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Shani Jayanti & Vat Savitri Vrat Tomorrow, Get Your Wishes Fulfilled!

Shani Jayanti and Vat Savitri Vrat create four auspicious yogas after years! Read how to attain the blessings of Lord Shani by worshipping him according to the Muhurat.

Shani Jayanti is celebrated on the Amavasya during the month of Jyestha. In Hinduism, the day of Amavasya is considered to be auspicious for fasting and reaping its fruits, making donations, and carrying out Pindaan to pacify the ancestors and forefathers. This auspicious event is celebrated on the Jyestha Amavasya. There is a provision of venerating Lord Shani on this auspicious day. We all know that the son of Sun, Shani or Saturn is one among the nine planets and move around its celestial orbit on a slow pace, hereby garnering the name Shanaishchara. It is the significator of Karma and Justice, and hence is hailed as the Karma Phal Data or the Giver of Karma & Actions. On this special day of Shani Jayanti, married women also observe the Vat Savitri Vrat for the longevity of their respective husbands.

Vat Savitri Vrat

Vat Savitri is a major festival for married women, although now a days, unmarried and widowed women too observe this fast. This day is observed on the Shani Jayanti or Jyestha Amavasya. On this day, women worship the Vat or Banyan tree with full devotion according to the auspicious muhurat and wish to remain blessed and married just like Savitri. It is believed that on this day, Savitri saved her husband’s life from Lord Yam, and asked him to spare his life. This is why the pair of Satyavan-Savitri along with the idol of Lord Shani is worshipped.

Vat Savitri, Jyestha Amavasya & Shani Jayanti Muhurat

3 June, 2019 (Monday)  (As per the Purnimant)
June 2, 2019, Amavasya Begins From 16:41:34
June 3, 2019, Amavasya Ends At 15:33:15

Note: Note: Above time is applicable for New Delhi. Click here to know the muhurat for Amavasya according to Amant for your city.

Importance of Vat Savitri Vrat Muhurat

According to the Shastriya Panchang Meemansha, there are two traditions mentioned which should be followed while observing the Vat Savitri Vrat:

  1. First: As per the traditions followed in the North, this fast must be observed during Jyeshtha Amavasya, and
  2. Second: As per the traditions followed in the South, this fast must be observed during Jyeshtha Purnima.

One special thing to denote is that in both these aspects, this fast is carried out on the Purva (Chaturdashi) Vidya Amavasya or Purnima. It is believed that the pious Savitri saved her husband from the grip of Lord Yamraj. According to our astrologers, this year, this fast will prove to be of high significance to women, as four events are occurring on this very day. The first is Somwati Amavasya, second is Sarvarth Siddhi Yog, third is Sanyog Amrit Siddhi and the fourth one is Trigrahi Yog.

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Worshipping Rituals For Vat Savitri Vrat 

  • All the rituals must be followed when observing the Vat Savitri Vrat.
  • On the early morning of Jyestha Krishna Triyodashi, women who are fasting must take a bath early and then recite the following mantra:

'मम वैधव्यादिसकलदोषपरिहारार्थं ब्रह्मसावित्रीप्रीत्यर्थं च वट सावित्री व्रतमहं करिष्ये।'

'mama vaidhavyādisakaladoṣaparihārārthaṃ brahmasāvitrīprītyarthaṃ ca vaṭa sāvitrī vratamahaṃ kariṣye।'

  • Taking a resolution after chanting the mantra, one must fast for three days.
  • In case fasting for three consecutive days isn’t possible, then one must consume food on the night of Trayodashi or thirteenth day, should not expect or eat much on Chaturdashi and fast on the Amavasya. After this, the native can end the fast on the Shukla Pratipada.
  • After this, the woman who is fasting must sit near a Banyan tree, fill a bamboo plate or container with Sapta Dhanya or seven types of grains and cover it up with two types of cloth.
  • Now establish the idols of Brahma Savitri and Satya Savitri and worship them using akshat and fragrance.
  • After this, wrap a yarn thread around the Banyan tree while circumambulating around it and worship as instructed.

Importance of Jyestha Amavasya & Shani Jayanti

As per the mythological stories, Lord Shani, the son of Lord Sun, was born on the day of Jyestha Amavasya, which increases its religious significance. In Vedic Astrology, Lord Shani is the significator of Karma, actions and service. Hereby, special remedies are followed and worshipping is done to pacify the malefic effects of Saturn and seek the blessings of Lord Shani. Also, he is known to be the Punisher and the Judge of the modern times or Kaliyug. This is the reason why we must not consider Saturn as our enemy, but as the God of Justice & Karma for all the creatures of the world.

Puja Rituals for Lord Shani

  • Worshipping Lord Shani is similar to that of other Gods and Goddesses.
  • On the day of Shani Jayanti, the native must take an early bath and purify himself.
  • Then on a wooden platform, spread a black cloth and place the Shani Yantra and an idol or picture of Lord Shani.
  • After this, keep a Supari or Betel Nut at the altar and light two diyas with Ghee and Oil on either side. Then, light an incense stick.
  • Purify the idol or picture of Lord Shani with Panchamrit, Ittar (perfume) and Panch Gavya. 
  • Now offer colours, vermillion, kajal or kohl to the deity.
  • After the Panchopchar Poojan, chant the Shani Mantra 108 times.

Shani Vedic Mantra: 

ॐ शं नो देवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये।
शं योरभि स्त्रवन्तु न:।। 

oṃ śaṃ no devīrabhiṣṭaya āpo bhavantu pītaye।
śaṃ yorabhi stravantu na:।।

Shani Tantrik Mantra: 

ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।। 

oṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya namaḥ।।

Shani Beej Mantra: 

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः।।

oṃ prāṃ prīṃ prauṃ saḥ śanaiścarāya namaḥ।।

  • After chanting the mantras on a beaded rosary, Shani Chalisa along with Shani Aarti must be recited by the whole family.

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Things To Remember During Shani Jayanti

  • While worshipping Lord Shani, apply mustard oil on the body and take a bath before sunrise.
  • On this day, worship Lord Hanuman along with Lord Shani.
  • Follow the rituals of Brahmacharya on the day of Shani Jayanti. 
  • Postpone any plans of travelling on this day.
  • Donate any food item prepared in oil to a needy or poor person.

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  • Feed food items prepared in oil to a cow or dog.
  • Serve the elders and needy and seek their blessings.
  • Avoid worshipping Lord Sun on this day.
  • While worshipping the picture or idol of Lord Shani, avoid looking directly into his eyes.

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