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Monday, April 28, 2014

Transit of Venus In Pisces Ascendant (May 28, 2014)

Venus is transiting into Pisces ascendant, on the midnight of April 27, 2014. Along with this transit, alterations will also come for each zodiac sign. So, how will it affect your stars? Read these astrological predictions by astrologer Acharya Raman and get the answer.

On April 27, 2014, around midnight, Venus will transit in Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will transit in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Most of its transit will be in the constellations (Nakshatra) of its friends. Venus represents Shukracharya, the Guru of demons and Pisces is a watery dual sign of Brihaspati, the eternal Guru. Venus owns Taurus and Libra, out of which Taurus is a fixed sign and Libra is movable, But Jupiter, the Guru, owns both the dual signs. Human nature is full of duality. We have different personality with different people. For example, we are different with our wife, kids, parents, inlaws, boss, servant etc. The irony is self proclaimed that eternal lovers become most bitter enemy of each other many times and our court shows the way apart. Venus rules love, which is physical & material, and Brihaspati rules love for all creation of God. This is a contrast which separates people of three types- those who talk ideas, those who talk events and those who talk about people. Venus will always talk about people because it has no vision beyond that. We can easily see it in any strong Libran or Taurean. On 24th May, Venus will join Ketu in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, which will be in Virgo, the debilitation sign of Venus.

The transit of Venus will have following effects on various ascendants:

Aries: Love affairs may cost you more money, wait, luck, and losses. So, it will be wiser to not adhere to the demands raised. There might be some problems on legal front. You may repay some of your debts. Works may take longer to accomplish.

Taurus: You may receive your provident fund money or return on insurances. Elder members of the family may have to face some prolonged illness. There will be good news related to work and elders of the family. There could be long travels. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will give in to your devotion and will say yes to you, finally. 

Gemini: You will enjoy good relations with wife and family. But you should be careful as defamation is possible, during this time. You may fall in some kind of emotional trap. At this time, take care of you health. Gadgets in your vehicle may suffer malfunctioning.

Cancer: Platonic love will reach a new height, it is better to feel love than indulge in it physically. You may face some domestic misunderstanding due to professional life, but it will not surface up where others can see it. Expenses will be a major issue, during this time.

Leo: During this time, luck will not favor you much. Some known people may become the reason for it. There will be philosophical gains and material gains in this time. Your elders may go for a long outing. Property related issues can come up.

Virgo: You will long for a union, but it will be delayed till the extent of disliking. Some of you will have misunderstanding with your beloved. Domestic life will be peaceful. AS health problems are possible, avoid heavy foods and sweets like sundaes & ice creams. 

Libra: Many of you may face legal issues and problems from servants. There might be some issues related to children. Your vehicle may also give unnecessary troubles at times. Avoid long journeys. Your egoistic attitude will deter your love life and may make some deep dents in it.

Scorpio: There may be some roughness among the family members. Some sudden issue may come up related to an old disease. It is suggested not to lend money to anyone, as you may not get it back soon. Chances of sudden gains are also seen. You will win over your opponents. Travel to abroad is also there.

Sagittarius: New vehicle may come to your porch. As a result of this transit, you will make new friends. Work front will be good. You may purchase gold or diamond. Overall, it is good for you from many aspects.

Capricorn: Due to this transit, you may face troubles from workers, as they will ask for more expense. Work front will be below average and you may face dejection. Some false allegation is also possible; therefore, stay alert. It is suggested to taking decisions wisely, or you may regret later. Listen to the first voice that comes from your heart.

Aquarius: Initially, you will make profits, which may get drained later. Luck will not favor you much and you make commit some mistakes. Be calm and at peace and better avoid major decisions for now. Love life will be confusing and dull.

Pisces: Health should be your prime focus, at this time. Also, keep a check on expenses and your personal life. You will be feeling jovial, but may not feel the same for long. Tooth and genitals related problems can trouble you. Be careful with your eating habits. During this time, you may become a victim of blackmagic; therefore, avoid strangers.

By Acharya Raman
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Venus Transit In Pisces (April 28, 2014)

Venus will transit in Pisces on April 28. Venus is the planet of love and tenderness, but how lovely will it be for us? Will it bring favorable results or unfavorable? Read the article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra to know the answer.

Venus is transiting in Pisces on April 28, 2014. This transit is favorable for the couples who are facing tensions in their married life. Women harassment issues will decline. Cosmetic industries will get tremendous benefits. When Venus will be transit in Pisces, ascendant Capricorn will rise and Venus will travel from ascendant Capricorn to the third house. Films released during this phase will be successful in entertaining the audiences. There is a huge possibility of a woman candidate winning an election, irrespective it takes place anywhere in the country.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Now, let’s discuss the impacts of this transit on the zodiac signs:

Aries: You are expected to spend money on items related to luxury and comfort. During the period, you will be experiencing high standards of marriage and love life. There is a need to restrain from sensual pleasures, as they may lead to concerning issues. You should be cautious of your opponents and anti-personal approaches. Overall, financial condition will be stable during the period.

