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Shakun Shastra: The Science Of Shakun & Apshakun

Do you want to know about the success or failure of your works in future? Shakun Shastra provide the indications of auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of our work, by means of nature or animals around. Read on to know more about Shakun Shastra...

With Shakun Shastra, learn how animals indicate about the favorable and unfavorable time

Since the ancient times, tradition of deciding the auspiciousness of time before starting any new work or important tour is prevailing in India. The indications given by nature are the basis for Sakun Shastra. Sakun Shastra is also known as ‘Omen Astrology’. Prior to any good or bad event, some disorder arises in nature. Our saints, on the basis of their experiences, categorised these events as fortunate or unfortunate. But, as a matter of fact, Sakuna are not fortunate or unfortunate in themselves, but they are just the indicators of desirable or undesirable. Before starting any new work, or before going for some important tour, the concepts of omen astrology are cross checked. Auspicious Shakun indicates the successful completion of work, whereas inauspicious Shakun indicates work loss. In ancient times, the kings used to give a lot of importance to those who used to tell about the favorable and unfavorable time. Before starting any new work, they used to consult them for their advice. As compared to humans, animals have better sense of understanding nature and time. Hence, most of the fortunate and unfortunate concepts are based on them.

Here, we are giving information about some fortunate or unfortunate indications on the basis of Holy books and epics like, ‘The Mahabharata’ and ‘The Ramayana’. It will help you in understanding the indications given by nature and animals in day to day life. 

Indicators Of An Auspicious Shakuna

Before starting any new work, question or journey, the viewing or hearing of any of below listed objects is considered favorable for successful completion of work.

White flower, a jar/pitcher full of water, ablaze fire, grass, fresh dung, gold, silver, jewel, fish, mustard, moong bean, sword, umbrella, royal symbol, fruits, Ghee (purified butter), curd, milk, rice, mirror, honey, shell, sugarcane, good words, chants and hymns, cow, horse, elephant, goat, and contentment.

Beautiful woman, sandalwood, lime, palanquin, food item, washed cloth, white bull, saint, musical drum, Vedic Mantras, Aarti, and blissful songs are the indicators of auspicious Shakun.

Witnessing deer, snake, monkey, cat, dog, pig, mongoose, and mouse on the right side, and jackal, camel and donkey on the left side, is considered fortunate. Brahmin girl, modest man, shell and any music sound, sneezing in east-west corner, are also considered as the indicators of success.

Repeated occurrence of crow on the main door of house, indicates the arrival of guests. If the crow throws some yellow coloured object in front of someone, it indicates gain of gold. But, if it (crow) throws raw meat then this indicates gain of money. On the other hand, throwing of mud lump, indicates profit related to attainment of land and and throwing of jewel; indicates power attainment. Crow’s noise on some inauspicious place, indicates work loss. Smelling the left part of someone’s body by dog, or coming of dog in front with meat or shoe in mouth, is considered lucky. After urination, if dog goes near to some holy place, tree or auspicious object, then it indicates successful accomplishment of work.

Indicators Of An Inauspicious Shakuna

Before starting any new work, question or journey, the viewing or hearing of any of the following objects is considered unfortunate.

Cotton, dry cow dung, cinder, bare saint, iron, mud, leather, hair, mentally retarded person, pregnant lady, widow, fodder, ash, dead body, bone, and cracked utensil etc.

Throwing of some burnt or red colored object on house by crow, signals danger of fire. If any object is taken away from the home by the crow, then loss of some associated object is possible. If crow comes from the front, by making noise, then failure of journey is possible. Creating noise by the crow, after sitting on either dry or hollow tree, indicates some loss of work. If barking or mourning dog enters in the house, then it indicates troubles for the owner of the house. If dog obstructs the road then it indicates fear of theft in the journey. Witnessing dog with bone, rope, and torn cloth, in his mouth is considered unfortunate.

Sneezing in the south-east corner indicates sadness and grief, loss in south direction, mourning in south west corner, disputes in north direction and death comparable suffering in northeast direction.

Trans fat, morally degraded person, cinder, one with long and messy hair, barren lady, chameleon, salt, dry grass, needy person, man who is applying oil on his body, crying of crow during the night and pigeon during the day, is pernicious.

What Is Shakun In Astrology?

In the Samhita department of Astrological science, we get the detailed explanation of auspicious and inauspicious Shakunas. In the augury chapter of the huge Samhita, it is written that:

Anya janmaantar kritam karam punsaam shubhashubham I
Yattasaya shakunaha paakam nivedayati gachhataam II

It means that, whatever auspicious or inauspicious works a man did in his previous birth, omen astrology represents their favorable or unfavorable results.

According to astrological science, we can know the favorable or unfavorable results of Sakun Shastra, by following methods -

Sound of a shell or Veda, mythological legend, peacock, crow sitting on the muddy back of pig, fan, sandalwood, cow, goat, lemon, flag, filled container, turban, Swastik (sacred symbol), mustard, mirror, water, collyrium, lute, gold vessel, Ghee (purified butter), honey, unmarried girl, lotus flower, fish, saint, fire, mango, food item, jewel, rice, deity’s idol, adornments, betel leaf, seat, palpitation of body parts of right side, new clothes, tamed animal, silver, witnessing flora, etc. is the provider of success. Only the name utterance of snake, rabbit, pig and iguana is desirable, but their view or voice is undesirable. The voice and view of bear and monkey is desirable, but not their name utterance. The view of horse or any white colored object in east direction, view of dead body or flesh in south direction, view of girl or curd in west direction, view of Brahmin, saint or cow in north direction are the indicators of success.

Ember, ash, mud, cotton, chaff, untied hair, black object, iron, tree husk, stone, leather, empty or broken container, salt, buttermilk, iron chain, dry dung, wind, heavy rainfall, vomiting, man with clean shaven head, fractured body parts, patient, pregnant lady, long & messy hair, dispute, fight of birds and animals, slipping of cloth, palpitation of left side body parts, impotent person, and crying person, are the indicators of inauspicious results.

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