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Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday and Moon: Chandra Deva Rules The Sky

Chandra, the Lord of Planets, Lord of Rajanipati (lord of night), the God of fertility, rides his chariot all over the sky every night. The day Monday, is dedicated to Chandra and observing fast on this day is considered very fruitful and helps in overcoming the malefic effects caused by it. 

Monday is the day of the Moon. Worshiping Moon or Chandra is said to be very effective. Moon is Karaka of many things. He is an indicator of females, well-being, happiness, memory, mind, beauty, femininity and eyesight. Moon when bright, is considered benefic whereas; when dark, is considered malefic. It is known as rabbit or hare in Vedic stories because it jumps from one planet to another planet very rapidly. Moon rules over the sign Cancer, is exalted in sign Taurus and falls in the opposite sign of Scorpio.

Mantra for the Moon

ओम श्रीं क्रीं चं चन्द्राय नमः
Aum Shri Krin Chn Chandray namah:

Appearance of Chandra Devta

Chandra Dev
Chandra is young, fair and beautiful. He has two arms which hold a mace and lotus respectively. His chariot is pulled by ten white horses. Chandra is the father of the Planet Mercury (Budha) and is married to 27 Nakshatras (Constellations). It is also called as Kshuparaka (who illuminates the night) and Indu (bright drop). 

Sadhana Of The Moon

Moon controls the five gross and five subtle senses that run human life. All our senses are controlled by the mind and the mind is ruled by the moon. If it is Monday on Shivratri or when it is positioned in Taurus than, Moon is considered to be the most beneficial. Undergoing Sadhana on this day is very favorable. On the night of full moon (Sharad month), people place kheer (sweet) in the Moonlight and take it as Prasada the next morning. It is believed to cure Asthma also.

Advantages Of Sadhana Of The Moon

  • Improves the eyesight and imparts a glow on the face. 
  • As Moon rules the mind, its sadhana is great for those engaged in research and involve in a lot of planning and thoughts. 
  • It rules the motherly feeling in the women and rules beauty and attraction too.
  • Worshipping Moon helps in reducing the malefic effects of the planets like Sun and Mars.
  • Power of the Moon helps to get success in politics, law and social work. 

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When Moon is Strong in Horoscope

If, Moon is exalted, conjoined or aspected by benefic planets then, it bestows the native with, popularity, maturity, beauty, wealth, creativity, good health and sensitivity.

When Moon is Weak in Horoscope

If, Moon is debilitated, aspected or conjoined by malefic and enemy planets, native results in sickness, bad luck, mood fluctuations, disturbance, timidity and trouble in mother. 

Gemstone for Moon

To reduce the ill-effects of Moon or to enhance its impacts, wearing ‘Pearl’ is recommended. It should be worn as a ring (ring finger of right hand) or locket, but the metal used should be silver only. The day for wearing it is Monday. Purification (Shuddhikaran) of pearl is done with milk, curd, pure ghee, honey and Gangajal while chanting the Chandra mantra.

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Daana for Moon

  • The best way to please Moon is, by doing good to others.
  • One can donate Daana according to their affordability; however, donating white colored things such as sugar, white clothes, rice or white sweet is considered good.
  • Donating silver and pearl is also believed to be very effective.

Chandra Remedies

  • Moon gets pleased when a white candle enclosed in beautiful attire of pearls and white flowers is lightened at dawn on Mondays.
  • Throwing something silver in flowing water is also believed to be a remedy for Moon.
  • Keeping the milk in a container or vessel besides the bed the whole night and offering it to a Moon like plant the next morning, relates directly to the divine beauty.
  • Adoption of two faced Rudraksha is also one of the ways to perceive the Moon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Difference Between Sun sign & Moon Sign

The main difference between Sun sign and Moon sign is that, the Sun takes one year, i.e one month in each zodiac sign to complete its transit as such it is easy to calculate the Sun sign with the help of the birth information of that person. Whereas the Moon stays for only 54 hours in a particular zodiac sign and takes only 28 days to complete the transit as such it is difficult to find out the Moon sign and can be done only with the help of the individuals horoscope. Read on know more on this topic.. 

