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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vastu For Happy Married Life

Marriage, is the most pure bond that seals two hearts together. From that day onwards, they are for each other ‘for better or for worse’. When your marriage goes through rough times, there are many things to think about. One of them is Vastu of your home. With the help of our Vastu Shastra tips, you can find an answer to your problems. 

vastu for marriage

Couples who have a married life filled with contentment can ask for nothing more. They will have the love and trust in each other which will give them the strength to handle any kind of hardship in life. In Hindu custom, marriage is regarded as one of the most holy rituals. Different communities have different customs and rituals, but the bottom line is, all these rituals are done to ensure a happy married life. Even then, sometime things can go wrong in a marriage. The couple who were completely in love with each other can end up fighting for even the most trivial of issues. Well, astrology can help in such times. One of the many possibilities for a unhappy marriage can be, incorrect Vastu of the house the couple reside in. Wrong things at the wrong place can make life a living hell. But, the science of Vastu Shastra will help you put every piece of your beautiful life back to its rightful place. 

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Universe is composed of five elements such as air, water, sky, fire and earth. If there is an imbalance in even one of these elements, it will lead to a disturbance. On the other hand, if all these elements are maintained in their rightful places, there is no chance for a error to occur. Marriage is a bond which requires complete dedication from both the parties. When one falls down, the other should give the hand to get them up back on their feet. Whatever the problem may be, both should stay together are figure out a way to solve it. Vastu has some useful tips that will help you in achieving a happy marriage. By following certain rules of Vastu, you can easily avoid unwanted disturbance in life. 

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Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

  1. Make sure your bedroom is either in the North or Northwest corner of the house. 
  2. The bed should be either a perfect square or a rectangle. 
  3. It is advised not to paint your bedroom walls with any dark shade. 
  4. Always go for a single big cot, than joining two small ones. 
  5. Keep your bedroom clutter free. 
  6. Having mirrors in the bedroom is a no, as per Vastu Shastra rules. 
  7. Make sure to place the gas and sink in the kitchen at a minimum distance of 4 ft from each other. 
  8. Try using any artifacts or pillows in pairs when kept in bedroom. 
  9. Rose quartz crystals bring peace and tranquility in married life. 

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Venus is the planet of love, romance and relationships. A strong Venus will ensure that the love for each other stays intact. Opal is ruled by planet Venus. Those having a weak Venus can use this product to get the full power of planet Venus. 

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By following the tips given above on Vastu Shastra, you can have a happy married life. 
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Get Happily Married With Expert Suggestions

Welcome to AstroSage's weekly newsletter. Today, we have brought you a very important topic.

Marriage is the most important event of one’s life. The life of a person takes a new turn after marriage. We live major part of our lives with our better half. Still, we make mistakes; choose the wrong one and ruin our lives. So, let’s now take the help of astrology for a blissful married life.

Let’s move step by step. If you are planning to marry, you must be thinking if your partner will be compatible with you. So, if you are planning to woo someone, check your compatibility first. Because, you never know if this beautiful person will be comfortable with you throughout the rest of your life. We have some amazing compatibility testing freewares with us. Find them below:

  1. Horoscope Matching - This software will help you match your horoscope with the one on the principles of Vedic astrology. If you are not very much comfortable with English, you may get the report in Hindi here - कुण्डली मिलान. In some parts of South India, match-making is popularly known as Porutham. So, if you want to go South Indian way of match-making, click here - Porutham
  2. Name Compatibility Test - Check how compatible your names are, with the help of this freeware. 
  3. Birth Date Compatibility Test - You may also check your compatibility via your dates of birth. 
  4. Zodiac Sign Compatibility - With this software, you may check, how compatible are you both by your zodiac signs. 

Enough of compatibility testing, let’s move on to our next step. Now, when you have found your better half, must be planning to get married as soon as possible. So, check this - How To Get Married Quickly?

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The Most Auspicious Time Of The Day To Propose Your Love

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Now, enough of self service, let’s think about others too. If you know someone, who needs to get married, but running away from this thought. You should go through this - KP Rules For No Desire For Marriage. This will help you know why somebody denies to go for a marriage.

You must be expecting to know what this week has in stock for you. Like every week, we have got weekly horoscopes for you.

Important dates of the week: 

  • 26 August - Hal Shashthi (Chharchhath); Balarama Jayanti; 
  • 27 August - Masik Karthigai 
  • 28 August - Sri Krishna Janmashtami; Kalashtami; Ashtami Rohini 
  • 29 August - Gokul Navami 
  • 1 September - Aja Ekadashi 

As this week, we have Sri Krishna Janmashtami to celebrate. How can we let this amazing day let go like this?

Janmashtami is one of those Hindu festivals that are celebrated all around the world with great zeal and gusto. Know everything and become a part of it.

We hope this newsletter comes out handy for you, utilize the best of it.

Happy Janmashtami!