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Venus Transit In Gemini Today. Read Its Impacts

Venus in conjunction with Sun and Rahu will form an auspicious Yoga. Discover the astrological impact of Venus transit in Gemini on your zodiac sign. 

After Jupiter, Venus is considered the most auspicious planet in the Solar System and can also be easily seen in the sky, as out of all planets, it shines the most. Thus, it is also known as the morning (bhor) and evening (sandhya) star. Both astrologers and scientists believe that the rays of this planet and change in its state definitely regulate the lives of the natives. 

Impact Of Venus in One’s Kundali 

As per Vedic astrology, the planet Venus has its own importance, as it rules over women, love, marriage, prosperity, inadvertence, luxury, cosmetics, culture, literature, progeny and many more. A benefic Venus blesses the native with a woman, vehicle and economic strength. Thus, some people also consider it a feminine planet, but experts state that for female natives, it is a masculine planet and vice versa. Since Venus is the perpetrator of splendour and fame in a kundli, it also possesses royal characteristics. The auspicious colours associated with this planet are pink and bright white. Talking about its impacts, its strengthened or exalted state in one’s birth chart blesses one with the comfort of vehicle, luxuries and marital bliss. On the contrary, its weakened or debilitated state garners negative results for the natives.

How Venus Becomes Weak In The Kundli?

It is believed that Venus’ weak or debilitated state in a native’s kundli keeps him/her deprived of all luxuries and comforts. Let us have a look at the factors which forces Venus to assume a debilitated state. 

  • The south-east direction of house or workplace being dirty or impure can make the status of Venus weak in the Kundli. 
  • Venus ceases garnering positive results if the native suffers from any dental disorders.
  • The planet also gives adverse outcomes when the natives establish inappropriate relations with some other woman or underaged girls. 
  • When Venus conjuncts with Rahu in a native’s Kundli, then the individual becomes deprived of the pleasures of wife and vehicle.
  • The debilitated state of Saturn in the Kundli is also responsible for the negative effects brought forward by Venus. 
  • Conflicts in marriage also take place because of the weak position of Venus. 
  • Inability to maintain physical hygiene and wearing old, torn and dirty clothes also causes Venus to become weak. 
  • The planet also produces unfavourable outcomes when the environment of the house is impure and unclean. 
  • The dirty state of the bedroom and kitchen is also responsible for the negative impacts of Venus. 
  • Because of the excessive usage of black or dark colours, natives witness delay in receiving the positive results of Venus. 
  • Creating family clashes or beating children also brings forth the severe outcomes of Venus, because of which wealth and property also gets affected in a negative manner. 

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Diseases That Occur When Venus Is Weak 

It has been seen that the weak state of Venus not only keeps the native deprived of all the material pleasures and comforts, but such natives also develop the risk of falling prey to various diseases. Let us have a look at the medical conditions which can be created by the weak state of Venus. 

  • If the south-east direction of the house is not designed according to Vastu, then the danger of developing cheek, chin and nerve disorders also lurks around. 
  • The weak state of Venus also causes diseases associated with seminal fluid.
  • A weak Venus can also make the native suffer from STDs and provide decrement to sensual passion.
  • If there is a constant pain in someone’s thumb or it has become ineffective without any significant disease, then the main reason behind this is the weak state of Venus. 
  • Skin diseases are also engendered by this planet only. 
  • Intestinal disorders are also effectuated by Venus only. 
  • The negative impacts of Venus are responsible for the induction of sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • Leg disorders or pain in such areas are also caused by the negative state of Venus only. 

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Transit Time 

Thus, it is absolutely necessary for Venus to remain positively placed in a Kundli of the native to attain all sorts of materialistic pleasures and comforts. Additionally, the planet also brings forward different outcomes while taking residency in different houses. Of all the nine planets, it maintains a friendly relationship with Mercury and Saturn, whereas, Moon is considered its enemy. It takes nest in one sign for a time period of 23 days and then moves on to make its transit in another zodiac sign. Now, the significator of love, Venus will move out from Taurus and enter its friendly planet Mercury’s zodiac sign, Gemini on Saturday, 29 June, 2019 at 01:21 AM. It will remain posited in the same place until Tuesday, 23 July, 2019 at 12: 35 PM.

