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Venus Transiting To Leo On 17th July - See Its Effects On You!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Venus is transiting to Leo.
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus is transiting to Leo on 17th of July and will stay there till 11th of August. Planet Venus gives worldly pleasures, facilities and wealth. When Venus transit to another sign, people get affected. Matters related to love, finance, job and business will get highly impacted. Let’s see how this transit of Venus in Leo will influence your life:

Aries: The conjunctions of marriage will become stronger for Arians. Time also seems beneficial for the matters related to finances. If you have any interview during this time, then there are chances that you may get success. Hence, this transit of Venus is auspicious for you.

Taurus: Venus is the Lord of your sign; and due to the transit, it is located in your fourth house. Hence, you will attain property, vehicle, mother’s love, prosperity and wealth. You may also get a significant rank. Income will rise, but domestic expenditures will stay constant. Sour relationships will be sweetened. Working people may get a promotion.

Gemini: Venus is transiting to your third house. Hence, your self-confidence will improve. Friends will come handy. Time is also favorable for love as well as children. You may encounter some new proposals. Expenditures will be on high.

Cancer: Venus is transiting to your second house. Hence, you may spend more on luxury goods. So, you need to spend keeping your situation as well as family’s in mind. It will be important to keep a control over speech. Still, time will be considered positive for you.

Leo: Venus is affecting your first house. Hence, you will have to abstain from showoffs. Try to stay and act as natural as possible. Avoid any new change. However, external relations and contacts will improve. Still, you will have to be a little bit cautious.

Virgo: Venus is transiting in your 12th house. Hence, new schemes and proposals may come up. Ancestral business will experience a favorable time. Time is also beneficial for financial matters. Additionally, you will get support from high ranked officials with proper coordination.

Libra: Venus is the Lord of your sign and is transiting in your 11th house. Hence, you will certainly get some benefit. Your tasks will speed up. You will move further with a new energy. Transit of Venus is indicating favorable signs for love matters too.

Scorpio: Transit of Venus is in your tenth house. Hence, you need to move forward with strong and stable decisions. Focus on your actions and work. Opponents will not be able to hurt you. Still, you are advised to stay cautious in the matters related to finances.

Sagittarius: Venus is transiting at your destiny house. Hence, there will be philosophical changes in your thoughts. Chances of travel are there. Expenditures may rise. Some matters related to debts may come afore. Thus, the transit of Venus will be average for you.

Capricorn: Transit of Venus is in your eighth house. Hence, some obstacles may hinder your tasks. Still, the time will be good for fun. You will try to spend most of your time with your partner or spouse. You shouldn't waste time in sloth. Stay alert for your works.

Aquarius: Venus is putting its effect in your seventh house. Hence, chances of your marriage and profit in business are strong. You will get benefits from females. Some positive changes will come to your thought process. You will get good news. Your influence and domination will increase. It means that the time is good for you.

Pisces: Transit of Venus is happening in your sixth house. Hence, some good incidents will take place. Debt related matters will speed up and opponents will stay dormant. Name, fame, respect and prosperity will increase. Small trips will be beneficial for you.

I hope that you will act accordingly and make your time blissful after knowing your predictions from 17th July to 11th of August.

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