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Weekly Love Horoscope (Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2014)

‘Love’, it is such a magical word which itself is complete. Every individual is expected to experience the aura of love, once in life. But, due to certain planetary influence, there are some beings who are not lucky enough to get absorbed in such a divine experience. Read predictions by Pt. Deepak Dubey and know what the planets hold for your love-life this week.

Weekly love horoscope 2014 from October 6 to October 12 for all the Zodiac Signs.

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The ones who are already committed, there is a suggestion for them. An excessive irritable nature or getting furious unnecessarily can bring troubles in your love affair. Hence, keep a check on your behavior and anger. If you are still searching for your partner, you need to wait a bit more. This week, do not try to get into any new relation, as it might bring you disappointment. A controversy is also likely to take place.


You may get betrayal in love relation, hence, do not have faith in anyone blindly. You may get indulged with an immoral person, or your trust may prove wrong on a person. This is not at all a good time to search your new love. You need to keep a check on your heart, else defamation and disappointment may be in your bag.


Your heart is likely to be in a playful and restless mood this week. Hence, you should keep patience. You will become more close to your partner in your love relationship. The ones who are still searching for their partners, are likely to experience some good time, as well. It is also possible that you may end your search in your neighbour and you get your desired lover. If you have been thinking to deliver a proposal to a person, this week is considered to be a good time for this.


Love relations will receive more intensity and stability this week. You will get the opportunity to spend quality moments with your partner. A trip is also on the cards for you this week. However, you are likely to get influenced by others, that too in a negative way. In such situations, follow your heart and trust your partner, completely.


You are likely to be concerned due to your partner’s ill health. It is necessary to spend time with your partner. Being whimsical is not the right way to treat your personal relations. During the end part of the week, you may get distant from your partner, owing to some professional matter.


Lack of interest should not be there in love affairs. You should give some time to your love relations; exchange of gifts and going out on pleasure trips are advisable, else distance with your partner may grow larger. This is although, not a very favorable time to initiate an affair; hence you need to be patient. Try to be a bit enthusiastic and instill the same zeal in your partner’s life as well.


Love relations will get intensified and more stable. You might also get the opportunity to go out on a trip. However, you are likely to be restless and impatient. You are also expected to face desolation and gloom. But, you should always try to keep a pleasing attitude and be happy, as there is no concrete reason to be in such a mood.


Fury and suspicion may hamper certain things; hence, it will be better to resolve things with your partner. You should always leave some matters on time, as time will always have the perfect solution. You should also get freed of your stubbornness, and give optimum time and space to your partner. If you want to step in for a love affair, this is not the right time for doing so. You should limit your thoughts to yourself, till the arrival of the right time.


You should try to be more responsible toward your relationship, else things may get to the stage of split-up. In a love affair, mutual trust is the important factor that is to be followed, hence, you should have faith in yourself and also, on your partner. Any kind of suspicion can spoil the essence of a good relation. By the end days of this week, situations will improve and the period will be pleasant for you. You are also likely to gifted, during the end-part of the week.


Love relations will now turn into conjugal relationship. Owing to your partner, your fate is likely to favor you this week. You will get opportunities to go on pleasure trips. For some persons, some other affair is also on the cards, hence, you need to keep a check on such things. The ones who had been in a long trail to find love, will now be benefited this week. Hence, you should be happy and pleasant, during these seven days.


This is a favorable period for love related matters. This is the right time to mend things in your relationship, and also to please your partner if she/he had been in an unpleased mode. The long search for love will end for those, who had been trailing his/her love interest for long. You are an introvert and you wish your partner to realize your feelings for him/her; it is the time to be expressive and present your feelings to your lover. This will produce a better and more favorable result.


The starting of this week will be pleasant. Closeness will be achieved in your love relations. You will also get the opportunity to conduct small trips, which can also be a pilgrimage. Such pleasure trips should be undertaken along with your partner. You are likely to spend entertaining moments this week. By the end of the week, a rift might arise, however, there is no need worry, as this will be temporal; soon good times will once again be revived.

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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