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Venus Transit In Taurus Brings Major Changes In Your Life!

Professional prosperity and foreign trips!! The transit of Venus has it all in store for you. Read how the planet’s transit in Taurus zodiac sign makes an impact in your life. 

The planet Venus is considered to have utmost relevance in Vedic Astrology. It is the significator of aspects like love, marriage, inadvertence, glory, luxury, passion, skin tone, art, culture, literature, and children. Since it is also the governor of glory, Venus behaves as the “King” of all the nine planets. The colours endorsed by this planet are pink and blue, which are mostly dear to women natives. Talking about luxuries and comforts, the strengthened position of Venus in one’s Kundali enables him/her to earn the comfort of a four-legged vehicle. On the contrary, its weak state creates hurdles in leading a lavish life. 

Venus being exalted in any sign results in the native being more inclined towards sensuous activities and women, as compared to others. Such a native always wants to live his/her life king size, i.e. in a leisurely manner. Love becomes an integral part of his/life and involvement in sensual activities becomes a part of his lifestyle. A dreamy radiance is clearly visible on the faces of those natives who are under the influence of Venus. 

Positive Effects of Venus in One’s Kundali

  • The natives who are under the influence of Venus possess a long, dark and attractive face. Apart from that, they are also quite soft spoken. 
  • Such natives do not hesitate to strike a conversation with anyone. 
  • Because of this character trait, people never lose interest in him/her. 
  • It is also seen that natives who are governed by Venus never maintain an apathetic attitude. 
  • Just like Venus resides in the Solar System in a romantic manner, in the same way, it also provides endless romance to the natives who are under its governance. 

Negative Effects of Venus in one’s Kundali 

  • The Kundali in which Venus remains in a debilitated state or maintains an inimical relationship with the same, such native witnesses inauspicious situations in life. Similar results come forward if Venus also gets aspected by any malefic planet. 
  • Due to the impact of a weak Venus, a native lets go of his/her materialistic desires instead of pursuing them. He/she becomes more of a saint. 
  • Such a native leads a dispirited lifestyle, which is devoid of any economic sustenance or pleasure. The ship of his/her love life loses direction even before it starts to sail. 
  • The main reason behind this is the arid nature of Venus, which makes an individual irritated and bad-tempered. 

Timing of Venus Transit 

It is quite important for Venus to remain strong in one’s kundali so that he/she gets access to all sorts of materialistic comforts and pleasures. It’s presence in the various houses of a Kundali also provides an enhancement to fortune. Of all the planets residing in the solar system, Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets and it maintains an inimical relationship with the Sun and Moon. Venus remains posited in a zodiac sign for a duration of 23 days and on the 24 day, it moves forward and transit in the another zodiac sign. The same Venus, who is also the determiner of love, marriage, and beauty, transited in Taurus on Tuesday, 4 June 2019, at 11:11 AM, and will remain posited in the sign until Saturday, 29 June, 2019, around 01:21 AM. All the signs will feel the impact of this transit during this time period. 

This blog provides information about the impact of this transit on your zodiac sign. But, before moving forward, let us have a look at the changes that will take place all over the country due to the transit of Venus in Taurus. 

Venus and Health 

  • Due to the weakened state of Venus in the Kundali, venereal, gynecological, breast or urinary bladder related problems can be experienced by the natives while Venus remains in its transitory motion. Since it is transiting in Taurus, then natives of this zodiac sign may suffer from swelling, tonsils, cheek related problems, cough and ulcers formed inside mouth and tongue. 
  • During its transitory motion, Venus will reside in the seventh house of Scorpio zodiac sign, which is why natives of Scorpio may experience Gonorrhea, caenogenesis and many such medical conditions. 
  • Because of the planet’s transit in the eighth house of Libra zodiac, natives of this sign may develop a fear of robbery, armoury and fire
  • Leo natives should specifically remain cautious during this period, as they may experience various major and minor health issues. 
  • Since, Venus is transiting in the second house from Aries, natives under this zodiac sign may suffer from heart problems, eye problems and certain kinds of mental problems. 

The Transit Of Venus Also Strikes The World Of Bollywood 

During this transit, Venus is entering its own zodiac sign, Taurus, which will prove to be beneficial for its natives. Keeping this in mind, if we take a look at the movies which are yet to release, then it can be seen that Kangana Ranaut’s “ Mental Hain Kya” may earn special blessings of Venus while it remains in its transitory motion. This can be said because Miss Ranaut’s zodiac sign also happens to be Taurus. However it performs at the box office, Kangana will definitely earn praiseworthy remarks because of it. 

Let us now read the effects of this transit on various zodiac signs. 

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