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Mars Transit in Cancer! Discover Its Impact On Your Zodiac Sign!

Mars transits in Cancer today, all 12 zodiac signs will get affected! Discover the changes it will bring forward to your life!

The red planet Mars is given the status of the galaxy’s most important planet. Very often it is said that it provides protection to the earth and its residents from many disasters. The planet also helps the Earth to get rid of the malefic effects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Along with this, Mars is also given credit for the growth of coral stones in deep blue seas. The origination of the colour red also took place through this planet only.

As per astrology, Mars is considered to be an extremely malefic planet. It is ruled by the element of fire, which is why the blood coloured planet is also taken into account as the Earth’s son. But, it is not necessary for it to procure negative results all the time. For every different Kundali, it curates both positive and negative results. The Lal Kitab states that the planet Mars has the propensity to give auspicious as well as inauspicious fruits. Thus, the various results it brings out for a native must be taken into consideration separately. The bad state of this planet is described adequately in Lal Kitab which also contains the necessary remedies to curb them. 

The title, Lord of War, is also given to the planet Mars, who also rules over vices and virtues like self confidence, physical energy, pride, courage and might. This explains the reason why the weak placement of Mars in a native’s kundli results in the person suffering from blood disorders, ulcers, acne and accidents. Such a native also is usually of a fearful nature. Let us find out the reasons behind the weak placement of Mars. 

  • If the west direction of the house or workspace is peccant, then it usually results in Mars being weak. 
  • The placement of Mars can also become weak in a person’s Kundli if he/she disrespects Lord Ram or Lord Hanuman.
  • Decision to not comply with one’s religious duties can also weaken the state of Mars. 
  • Maintaining inimical relations with your brother, friend or a closed one can also contribute to making the position of Mars dormant. 
  • Maintaining a hot headed nature on a regular basis ensures the negative presence of Mars in a Kundli. 
  • Mars’ residency in the fourth and eighth house of a Kundli is also considered inauspicious. 
  • If Mars is solely present in a kundali, without receiving the company of any other planet, then it acts like a hungry and wild lion locked up in a cage. 
  • The conjunction of Saturn, Sun and Mars curates inauspicious results. 
  • It’s conjunction with Ketu also brings forward adverse outcomes. 
  • Since Mercury is its enemy planet, the combination of both these planets gives birth to unfavorable circumstances.

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The impact of Mars is quite crucial for every zodiac sign. It is so because the positive placement of this planet in a Kundali helps the native’s ship to sail smoothly. On the contrary, its unfavourable state makes the concerned native prone to many serious ailments. The problems brought forward by a debilitated Mars are mentioned below. 

  • The planet Mars is the representative of courage, physical strength and war. If a certain native is of cowardly nature, then it indicates the weak placement of Mars in his/her Kundli. 
  • The elder brother of native suffers from malicious circumstances if Mars is weakly present in his/her Kundli.
  • A person experiences difficulties in obtaining the happiness of progeny when his/her Kundali consists of a debilitated Mars. 
  • A native gets into fights on a regular basis when the position of Mars remains weak. 
  • A person also gets involved in legal disputes because of the malefic effects of Mars. 

The Timing of Mars Transit 

The son of Mother Earth, Mars is transiting on Saturday, 22nd June 2019, from Gemini to the zodiac sign Cancer. This transition will take place at 23:21 PM at night and the planet will remain posited in the same sign until 4:32 AM of 9th August, 2019. As per Vedic astrology, the effects of this transit will be seen on all the 12 zodiac signs. Before moving on to have a detailed look at these impacts pertaining to each specific zodiac sign, let us catch a quick glimpse of the changes the country will witness due to this transit. 

Impact of Mars Transit on Share Market

The red planet rules over the shares of items like Copper, gold, iron and other metals, machinery, four wheelers, jaggery, coriander, turmeric, sugarcane, corn, raisins, cloves, betel nuts, grocery, red chillies, tea, alcohol, dried dates, lentils, moth and wheat. Additionally, it is also the governor of power or energy. Thus, the transit of Mars in its debilitated zodiac sign Cancer will create major fluctuations in the price of the items mentioned above. 

