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Friday, August 31, 2018

Venus Transit in Libra Tomorrow, Know Its Influence

Important astrology predictions for 12 Zodiac signs! Venus will transit in Libra on September 1, 2018. Read here to know its astrological significance and influence on your life.

In Astrology, Venus planet signifies all worldly pleasures including art, love, beauty and materialistic comforts. Its strong presence in a person's Birth Chart brings comforts in their life, vehicle, foreign tour and happiness in marriage. Venus is also the main factor for life partner, therefore, it influences their marital life.

On September 1, 2018, Venus will transit in Libra at 11:46 PM in the night. It will remain in this sign till 08:58 PM in the night on January 1, 2019. This transit will be highly significant and fortunate for some of the natives, while may create problems for others. Take a look at how Venus transit will influence the lives of the natives of all 12 Zodiac signs:

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Mars Transit In Libra (February 4, 2014)

Mars will transit in Libra on 4th of February. Before this transit, Mars transited into Virgo, now it is transiting into Libra. Later on it will again transit into Virgo. Let’s read out more about the effects of this transit on all the Zodiac signs.

Mars Transit  In Libra

Mars, the 3rd planet of Zodiac, is transiting into Libra on 4th February, 2014 at 14:25 pm. Mars is going to conjunct with Saturn. Till 25th March Mars will be in this position; after this it will retrograde and again go back to Virgo. Let’s get to know more about the effects of this transit.

For most of the matters, this time can be a destroyer. There can be some kind of riots in our country. Especially Southern & Western states and countries will be affected. News regarding crime against women will also be on fire. Rise in price of grains can be seen during this transit. There will be ups and downs in politics too. There are chances of quarrels between politicians, during this transit. Some leaders may change their parties which may include big names. Some criminals may also enter in politics. There can be changes in alliances. This time is not favourable for some big politician as his/her health will be affected. 

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Let’s see the effects of this transit on every sign:


The transit of Mars is in the 7th house of your zodiac. Therefore, this time is not so favorable for journeys. You may feel worried for the health of your partner. There can be disputes with your colleagues. Problems related to court may solve. Investment might be beneficial for you and you may get awaited finances. 


The transit of Mars is in the 6th house of your zodiac. Enemies will be disturbed automatically.

You will be happy during this time. There are possibilities for lots of profits. Family environment will be pleasant. Career conditions will improve. All obstacles will be away from you. But, don’t get into disputes. Avoid getting into judicial matters and take precautions during investments.


The transit of Mars is in the 5th house of your zodiac. Therefore, Mars can solve your financial problems. You will get success over enemies. This time is good for solving all the problems. But health and family can create a problem. Any kind of persistence will not be good in personal matters. 


The transit of Mars is in the 4th house of your zodiac. Therefore, family and friends will cooperate with you, but there will be tension regarding these matters also. Do not neglect these matters. You may remain tense for giving favor to someone. Expenses are likely to increase, during this transit. Even though you will achieve success in a big opportunity. 


The transit of Mars is in the 3rd house of your zodiac. Therefore, journeys may be beneficial for you. You may get good news from communication mediums. You may own a new business. You will get relieved from financial matters.


The transit of Mars is in the 2nd house of your zodiac. This time may not give you financial profits. You may get worried due to your family members. Any big change may not happen. Small thing may become big controversies, have control on your voice. Keep working peacefully. Be careful while driving as, Mars is affecting your 8th house. 


The transit of Mars is in the 1st house of your zodiac. Therefore, you should be attentive during this time period. Some problems may come across. Be careful about your health. There are some chances for injury. This time is not appropriate for speculations. Avoid interfering in others’ work. This time is not favorable to get into a new work. 


The transit of Mars is in the 12th house of your zodiac. Be attentive at this period of time. Avoid long journeys. Beware of disputes and litigations. Take care of your health. Unwanted expenses may upset you. Source of income may be weak. There can be an issue from children’s side. 


The transit of Mars is in the 11th house of your zodiac. You will get benefits from friends and colleagues. Awaited works will be done and fixed assets will be received. Most awaited desires may get fulfilled and journeys will give you benefits. You may own new vehicles. Family environment will be harmonic. Have control on your voice to avoid disputes with your loved ones.


