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How Can An Astrologer Be A Cancer Specialist?

Cancer is a deadly disease and brings hollowness to a person’s life if diagnosed at the wrong stage. Even in today’s advanced era of medications, the doctors have often been unable to recognize the symptoms of Cancer at its earliest stage. Expert astrologer Ramhari Sharma Ji tells you the relation between Cancer & astrology.

Astrology serves great to diagnose Cancer.

Cancer & Astrology

In Indian philosophy, staying healthy has been considered as the prime mode of happiness. It is an absolute truth that an undiseased body is given more priority to any other source of happiness. If we consider the rat-race in today’s world, it has almost turned into a dream to stay healthy. A healthy body is defined as the one that is free from any kind of disease. Talking about diseases, these can be categorized into two types:

  1.  Curable diseases- these are the diseases that get cured by proper treatment, appropriate diet and proper hygiene.
  2. Incurable diseases- these kinds of diseases can be treated, but they cannot be cured wholly.
Such incurable diseases trail the whole life, but can be controlled with an appropriate diagnosis. But, there are two such diseases that do not have any treatment and more than often leads to death of the patient. They are:

1. Cancer
2. A.I.D.S.

In this article, let’s interpret the astrological aspect of ‘Cancer’.

What is Cancer?

According to Ayurveda, sixth layer of skin is also known as Rohini, and in Sanskrit, it means the composition of cells. Damaging of these cells lead to the formation of an external gland, causing an uncommon inflammation in the body part. In Ayurveda, this is known by various names, such as Arbud, Gulm, Shaluka etc. When the inflammation gets beyond control, it reaches the stage of gland cancer.

Astrology is based on prenatal deeds. With the help of astrology, we can seek the results of our prenatal deeds in our present life. According to the planetary science of astrology, it is believed that a diseased body is the result of the misdeeds performed in our previous birth. Astrology has been effective in diagnosing a number of ailments, including cancer. Besides, it is also helpful in determining the stage of cancer and foretells whether it will lead to death of the patient or not. All such things can be predicted through Astrology. Let’s discuss the astrological Yogas that are helpful in recognising the symptoms of cancer.

According to text 24 of astrology gems:

  1. Rahu is considered to be toxic. If Rahu has relation with any of the planetary houses and its ascendant, toxic level in the body rises.
  2. Ascendant, being the 6th house lord, situated in the 8th or 10th house, if gets aspected by Rahu, increases possibility of getting diagnosed with cancer.
  3. Conjunction of Saturn-Mars or Saturn-Rahu or Saturn-Ketu in, the twelfth house causes cancer.
  4. Rahu’s aspect on 6th, 8th or 12th house, or aspect of Rahu on 6th, 8th and 12th house lord, leads to possibility of cancer.
Besides these, my experience has proven the effectiveness of the following points in determining cancer:
  • When the 6th house and 6th house lord, are posited in the Nakshatra of malefic planet.
  • Mercury is Karak (significator) of the skin. Therefore, if Mercury gets affected by the cruel planets and is aspected by Rahu, then then it causes cancer to the patient.
  • The position of Mercury in the stars of afflicted or cruel planets also gives birth to cancer.
According to the classical text of Parashara Hora, influence of malefic planet on 6th house, lead to a negative impact on our health.

If Rahu or Saturn is in the 6th house, then the native may suffer from incurable disease.

Let’s try to understand the mentioned facts with the help of a Kundali. This is the Kundali of a native who was born on 27-03-1993 at 10:30 a.m. in the town of Asansol (West Bengal). Here, we are depicting the example through birth and Navmansh Kundali:
Astrology serves great to diagnose Cancer.
Astrology serves great to diagnose Cancer.

In Ascendant birth chart, Mercury being the ascendant lord is losing the strength in Shadbal and is associated with Saturn which is the lord of eighth house and Mars being the lord of sixth is in ascendant. Besides this, Rahu has been considered to be toxic and in this Kundali, it is situated in the house of disease. Further, due to residing in the sign Scorpio, it is highly affected. Considering cite, Scorpio symbolizes toxicity; therefore, it is depicting the possibility of cancer. Being in a state of ‘Heen Bali’, Mercury is positioned in the star of Rahu and retrograding Jupiter, after undergoing retrogression, is aspected by the lord of the sixth house. Rahu and Mars are in ‘Paap Kartari’. All these Yogas indicate the symptoms of Cancer.

Rahu is associated with Sun, the lord of the 3rd house. Sun is also known as the Karak of blood. Hence, it can be said that the person was suffering from blood Cancer. According to the opinions of Gemini, the patient had been considered to be short-lived and faced death of blood Cancer on 20-11-2009 during the day hours 13:30 p.m. at a hospital in Bangalore. It can be estimated that he was 16 years of age at the time of his death.
Astrology serves great to diagnose Cancer.
If we consider the above mentioned Kundali dated 20-11-2009, we can notice that the ascendant lord, Saturn, is positioned in the eighth house; Mars is positioned in the sixth house of the debilitated zodiac sign, while Jupiter is aspected by Mars at the bottom of the debilitated zone. The Lord of the eighth house is aspected by Mercury-Saturn and the Lord of the sixth house, Moon, is afflicted by Rahu in 11. All these summations indicate the death of the diseased person.

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