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Boost Up Your Wealth With Vastu

Want to increase your wealth, financial gains, and bank balance? Obviously, you do. Give Vastu Shastra a chance to enhance your wealth and prosperity. The principles of Vastu are simple to apply. Read on the blog, to know more about the relationship between Vastu and wealth.

 increase your wealth by applying the simple rules of Vastu Shastra at home and in office

Vastu Shastra: The Science Of Directions

Vastu is an ancient science from India. The word used to refer this science is Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is made from the words Vastu and Shastra, where Vastu means dwelling or house, and Shastra means science. It is a science of directions and the five elements of nature.

According to Vastu, every direction and each element among the five elements of nature possess some kind of force. If these forces are channelized in the right direction with right method, they can pave the way for enhanced health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

In other words, we can say that it is a science of architecture, placement, energy flow and law of nature. In today's world, it is sometimes practically impossible to follow all the rules of Vastu Shastra. So, by following the simple rules of Vastu Shastra, the flow of positive energy can be increased, inside any building, house or structure.

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Tips For Increasing Wealth By Vastu For Home

Kuber is the lord of wealth or finance. Pleasing Kuber by following these simple rules of Vastu, will be helpful in increasing wealth:

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  1. If the south direction of the plot is on height, and north direction is down, this type of plot is considered as auspicious or you can say favorable.
  2. The safe for keeping cash and jewelry should be placed in the south or south-west direction, and it should open toward the north direction.
  3. There should be no staircase and clutter in the northeast direction, as it leads to loss of wealth.
  4. It is advisable to construct a worship room in the northeast corner.
  5. Leaking taps are believed to drain the finances of the house; hence, never let the leakage happens from plumbing.
  6. Bedrooms should be avoided in the south-east corner, as this is considered to be the corner of fire. 
  7. If you are using south-east corner as the bedroom, then the floor of the room should not be slanting, and the bed should not touch the walls of the room.
  8. Do not block north and east directions, as it will block your income.
  9. Front door of the house, should not be blocked by any pole, wire or by any other thing.
  10. Keep your house clean and clutter free.
  11. North east is the direction for underground water tanks; therefore, do not construct any over head tank in this direction.

Apart from following Vastu for home, it is equally important to follow the rules of Vastu at office. Following the guidelines of Vastu for office will do wonders in increasing monetary gains and providing better results financially.

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These were some of the guidelines of Vastu which can help you in getting rid of your financial problems. Follow these simple laws of Vastu and head toward a better future. 

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