Saturday, March 22, 2014

World Water Day: Conserve Water Conserve Future

The importance of water is unexplainable, as it is one of our daily basic necessities. We can’t think of living without water. Keeping the importance of water in mind, World Water Day is observed. Read on the blog to know about and benefits of saving water.

World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22, since the year 1993. This day celebrates increasing the awareness of water usage among people. Every year, World Water Day is celebrated by keeping in mind the different goals related to water usage and saving. The main objective of World Water Day is to describe and convey the relation between water and energy.

Astrological and Religious Significance Of Water

Water is one of the five elements of nature. It has a great significance astrologically and religiously.

Religious Significance

Water is considered as sacred in different religions like in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or Christianity. Water is used while performing different Puja ceremonies. Water resources are considered as a gift from nature.

In Hinduism, water is considered as the symbol of Lord Vishnu. People worship rivers just as they worship their mothers. Rivers like Saraswati, Ganga, and Yamuna are considered holy and thus, worshipped. They consider the water of these rivers as holy and believe that all the sins of their life will disappear after bathing in these rivers. River Ganga is connected to Lord Shiva, and believed that it was originated from the tresses of Lord Shiva. River Saraswati is worshiped as Goddess Saraswati, and river Yamuna is also worshiped as Goddess Yamuna.

The religions like Islam and Christianity are also against water pollution and they believe in saving the natural resources.

In Buddhism, people believe it as a symbol of purity, calmness and purity.

Astrological Significance

The properties of water which are astrologically important are its free flowing and wavering nature. According to astrology, Sun’s zodiac signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are having the characteristics of water. Water rules the fourth, eighth and twelfth house of planets.
It is believed that people whose 4th, 8th or 12th houses are ruled by water or who have zodiac signs ruled by water, are very emotional, open-minded and responsive.

World Water Day Key Messages

The messages given by the organization for the World Water Day are:
  1. Water is the source of generating all forms of energies.
  2. Challenge of Increasing demands and limited supply of water: It is a big challenge for all the developing or developed nations to meet the increased demands of water or energy.
  3. Saving water is important for saving energy.
  4. Water and energy efficiency are connected to one another.
World Water Day Objectives

The organization has set some objectives or goals for the year 2014. These are:
  1. Increasing the awareness of the inter linkages between water and energy.
  2. Contribute to a dialogue related to nexus of water and energy.
  3. Achieving greater social and economic impacts by providing solutions to water-energy issues.
  4. Identifying policy formulation and capacity for development.
  5. Identifying, how to further enhance the linkage between water and energy.
We all are dependent on water for our daily needs. Therefore, it is our social and moral responsibility to work for saving water and water resources. Save energy, save water, as they go hand in hand.

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