Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Lok Sabha Election: Will Bhagirath Prasad Make It In The Elections?

From April 7 to May 12, 2014, are the dates scheduled for Lok Sabha elections. Today, we will discuss the fate of BJP leader Bhagirath Prasad, who is contesting from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. Read what astrologer Acharya Raman predicts about Bhagirath Prasad in these elections.

The fever of election can be witnessed throughout the nation. This craze among the people is seen right after the Vidhan Sabha Polls. All parties are trying their best to pitch a universally accepted candidate in the desired constituency, so that they can win a seat in Lok Sabha.

Bhagirath prasad has shifted from Congress to BJP and is awarded ticket to fight for LS 2014. Let us see what the chart for his electoral future says:

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: March 15, 2014
Day: Saturday

Time of Chart: 12: 40: 51 GMT+05:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 26’’

KP Rule For Winning An Election

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of Maha dasha- Antardasha lord.
  1. 6th cuspal sub lord is Mars in 4th bhava, it is in sub of Ketu in 10th bhava.
  2. 10th cuspal sub lord is Saturn in sub of Sun. Sun is deposited in 9th bhava.
  3. 11th cuspal sub lord is Jupiter in sub of Venus in 8th bhava.
  4. This time moon is in star sub of Venus in 8th bhava.
This is a clear indicator of his defeat.

The Maha dasha and antara is of Venus till 22-8-2015 which is in 8th bhava. Venus is in sub of jupiter in ascendant in a dual sign. This shows loss for bhagirath prasad.

Conclusion: He will lose this election.

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