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Surya Grahan On Diwali 2014: How Will It Affect You

Surya Grahan is going to take place in the midnight hours of October 23-24, 2014. Want to know what will be its impacts on the environment and all the earthlings? Read the article by Pt. Deepak Dubey, where he explains each and every effects of this eclipse in Diwali in 2014.

Experience Surya Grahan on the special night of Diwali on October 24, 2014.

Pt. Deepak Dubey belongs to the pious land of Varanasi. He is a Lord Shiva devotee, a renowned astrologer and master of Hindu religious rituals. Along with that, he is an expert of Vastu and knows Mantra-Tantra. He got the knowledge of astrology from his father who is also a well known astrologer and Maa Kali devotee. He is invited to various T.V channels and FM radio shows for interviews. He is graduate in psychology and has also written for several magazines.
An eclipse is taking place again after 16 days of Lunar eclipse, and this time, it’s Surya Grahan with Diwali. This Grahan is taking place in Libra and Chitra Nakshatra (constellation). Hence, the natives who were born in the sign of Libra/ascendant and Chitra Nakshatra, this Grahan (eclipse) will be extremely influential for you. According to IST, this solar eclipse will occur in the midnight hours of October 23-24, 2014 around 01:07 am and will continue till 04:17 am. Hence, in India, this eclipse does not have any recognition from a religious angle. However, due to the occurrence of this celestial incident, effect will be imposed on environment and creatures of earth. Apart from this, we must tell you that the impacts of this Surya Grahan in 2014 can be felt for the next 30 days.

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You can now see that Leo is the rising sign for Sun, which is in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Ketu. Venus, Moon, Sun, and Rahu, are in the constellation of Mars and Mars is in the constellation of Ketu. Saturn is in exalted position and, Mars and Jupiter is being aspected by Saturn. Mars is inflicting its debilitated aspect on Jupiter. Thus, being the night of Amavasya, Moon is not present in the sky. Surya Grahan is taking place in a debilitated sign, and due to an exalted Saturn, it is polluted and powerless. Due to Ketu and Saturn, Mars is extremely aggressive. Now, let’s know the impacts of this transformation on the environment and human beings.

If you want to know in detail about everything related to this day, you may find the below given links interesting:

Surya Grahan 2014: Effects On Environment & India

The conditions of planets is extremely unfavorable. Due to the influence of fire and wind elements; earthquake, thunderstorm, Tsunami and other similar disastrous calamities might take place. In North-Western regions/countries, a war can break out; a religious/social delirium may also take place during this period. This can be the cause of bloodshed.

Position Of Planets During Solar Eclipse

(1:30 am, according to Indian standard time)

Surya Grahan 2014: Effects On Zodiac Signs

This powerful conjunction of Diwali and Surya Grahan will definitely bring some change to your life. Let’s now know how this Diwali will be for you, which is incorporated with the additional effects of Surya Grahan. If you find any of your predictions with not a very good news, don’t get upset because the planetary conditions of your birth chart also affect you.

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon sign.

Aries: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

There is the possibility of getting into financial problems. You can also experience some betrayal in work or business. Ideological differences with your partner might be there. There might also be some problem related to your children.

Taurus: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will get victory over your opponents. You are also likely to win in some of your legal matters and will be able to get over of them. However, you should be careful in lending loans to someone.

Gemini: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might not turn out to be unsuccessful in education and competition; your brother might also face some health issue. You might stay concerned with issues related to your children. Pregnant ladies should be extremely cautious.

Cancer: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might also face sudden monetary loss. You might get into some unnecessary rift. You might be facing the agony of getting parted from a special person.

Leo: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will remain restless. You can get a news of a demise as well, during this period. You need to be cautious while travelling a place.

Virgo: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Financial loss might take place in your life. Your reputation might get hampered due to a close one. Your speech is likely to be negatively affected, during this period. You should keep ego and pride away from your nature.

Libra: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Surya Grahan will take place in your sign. Your heart is likely to be distracted. Your thoughts might be in a negative state. This period might weaken your thinking capability for a while; hence, meantime, you need to postpone important decisions.

Scorpio: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might go on some unnecessary travels; sudden expenses may take place in your life. You might stay concerned with your father’s health. Legal problems might also come up. You should stay away from irrelevant arguments and rifts. You need to stay alert from high officials.

Sagittarius: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Your luck is not going to favor you; hence, do not perform any work that depends on your fortune. Hence, try to stay away from gambling, lottery. Do not get into any kind of financial risks.

Capricorn: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might experience defamation, during this period. If you have works related to the government sector, this is not a favorable time for performing them. However, you will get rid of health troubles.

Aquarius: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will stay concerned with your spouse’s health. Your fortune will not be very supportive. You need to be cautious at your workplace; you might be betrayed.

Pisces: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might face extremely delicate time, if we talk of your health. You can be afraid of fire and beside this, there are chances of meeting an accident. Hence, be cautious. Try not to buy anything irrelevant by opting for a loan; repaying the loan would be difficult.

Special: Perform Puja, charity, feeding the poor or perform any auspicious task yourself, on the eclipse of any zodiac sign. This is so because on this day, there are high chances of natural calamities or accidents on such a day. Hence, try to indulge yourself into good work.

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