Taurus: During this transit period, each of your efforts will turn into fruitful results. Friends and well-wishers will be supportive. Your expectations and desires will be fulfilled during the period. Travelling is suggested to be beneficial for the Taureans. Familial happiness will also be achieved of high standards. Relation with friends and colleagues will remain good. Although expenses will be high, income will be compensating the expenditure with regular increments.

Gemini: You are expected to achieve an important milestone in your profession. This will multiply your fame. You will be able to act judiciously in unfavorable situations. There will be an improvement in relations with business partners or customers. You can expect a respectable behavior by the family members. Business tours are possible during the period.

Cancer: You are expected to receive recognition and respect from reputed people. Familial life will be pleasant, where relations with guardians will soothen. There is the possibility to tour abroad. Family life will remain harmonious. Increment at workplace is foreseen. Promotion as per your expectations is possible. It is possible that the mind is drawn toward religious activities.

Leo: This is the time to be cautious for Lions. You should not perform a misdeed that stains your image. Do not let sensual thoughts overpower your mind. Take care of your health. Leisure travels should not be given much importance. There is the possibility to gain wealth; but, try to keep aside the unnecessary expenses. Relatives and acquaintances will prove to be supportive.

Virgo: The witty side of your personality will be reflected during the transit period. You may go on some leisure trip. Accompaniment of a feminine spouse will prove to be beneficial. This period will grow your inclination toward performing music and arts. Your will perform extremely well in your work field. There will be an increment in the income. Family life will be pleasant; however, minor health issues are possible.

Libra: You should keep aside sensual thoughts, during this transit period. Take care of your health. Workload might be tedious, although the environment at the workplace will be consoling. You should think, act and react, as your opponent seems to get dominant on you. Avoid misunderstandings with women to pacify things. It is also advised to bring control on expenditure.

Scorpio: The transit will glorify your social status. Family life will remain prosperous. Awaited desires will be fulfilled, during the period. Social circle will increase and you will meet old Possibly, you will be communicated regarding a good news. Overall, success will be in your grasp during the transit.

Sagittarius: The transit period brings an increment in your status and income level. Family life will be at peace. There is the possibility to get an profitable deal. Any occasion might be organized in family. Journeys will be rewarding. Opponents won’t get success in harming you. A new entrant is likely in your family. Efforts will prove successful.

Capricorn: This transit will bring zeal and enthusiasm into your life. Small journeys and family environment will be prosperous. Contacts with people will increase. Work front will improve. As this time is highly in your favor, awaited desires will be fulfilled. Concerns related to children or romance is likely to be solved, during this period.

Aquarius: During this time, you will spend good time with family. You will be able to use your wits in difficult situations. Income will increase. Auspicious activity will be held in family. You will enjoy the company of a women. You will grow a taste toward delicious food delicacies. You may also spend on domestic items.

Pisces: This period will bring happiness in your life. Overall atmosphere around you will be prosperous. You will feel inclined toward women. This is a favorable time for married and love life. Little efforts can raise your income, immensely. Health should be taken care of.

By Hanuman Mishra

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Transit of Mercury in Pisces (April 4, 2014)

Planet Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign, Pisces, on April 4. Want to know, how the transit of Mercury in Pisces will going to affect your zodiac sign? Pt. Hanumman Mishra is explaining these effects on different zodiac signs. Read on this article to know more….

Transit of Mercury in Pisces and its effect on all zodiac signs.
On April 4, 2014, planet Mercury is transiting in zodiac sign Pisces, Mercury is considered as debilitated in Pisces. Hence, it is understood that, this time might not be appropriate for the work fields related to Mercury. Though the continuation of striking on one another among ministers may falls down, but the usage of bad language will increase. The trend of allegations and recriminations will increase. Indiscipline behavior of many ministers and parties could be witnessed, due to this transit. Election commission may also take some action against any well known minister or party. Any disorder is possible, if ministers don’t keep a check on their language. Political disputes can go out of limit in the areas like Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, Eastern Punjab and Himachal Pradesh etc. Scanty rainfall is also possible in these particular regions.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let's see how this transition will going to affect our zodiac signs.

Aries: You might feel upset due to health related troubles. Try to face the problems and troubles. Family atmosphere may not remain harmonious. You will feel inclined toward spiritualism.

Taurus: Friends and colleagues will help you. Wishes and ambitions will get fulfilled. You will get some good news about your brother or any close friend. During this time, you will foster friendly relationship with many people.

