Friday, June 14, 2019

Latest Features & Fixes in AstroSage Kundli App, Update Now!

Get detailed Numerology report, Panchang Dashboard, Bhadra-Panchak, Marriage-Mundan-Housewarming Muhurat, Horoscope and much more.

Astrosage Kundli App: Soaring High With Latest Features

With improved features and bug fixes, Astrosage Kundli App version 13.2 is taking further steps to conquer the Google Play Store with another milestone. Hailed as the number one astrology app nationwide, AstroSage Kundli has added another pair of wings for flying high. The introspective team behind this app majorly focuses on improving the UI & UX by updating the app as per the global standards. Hereby, the latest features have been introduced, and bugs are fixed for smooth functioning, which are listed down below.

  • Numerology Calculator in 9 Languages: Knowing your Lucky, Root (Moolank) or Fortune Number in your own language is just one click away with Numerology Calculator. Find out the number which defines your life and its various aspects in seven other languages.

  • Panchang Dashboard in vernacular languages: Find out the auspicious time, date, muhurat, hora, choghadiya, Rahu Kaal, yogas, Sun & Moon Calculations, Tara Balam, Chandra Balam etc. in vernacular languages along with Panchang dashboard added under the Panchang Tab.

  • Different Types of Muhurat: Check various auspicious muhurat such as Vivah (Marriage), Mundan (Tonsure), Griha Pravesh (House Warming) and plan your events accordingly.

  • “Tithi” Card Added In Panchang Dashboard: Know the Hindu tithi or date, undergoing paksha and yogas daily with the help of “Tithi” card added under the Panchang dashboard.

  • Panchak & Bhadra in Regional Languages: Schedule your auspicious events and tasks according to the Panchak & Bhadra timings. With its help, know the start and end time and find out the inauspicious yogas forming on specific dates.

  • Two Lucky Colors in Daily Horoscope: Find out two lucky colours to be worn on a particular date or day with Daily Horoscope predictions. Daily Horoscope under the “Horoscope” tab gives daily astrological predictions, remedies to be done, ratings, auspicious and inauspicious timings, numbers and colours as well.

  • Notification Center: With the help of Notification Center, stay updated on the latest features, services, blogs, videos and articles published on

  • Numerology Calculator, Daily Notes & 50+ Pages Added on the Home Screen: The home screen of the app now consists of Numerology Calculator, Daily Notes & 50+ Pages tab for easy and quick access. Know your lucky number, make daily notes and download/order 50+ pages kundli in PDF format for free.

Bug Fixes:

  • Auspicious & Inauspicious Timings in the Horoscope Tab for vernacular languages have been now fixed, as previously, the timings shown were similar. With this issue fixed, users can now carry out their tasks or religious activities accordingly.

  • Previously, some users weren’t able to share their matchmaking kundlis due to a bug default, which included spacing in the Boy/Girl’s name. Although this issue was found in selective handsets, our team experts have now fixed the Share Match Making PDF issue for smooth functioning.

AstroSage Kundli app has gained massive admiration for being a user-friendly, informative and interactive mobile app. It incorporates users’ demands and constantly updates itself in order to remain technically ahead. These new features will definitely expand your vision, and help you prepare for the upcoming obstacles and challenges in life.

Update your app now, and see what’s in store for you!

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