidity of the earth element.

Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces which is also dual sign with water element. Pisces’s water element revolves the analytical intellect of Mercury in a whirlpool of misplaced emotions and impractical ideas. Native with debilitated Mercury are confused and unable to execute their talent properly.

Jupiter: Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is a cardinal sign with water element. The degree of exaltation is 5 degrees. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom. In Cancer, Jupiter flows his knowledge and intelligence with water of Cancer.

In Capricorn, Jupiter gets debilitated. Capricorn is cardinal sign with earth element, which does not allow Jupiter to flow his knowledge and the native becomes egoistic, materialistic, self-centered person. So, here Jupiter can not work as per his nature.

Venus: Venus is exalted in Pisces. The degree of exaltation is 27 degrees, Venus is a planet with water element. Pisces is a dual sign with water element. Venus in Pisces signifies infinite love and our infinite appreciation of beauty and passion. Pisces is the sign of Jupiter. So here, Venus controls the love and sensual pleasures and move toward spirituality.

Venus is debilitated in Virgo, which is also a dual sign with earth element. This earth element of debilitated Venus limits us to the pleasure of our senses only. The native seeks sensual pleasures and becomes materialistic.

Saturn: Saturn is exalted in Libra, which is a cardinal sign with air element. In Libra, Sun’s fire is being uncontrolled, but Saturn signifies air element. So, in this sign, air flows freely. The excess air with Saturn in Libra allows Saturn to manifest its highest qualities in our life. Exalted Saturn can make us really free from our fear of the limitation of the material realm in our life.
Saturn is debilitated in Aries, which is a cardinal sign with fire element. In Aries, Saturn’s air connects with fire and that fire makes disaster and causes poverty, deprivation and desire. It will keep us in bondage and will take away all our vitality on a physical or mental level.

Rahu & Ketu: There are controversies in exaltation and debilitation signs of these two lunar nodes. Rahu is more like Saturn and has air element. Ketu is more like Sun and Mars, and has fire element. Astrologers do not have clear agreements on the signs of exaltation and debilitation of these two planets, some says it is ‘Taurus and Scorpio’ and other says ‘Gemini and Sagittarius’. But, Rahu-Ketu gives good results in these signs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mars & Jupiter : Unlike Friends, Though Friends

By Astrologer Usha Saxena
Does Mars get healed with the aspect of Jupiter?

Mars & Jupiter : Unlike Friends, Though Friends

Is it a correct concept that evils of Mars get cancelled by the aspect of Jupiter? The mutual stationing, nature of aspect of Jupiter and Mars are usually considered auspicious. There is a concept that evils of Mars get cancelled by the aspect of Jupiter. This is based on the views that Jupiter’s high degree of wisdom and auspiciousness acts as nullification of aggressiveness of Mars. In actual cases, the result often proves quite opposite.

In many classics of Astrology the friendship, enmity and neutrality of the various planets to each other has been described. This is summarized in the table given below:

Planet Friend Neutral Enemy
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Saturn
Moon Sun, Mercury Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn None
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury
Mercury Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn Venus, Mercury

But Yavanesvara classifies the relationships only into friends and foes. The friends of the planets are:
  • Sun: Jupiter
  • Moon: Jupiter and Mercury
  • Mars: Mercury and Venus
  • Mercury: All except the Sun
  • Jupiter: All except Mars
  • Venus: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Shani: Mercury, Jupiter and Venus

Yavancharya states:

"गुरौ तु भौम परिह्त्य सर्वे”

Except Mars, all others are the friends of Jupiter.

The opinion of Shudraka backed by Yavanacharya appears to have some good reasoning behind it. Mars is debilitated where Jupiter is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated where Mars is exalted.

Naturally they cannot be friends. We can say they are ‘’unlike friends, though friends ‘’.

Jupiter and Mars are absolutely opposite to each other. Mars is very aggressive and short tempered; these faults cause hatred, anger, fires, accidents and many more. These faults give defects to ones personality. On the other hand, Jupiter is synonymous of patience, gentleness, wisdom and happiness. Jupiter has saintly temperament.

These opposite natures of Mars and Jupiter have made the belief that Jupiter nullifies all the evils of Mars or to certain extent minimize them.

“A strong Jupiter is capable of counteracting all the evils if he is in ascendant.” - Saravali Ch 12 Shloka 1
But the friendship of Mars and Jupiter is like a friendship between a criminal and a saint.

Saravali says about placement of Mars in signs of Jupiter.

Mars in Sagittarius

“Should Mars be in Sagittarius, native will have many wounds, be harsh in speech, will lose his happiness and money due to anger and will not respect elders.” - Ch. 25 –Shloka 17-18

Mars in Pisces

“Should Mars be in Pisces person will be troubled by diseases, will loos his position by his cunning and cheating disposition, will be depressed in spirits, will disrespect elders, be unkind.” - Saravali Ch-25 Shloka 23-24

This means Mars does not acquire the goodness of signs owned by Jupiter.

So blindly following that Jupiter’s aspect or conjunction with Mars reduces the evils caused by malefic nature of Mars can lead to miscalculations.

I am giving two examples where native can not get any help from Jupiter.

1. 28-11 -1963, 03:00am 79:02E, 28:49 N - Mars is in 4th house and Jupiter is aspecting ascendant from 7th house. Native is depressed, sickly, has heart disease.

2. 01-May -1979, 16:30 79:02E, 28:49 N - Mars is in 7th house and exalted Jupiter in 11th house. Marriage lasted not a single day.