Gemini: Some auspicious event will be organized at your home. Business expansion is also possible. During this period, you will remain diligent. Family atmosphere will remain harmonious. Possibility of getting a vehicle is also there.

Cancer: You will get abundant gain because of your intelligence. You will perform well in your business. You will get benefit from your journeys. You will easily convince others with your impressive communication skills.

Leo: You have to work hard due of extreme work pressure. Possibility of small issues turning into major disputes is foreseen. You might feel tensed about your family life. Avoid useless journeys.

Virgo: During this period, your business will increase and blossom. Females will help you in your work field. Some pleasing journey is also possible. You will do some profitable deal and your partners and colleagues will support you preferably.

Libra: Health related problems are possible. Your opponents may try to harm your reputation. Working conditions will get better. Try to control your language and don't speak harsh. Try to avoid journeys, as far as possible.

Scorpio: During this period, you will get immense respect because of your intellectual capability. You will get success in new ventures. This time is also good for love and romance. Family pleasure will remain on its peak. You will get support from your friends.

Sagittarius: During this period your business skills will improve. You will work in an organized manner. Family atmosphere will remain pleasant. Relations with parents will remain affectionate. You might spend on some luxurious goods.

Capricorn: You will get support from your siblings. Small journeys will prove fruitful. You will meet your old friends. If your work field is related to publishing or agency, then you will get favorable results. Artistic capability will also improve.

Aquarius: During this period, you will become highly popular. Behavior of family members toward you will remain very good. This time is also good from financial point of view. Your interest will increase in abstract science.

Pisces: During this period, you might feel confused. Although, there are possibilities of rise in respect; but, any wrong step can lead to insult. Therefore, try to stay calm. Family life will remain satisfactory. At this time, take care of your health.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sun Transit In Pisces (March 14, 2014)

Sun will transit in Pisces on 14th of March. Till April 14, 2014, Sun will reside in the same sign. Transit of Sun will bring alterations for all the zodiac signs. Let’s read out what astrologer ‘Hanumman Mishra’ has to say about it. 

Transit of Sun In Pisces and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Sun, the king of all planets, will transit in Pisces on March 14, 2014. It will stay here till April 14, 2014. This transit doesn’t seem favorable for the entire world. Arguments may rise up due to any religious personality. This time is not favorable for the rulers of north eastern regions of the country. Political ups and downs are also foreseen. Changes in situations are possible due to judicial interference in some political matter. As per the predictions, this time is not good for scholars and children. 

Let’s see the effects of this transit on your sign:

Aries: Arians, this is the time when you have to work hard and this hard work may make you feel restless. Avoid from mingling up with bad company. Drive carefully to avoid mishappenings. 

Taurus: Taureans will enjoy a prosperous domestic life and their awaited desires will be fulfilled. Journeys and short trips will bring good fortune. You will get good news regarding financial gains. Social relations with family friends and relatives will improve. You will enjoy sound health. 

Gemini: You may face some problems in your domestic life. Family problems are also foreseen. You should be careful in financial matters. Try controlling useless expenses.

Cancer: During this time, you will remain optimistic toward life. Your confidence level will boost up. Respect and reputation will rise. You will get success in short trips, due to your hard work. However, take proper care of yourself and your family. 

Leo: Transit of Sun in Pisces is not that favorable for you. Therefore, avoid undertaking any task in aggression and think wisely before coming to a decision. At this time, keep proper care of your health. Try to maintain healthy relations with friends and relatives. Avoid opting shortcuts to gain money. 

Virgo: Your desires and wishes will come true. Friends and relatives will prove supportive. You will be benefited from deals and contracts. This time is good for love and romance. Income will increase. Long journeys will be fruitful to you. 

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Libra: During this period, you will be highly active and busy. Success in business and job is foreseen along with support from seniors. You will get relief from all the financial issues. Overall, this time is quite satisfactory for you. 

Scorpio: At this time, long journeys won’t be fruitful for you. However, you will get support from senior authorities or officials. You may go on a pilgrimage. This period is favorable for professional life and financial matters. Take care of your parent’s health. 

Sagittarius: Some problems may come up, during this time. Try to keep good relations with relatives, else unwanted conflicts may rise up. Take care of your health. Avoid illegal activities and suspicious deals. Before signing any important paper, analyze it carefully. 

Capricorn: You may not get results as per your hard work. Business partners may try to harm you. You may feel tensed and weak. Therefore, keep a check on your health, till April 14, 2014. 

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Aquarius: Transit of Sun in Pisces will be fortunate for you. You will get success in anything you do. All problems will come to an end and you will achieve success. You will win over your enemies and will cherish name, fame, and reputation. 

Pisces: During this time, you will welcome life with zeal and excitement. However, for love matters, this time is not favorable. You may go on an unexpected trip. 

So, this was all for Sun transit in Pisces. Stay tuned and get yourself planned in advance.

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