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What Happened With Flight MH 370?

Malaysian flight MH 370 got missing on March 8, 2014. Sources say that the flight is carrying 239 people. Till now, nothing related to the flight has been traced out. However, astrologer VGR Pavan has tried to make possible predictions about the flight. So, what his predictions tell? Read it here...

Know the future of missing Malaysian Flight MH 370.

The unfortunate missing of Air flight MH 370 from Malaysia to China in the early hours of 8-03-2014 (Saturday) wandered the world. Mysteriously, vigorous search for the plane did not result in positive conclusion so far. I am seeking the help of horary astrology to know the whereabouts of this plane which is carrying 239 people. The following is the horary map for the moment of judgment.

I am taking it similar to a missing person’s case study. So, we have to see whether he is alive or not, his possible direction and when can we get news about him. Therefore, we have to check every step systematically as follows:

Is the flight Safe Or Not?

The star lord of ascendant, Mercury, is in 7th house in Mars star and own sub. None in its stars; hence, very strong for 7th house matters. It is also sub lord for the - 8 houses which is indicating danger. The sub lord of the ascendant is Jupiter. It is in 11th house (Badhaka Sthana) in Rahu star and Venus sub. Rahu is with Mars and Saturn, hence, connected with 3,4,5,7,8,10 and 11 houses. Further, Venus is in 6th house in the star of Moon in 12th house. Therefore, ascendant sub lord is connected with both Maraka and Badhaka Sthana. Jupiter is sub lord for 7 - 11 houses too. Thus, demise or crash of the flight is certain. Afflicted ascendant lord Moon in Cancer sign, denotes drowning. She is in the star of 8th lord, Saturn. Thus, the flight is no more. The sub lord of 8th house, Mercury, in 8th house stands for the explosion because of technical mishaps. Mars and Mercury are for engineering studies and they are responsible for technical errors, if afflicted. In this horoscope both are in unfavorable subs and their favorable aspects played the role.

Where Is the Flight?

Actually, it was intended to move toward north direction. The sub lord of the ascendant is Jupiter and posited in the star of Rahu, conjoined with Mars and Saturn. Both these planets are retrograde. Hence, I got the feeling that it might have gone toward north-east or south-west direction. Rahu is in 3rd house and connected with 4 - 6 houses too. The plane may not be too far from the home country.

When Can We Get The News?

House Planets
3 Mars, Ketu, Mercury, Rahu, Jupiter
9 Ketu, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter
11 Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter

Planets connected with 3, 9 and 11 houses denote the time when we may get information or news about the plane. The following are the significators for these houses.

KSK in horary astrology mentioned that planets connected with any of the two relevant houses can be selected. Here, we get Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter, as the common significators for 3 and 9 or 3 and 11 or 3 and 9 as well as 9 and 11 houses.

Ruling planets at the time of judgment are Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Among them, Moon and Mercury are in the stars of retrograde planets. Ascendant was aspected by Venus, hence, we should consider it as a powerful RP too. I prefer Moon to enter into Chitha or Swathi stars to get a positive outcome in the searching. The reason is simple, Saturn is aspecting Cancer sign; hence, I reject the area of Cancer for the transit of Moon. The next alternative is Virgo ruled by Mercury. I am considering the fact that Moon will be in trine aspect with 11th house, transiting over the third cusp too. Later, she enters the star of the node Swathi. We should consider Libra for the reason that Venus its lord is connected with ascendant through aspect as well as star and qualifies to be a ruling planet. Moon enters Chitha on Tuesday (18-03-2014) and Swathi on (19-03-2014).

It is only an astrological exploration with due respects to the latest technology and efforts. Good luck all!!!

By VGR Pavan

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