The transit of Mars is in the 10th house of your zodiac. You will receive good news. You will get success in land and court related matters. Your business may expand. New business may get started. You will be confident enough to withstand adverse conditions. Have control on your anger and don’t get into unwanted disputes with elders.


The transit of Mars is in the 9th house of your zodiac. Your income will increase and you will get new ways for earning. Foreign trips will bring you success. Financial problems will be solved. You may get success in the matters of land. Avoid disputes with father and elders. Take care of their health too.


The transit of Mars is in the 8th house of your zodiac. Property problems will be solved. There may be disputes with family members. Take care of your health. Your language may get stiff. Be careful while driving. 

Hope these predictions will help you carve a beautiful time ahead.

Event Of The Day!

The day is quite significant, as it is Jayanti of Sri Vallabh.

Apart from this, Panchak begins from today. Panchak is that period of time which continues for approx 5 days in a Hindu month and usually considered inauspicious. The occurrence of Panchak is due to the transit of the Moon from last five constellations (Nakshatra) or from the last two zodiac signs.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sun Turning Debilitated In Libra

By Nitin Datta

On 17th October 2013 Sun is turning debilitated (very weak) for one complete month. This period demands some serious attention on account of weakness in the results delivered by Sun.

Sun in Libra

Sun debilitates (in Libra) every year during this period i.e. mid of October but this time it is going to encounter a painful conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in Libra. Sun and Rahu are arch enemies likewise, Sun and Saturn are also arch enemies. The negativity caused to Sun would be heightened to the fullest level due to combined effects of Rahu and Saturn. Such a conjunction happens once in eighteen years and leads to severe Dosha for those born under this period. In transit it can cause severe problems to everyone in significations related to Sun.

Primarily Sun signifies soul, father, boss and government. Any affliction to all of these or any of these can result in serious problems. This period demands certain strict precautions combined with some specific remedies to counter the ill effects of Sun. The following are the precautions and remedies for all ascendants/lagna that can help in bypassing this period.

Precautions To Be Taken

  • Fractures are common during this period. Be watchful while walking and working.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary debating with your seniors (especially at workplace).
  • Seek blessings from one parents by touching their feet every day. Do not provoke any undemanding negative feeling from their side.
  • Avoid anger in order to overcome any unnecessary problems.
  • Do not initiate any new venture/project during this period.
  • Be extra careful while driving and limit your driving speed.

Remedies To Be Followed

For Sun

  • Offer jal to Surya every morning and recite “Surya Dwadash naam mala”.
  • Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” everyday.
  • Flux (visarjan) 21 pieces of almond (badam) or 11 coins of copper in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Blow off the gas stove burner using milk ( perform this remedy when the last chapati/item has been cooked)
  • Regularly offer jal (water) to a Peepal Tree.

For Saturn/Rahu
  • Flux (visarjan) some pieces of raw coal (koyla) in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Feed stray dogs with chapatti (roti) layered in mustard oil.
  • Feed rag pickers regularly.
  • Offer milk to “Lord Kaal Bhairav” regularly.
  • Offer food/donation to a snake charmer.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Venus Transit in Libra: Effect on All Zodiac Signs?

Venu transiting in Libra will affect all zodiac signs significantly.
The planet of beauty and luxury, Venus has left its debilitated sign on November 17th. It will stay in the sign Libra till 11th of December 2012. The change of Venus from his debilitated sign will benefit those people who were facing troubles in their married life. There will be a decrement in brutality against women. Film industry and the producers of cosmetics will also gain profit. It will also have different effects on all the zodiac signs. Let’s have a look at the effects on different zodiac signs.


You are going to remain very calm and composed during this time. Conflicts with the people you love will be resolved. There are chances of some fun trip. You will acquire profit from the company of females. Music or other creative arts and beautiful things will catch your attention. You will do great in your service and business. There will be an increment in income. New relations will be formed due to your friendly nature. Some ailments might also affect you.