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Holashtak: Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

The eight days before the colorful festival ‘Holi’, are termed ‘Holashtak’. In 2014, Holashtak will begin from March 8 and will last till March 17. Duration of these days is not considered favorable. But, why is it so? Why is Holashtak not favorable? Here are the reasons and a lot more…

Observe Holashtak and start preparations for Holika Dahan

Holashtak, are the 8 days before the colourful festival, Holi. The period of eight days prior to Holi comes under ‘Holashtak’. Holashtak commences with eighth day of half of Phalgun month and lasts till the first day of the dark half of the Chaitra month. As per the beliefs, Lord Shiva burnt Kamadeva on the first day of Holashtak, when Kamadeva tried to disturb the Lord’s penance. 

Holashtak is observed mainly in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. 

Rituals Done On Holashtak

To begin with the rituals of Holashtak, two wooden sticks are installed. Out of these two sticks, one represents Holika and other represents Prahlada. After these sticks are established, beginning any auspicious activity is stopped till the day of Holika Dahan. Also on this day, the place to perform Holika Dahan is chosen. It is then washed with Ganga Jal. It is from this day only, that people start accumulating woods, wooden sticks, dried cow dungs, and grass for Holika Dahan. 

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Why Is Holashtak Considered Inauspicious?

In North India, the duration of Holashtak is considered inauspicious. People refrain from carrying out or beginning any activity or task during this time period. Let’s talk about the reason behind considering Holashtak, unfavourable. On all these 8 days, following planets take alterations on the given days: 

These alterations are responsible for not performing any task during Holashtak. 

Tasks To Be Avoided During Holashtak

The eight days of Holashtak are not favourable for performing any Manglik (auspicious) task. During these days following activities should be avoided:

  • Marriage (Vivah)
  • Bhumi Pujan 
  • House Warming Ceremony (Griha Pravesh)
  • All the 16 sacred Hindu rituals (Sanskaar)
  • Starting business or any new venture

Activities Allowed During Holashtak

  1. It is said that making offerings to the needy on Holashtak is very rewarding. 
  2. It is also believed that if someone dies during Holashtak, then before the incineration of their body, ‘Shanti Kriya’ should be done. 

Why Holashtak Is Important For Tantriks?

As per the beliefs of the people, Holashtak is very significant for the Tantriks, as their energy level increases in Holashtak. They perform Sadhana (rituals) to attain their wishes and goals. 

So, this was all about Holashtak and its importance. We hope that this article will definitely help you in learning a lot more about Holashtak.

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