This blog will provide you information about this transit’s impact on your zodiac sign. But, before moving on to that let us have a look at the major changes which will be seen in the country because of this astrological event. 

The Effect Of This Transit On The Country 

Venus is transiting in Gemini, where its enemy planet Sun is already posited. Along with that, Rahu is also present in the same sign, due to which turbulent effects of this transit may be seen in the country. As a result, the government may have to take some strict decisions pertaining to the tax and banking sector. Consequently, the government in power may have to deal with the backlash from the general public. 

Friends Will Turn Into Foes

This transit period cannot be regarded as favourable for the country's government, because there is quite a possibility of some members of the ruling party starting a rebellion. Due to such situations, the opposition may also find the perfect opportunity to retaliate against the ruling party. 

Venus To Impact The State Of Women In The Country 

The conjunction of Venus and Rahu is not considered auspicious, which is why this particular transit will not be beneficial for female natives. The alarming rate of crimes which have been committed against women may develop a sense of insecurity in them. However, the government will be able to solve this problem to a great extent. 

Now, let us read the impact of this transit in each and every zodiac sign. 

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The transit of Venus will take place in the third house of Aries natives. During this transit, you may get into a new romantic relationship. Natives who are already in a relationship might receive gains through their respective partners. On the familial front, you will be of great help to your siblings which would lessen…Read More 


During its transitory motion, Venus will get posited in the second house of your zodiac sign. As compared to the previous times, you will witness more propitious results during this transit period. Economic front will remain strong as you will be able to accumulate a good amount of wealth. The manner in which you speak will…Read More


The transit of Venus is taking place in your own zodiac sign which is why it will remain posited in your ascendant or first house. This transit will provide an enhancement to your personality because of which you will become the talk of the town. During this period, you will develop a desire to learn new things and acquire….Read More

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During its transitory motion, Venus will remain posited in your twelfth house. As a result of this transit, you will be able to enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life. However, expenses are likely to increase excessively as well, for the Cancer natives. If you are a business personnel, then an overseas trip may be on the cards for you, to fulfill your…Read More


Venus will transit in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. During this period of time, your efforts in any field will definitely attain success. This planetary movement will also bring forward a prosperous time in your life. You will touch new heights of success and triumph in each and every aspect of your life. Romance and love will also usher in…Read More


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The transit of the planet Venus will take place in your ninth house which will bring forward mixed results in your life. On one hand, you will get blessed with sudden gains while on the other health of your father might deteriorate because of which mental tensions will escalate. Though you will remain obedient and devoted towards your….Read More


During its transitory motion, Venus will take nest in your eighth house. This transit may shower negative impacts on your personal life, especially your marital life thus, it is advised to avoid getting into any kind of arguments with your life partner. The persistent problems in your married life may also result in negative impacts on your personal….Read More


During its transitory motion, Venus will take nest in the seventh house of your zodiac sign because of which your married life will remain blissful and your spouse will always remain by your side. You will also get ample opportunities to spend quality time with your life partner and you get to make the most of your life together despite certain…Read More

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The planet Venus will transit into the fifth house of your zodiac sign which will be quite favourable for Aquarius natives. This period will bring forward progress for you and benefits, especially in your professional life. You may opt for a job change but it should be done only if you are sure that your new work space is better than your…Read More


Venus will transit in the fourth house of your zodiac sign and bring several benefits for you on a personal level. During this period, a balanced and harmonious atmosphere will be prevalent in your domestic life. However, your mother’s health may remain on the lower side which is why you should take special care of her and ensure that…Read More

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