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Sun Transit In Pisces (March 14, 2014)

Sun will transit in Pisces on 14th of March. Till April 14, 2014, Sun will reside in the same sign. Transit of Sun will bring alterations for all the zodiac signs. Let’s read out what astrologer ‘Hanumman Mishra’ has to say about it. 

Transit of Sun In Pisces and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Sun, the king of all planets, will transit in Pisces on March 14, 2014. It will stay here till April 14, 2014. This transit doesn’t seem favorable for the entire world. Arguments may rise up due to any religious personality. This time is not favorable for the rulers of north eastern regions of the country. Political ups and downs are also foreseen. Changes in situations are possible due to judicial interference in some political matter. As per the predictions, this time is not good for scholars and children. 

Let’s see the effects of this transit on your sign:

Aries: Arians, this is the time when you have to work hard and this hard work may make you feel restless. Avoid from mingling up with bad company. Drive carefully to avoid mishappenings. 

Taurus: Taureans will enjoy a prosperous domestic life and their awaited desires will be fulfilled. Journeys and short trips will bring good fortune. You will get good news regarding financial gains. Social relations with family friends and relatives will improve. You will enjoy sound health. 

Gemini: You may face some problems in your domestic life. Family problems are also foreseen. You should be careful in financial matters. Try controlling useless expenses.

Cancer: During this time, you will remain optimistic toward life. Your confidence level will boost up. Respect and reputation will rise. You will get success in short trips, due to your hard work. However, take proper care of yourself and your family. 

Leo: Transit of Sun in Pisces is not that favorable for you. Therefore, avoid undertaking any task in aggression and think wisely before coming to a decision. At this time, keep proper care of your health. Try to maintain healthy relations with friends and relatives. Avoid opting shortcuts to gain money. 

Virgo: Your desires and wishes will come true. Friends and relatives will prove supportive. You will be benefited from deals and contracts. This time is good for love and romance. Income will increase. Long journeys will be fruitful to you. 

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Libra: During this period, you will be highly active and busy. Success in business and job is foreseen along with support from seniors. You will get relief from all the financial issues. Overall, this time is quite satisfactory for you. 

Scorpio: At this time, long journeys won’t be fruitful for you. However, you will get support from senior authorities or officials. You may go on a pilgrimage. This period is favorable for professional life and financial matters. Take care of your parent’s health. 

Sagittarius: Some problems may come up, during this time. Try to keep good relations with relatives, else unwanted conflicts may rise up. Take care of your health. Avoid illegal activities and suspicious deals. Before signing any important paper, analyze it carefully. 

Capricorn: You may not get results as per your hard work. Business partners may try to harm you. You may feel tensed and weak. Therefore, keep a check on your health, till April 14, 2014. 

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Aquarius: Transit of Sun in Pisces will be fortunate for you. You will get success in anything you do. All problems will come to an end and you will achieve success. You will win over your enemies and will cherish name, fame, and reputation. 

Pisces: During this time, you will welcome life with zeal and excitement. However, for love matters, this time is not favorable. You may go on an unexpected trip. 

So, this was all for Sun transit in Pisces. Stay tuned and get yourself planned in advance.

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