Alterations In The World Of Politics

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results declared lately have managed to bring forth a positive image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The reason behind this is the creation of Rochak Yoga in his Kundli, also formed due to the grace of Mars, which has added to his position and power. The auspicious position of Mars in his Kundli and this transit taking place in its nine house is considered to bring rewards for him. During the period of this transit, he will be able to acquire success in an extravagant manner and earn praises of the public. 

Changes To Take Place All Over The Nation 

Just like Mars is transiting in its debilitated zodiac sign Cancer on 22 June 2019, in the same manner, its enemy planet Mercury is also making its transit in the same sign on 21 June, 2019. Because of these planetary movements, India’s relationship with its neighbouring countries may deteriorate or turn bitter. The rhetoric of some of the political leaders of the nation may also turn out to be unpleasant. Thus, be prepared to witness such blunders committed by the notable members of the society and the world of politics which may hamper the image of the country on the international level. 

Let us take a look at the astrological calculations to find out the impacts of this transit. 

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The transit of Mars is taking place in your fourth house. This house helps you to determine aspects like property construction, vehicle, and one’s mother. This transit of Mars will bring forward mixed results for you. You should take good care of your parents’ health during this time as they may experience certain problems. Your life partner may remain….Read More


Your third house will become active once the planet Mars makes its transit through your house of valor and courage. According to kalpurush kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Gemini. It is also the determiner of aspects like your courage and might. Mars’ transit in this house will give a boost to your determination and you will try your level best to….Read More


The transit of Mars is taking place in your second house which is considered to be the determiner of one’s wealth and speech. As a result, this transit, may bring a roughness and harshness in your speech. If you are married then your life partner is likely to get hurt because of your bitter words. Your sudden aggression can also impact your familial life as your behaviour may displease….Read More


The transit of Mars will take place in your ascendant or first house. According to the Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Aries. It rules over our behaviour, health, self knowledge, and beauty. Your health may decline in this duration, and you are likely to get hurt because of trivial matters as the emotional side of your personality will remain on the forefront. During this time period, vices….Read More


For Leo natives, the transit of Mars is taking place in your twelfth house. While Mars remains posited in this house, you may get an opportunity to work or pursue higher studies in a foreign country. However, the natives who are already residing overseas may go through some difficulties. If you are dealing with any court proceedings, verdict will be in your favour. On the other hand…Read More


It is quite possible that you may receive good profits in certain aspects of life when the transit of Mars takes place in your eleventh house. Economic problems will no longer trouble you and the inflow of monetary resources in one form or another will take place. You will become capable of focusing on other aspects of your life since your economic position will remain strong. However….Read More


Mars’ transit will take place in the tenth house of Libra natives. This house is also hailed as the karma bhava, determiner of one’s profession or career. Due to the effect of Mars, you may remain aggressive, therefore, it is advised that you mind your words during this time period. Job holders will witness positive results in their professional lives. Your good work will be….Read More

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According to predictions, the transit of Mars is taking place in your ninth house of religion, which is also the significator of aspects like luck, religion, teachers, and mentor-like influencers. During this transitory phase of Mars, you will have to struggle excruciatingly in order to see the face of success. Your connection with your father may deteriorate and his….Read More


The transit of Mars will take place in the eighth house of your zodiac sign. As a result of this transit, the natives born under the sign of the archer may have to face challenges in their lives. You may feel that your words are being misinterpreted by some people. Such situations will decrease your morale, but you will successfully handle yourself and the situations. Take proper care…Read More


During its transitory motion, the planet Mars will take nest in your seventh house. According to the Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Libra. It enlightens the natives about the prospective partnership deals. The occurrence of this transit may create challenges in your life and it is advised to keep a check on your temper during this time frame. In order to….Read More


The sixth house of Aquarius natives will host the transit of Mars. Refrain yourself from interfering in the matters of other people as it can have a negative impact on your life. At workplace, your performance will be normal however, you will successfully overpower your rivals. Your familial life will remain the same but you may have to face some problems in your married life. The health of your partner….Read More


The transit of Moon is taking place in your fifth house which is also known as the house of progeny. As a result of this transit, your children may experience health issues which is why you need to take special care of them. Job holders can obtain propitious results in their professional life and your income may also increase during this time. On the flip side, this time will be unfavourable for student natives as they will…Read More

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