What Is A Sun Sign ? 

Sun sign astrology

Sun symbolizes the individuality of a person and dictates his mannerisms and outer appearance. Sun sign of a person is the sign which corresponds to the position of the Sun on the birth date of that person. There are total of 12 Sun signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these sign has its particular traits or characters. Some of these traits are creativity, ego, romantic and sexual preferences. These factors make Astrology of Sun sign important for the purpose of compatibility check.

Calculating Sun sign of a person is very easy and is done on the basis of date of birth of an individual. 

For example, a person who is born on 10th August has the Sun sign Leo. 

It is our Sun sign which reflects our "uniqueness". It tell us about how people around see and observe us and also signifies our overall nature. Sun sign represents how we approach our life. In general, the Sun reflects those attributes which remain constant throughout our lifetime. Our reaction to external factors depends on our Sun sign. Sun sign focus on what we want in our life. It tells what our work is and how we do it.

What Is A Moon Sign ?

Moon sign astrology

Position of Moon in the sky during the birth of a person is the Moon sign of that person. Calculating Moon sign is not easy because it depends on the exact birth time and birth place of the person. Moon sign is all about our inner feelings and emotions. It defines our romantic side and behavior. It is the Moon who decides what we need in our life. The Moon sign reveals our connection with our mother. Moon sign is used for many calculations like for match-making, general predictions and naming a person.

Moon sign controls our important organs like liver, heart, brain, left eye, heart and also flow of hormones in our body. A person is called “double signed” if his Sun sign as well as Moon sign are same. 

For example, if a person has both Sun sign and Moon sign as “Taurus” then it is called “Double Taurus”. Therefore, it is possible to have the same Sun sign and Moon sign. However, it’s not the case with everyone. 

Overall, our Moon sign signifies what we are in our real life. It is the mirror of our hidden secret self. To know correctly the your Moon sign is, it is always advised to consult any experienced astrologer. 

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Sun Sign And Moon Sign Traits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs


Sun sign traits: Daring, aggressive, loud and energetic people.
Moon sign traits: Independent, courageous and assertive.


Sun sign traits: Stubborn, loyal and deliberate cautious people.
Moon sign traits: Logical, conservative, sensual and loving in nature. 


Sun sign traits: Friendly, talkative, alert, curious, adaptable and superficial.
Moon sign traits: Flirtatious, expressive, persuasive and witty.


Sun sign traits: Sensitive, possessive, shy and moody by nature.
Moon sign traits: Emotional, responsive and caring.


Sun sign traits: Selfish, flamboyant, attention seeker and egotistical but loving and creative. Moon sign traits: Charming, warm, generous and loyal.


Sun sign traits: Timid, finicky but practical.
Moon sign traits: Perfectionists but critical, cultured, helpful and capable.


Sun sign traits: Tactful, lazy and indecisive who avoids conflicts.
Moon sign traits: Peaceful, decisive, affectionate, diplomatic, charming and harmonious by nature.


Sun sign traits: Strong willed, possessive, generous, loyal and passionate.
Moon sign traits: Analytical, powerful, intense and controlling.


Sun sign traits: Independent, travelers, theatrical and athletic.
Moon sign traits: Optimistic, curious, adventurous, enthusiastic and philosophical.


Sun sign traits: Mature, judgmental, traditional and responsible.
Moon sign traits: Hardworking, ambitious, serious, disciplined and capable.


Sun sign traits: Music lovers, stubborn and social animals.
Moon sign traits: Charismatic, rebellious, impulsive, forward thinking, detached and contemporary.


Sun sign traits: Shy, unstable and vulnerable. 
Moon sign traits: Creative, compassionate, spiritual, sensitive and imaginative. 


Sun sign tells about our outer self whereas, Moon sign focus on our inner side or the real side of us. One can estimate his Sun sign easily but same can’t be said for the Moon sign. Only a qualified astrologer can exactly tell the Moon sign of a person. In vedic Astrology, Moon sign is given more importance than the Sun sign.