Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Horoscope (October 06 - October 12)

Every week comes with new opportunities. Know what preparations can be done to avail maximum benefit from the upcoming week. Take necessary precautions if the time seems unfriendly. ‘Pt. Deepak Dubey’ will tell you what your stars are predicting this week.

Know your weekly horoscopes for the coming week October 06 - October 12.

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The time is indicating aversion; hence, enemies or diseases or both can create problems. Cautiousness is required in terms of spending money. Drive carefully and avoid journeys, if not necessary. Don’t give loan to anyone, as if you will lend money, you might not get it back ever. Worship Lord Hanuman regularly for auspiciousness.


You will get success in real estate matters. Profit is also foreseen in business. There can be some problems due to progeny. This problem will be related to their behaviour or health. In partnership business, behavior business partners will be rough and there is a possibility of disputes without any reason. So, be restraint at this time. Worship Goddess Bhagawati to bring auspiciousness.


You can hope for better income and luck this week. But, there can be some problems due to mother’s health. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, be cautious. There is also possibilities of success in work related to state government and abroad. You may get respect somewhere. The time is auspicious, so avail benefit.


Precaution is necessary regarding health. Success in financial matters is foreseen. Work which is put on hold from a long time will get accomplished now. There are strong possibilities of travelling. Fortunately, you can get an unexpected benefit. Try to make your relationship better with siblings, otherwise disputes can occur.


Don’t take financial risks, otherwise you may suffer loss. Control your anger and fury. It would be good to think before speaking, otherwise you may get trapped in controversies without any reason. Your vehicle can get damaged on the way; hence, check everything once before going out. Beware of strangers. Worship Lord Ganesha.


Your mind will be distracted. The decision making power will be weak this week. So, avoid taking bigger decisions at this time. You will gain wealth from more than one sources. It is possible that unexpected wealth can come from a new source, but there can also be a sudden loss in wealth. So, don’t take any risk. Travel only if it is necessary. Do meditation and Yoga.


Health can be unfavorable. Journeys will be laborious. Mind can also be distracted. An unknown fear may haunt you, which is meaningless. Some people (enemies) will try to create problems for you, but you should deal strictly with them. Keep your willpower strong, conditions are going to be better soon. Worship Lord Sun.


There is a strong possibility of gaining and losing unexpected wealth. Control your expenses because spending without thinking will not be good for you. You will get success in educational competitions through a little effort. Otherwise, it is a very good time for property and family happiness. Perform remedies related to planet Mercury.


There is a possibility of getting good news through any communication medium like mobile or any other media. Name and fame will rise in society. Journeys will be fruitful. Be careful regarding your health, especially stomach. If you are suffering from diabetes, be very careful. Success is foreseen in education and competitions. New sources of income will crop up. Avoid eating sweet and yellow things.


Profit is foreseen through land & property, vehicles and distant locations. Some delightful activity can happen at your home. Despite of these better possibilities, avoid getting involved in lotteries and betting. Don’t do anything by depending on destiny. This means, you will not get success because of your fate this week. But, you will get good results from your hard work. Offer water to Moon at night.


This is the time to be very careful, especially if there is period (Dasha) or sub-period (Antar Dasha) of Jupiter, Sun or Moon. Enemies and diseases can upset you. Control your anger at workplace and business. Especially, if you are working somewhere, avoid getting into controversies with your seniors. Try to maintain all things as they are at present and avoid taking any new decision at this time. Offer water to Lord Shiva and chant Lord Shiva Mantras.


Problems will arrive continuously, but your intellect and luck will favour you. So, you will be successful in getting out of all problems easily. Be careful of servants and partners at workplace, you may get cheated. Your nature of believing anyone easily can create new problems for you. Be calm and patient. There is a possibility of getting good news regarding children. Donate things related to planet Saturn, as per your capability.

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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Today is Som Pradosh Vrat. Observe fast on this day to propitiate Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Know more about this day: Pradosh Vrat

Eid-Ul-Juha (Bakrid) will also be celebrated today. On this day, Muslims sacrifice a goat or Bakr (Urdu) to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim.

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