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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day Gifts for You

Valentine’s Day 2014, the February 14, belongs to the love birds. St. Valentine gifted this day to us, which added the red hues of love and affection in our life. AstroSage has collected some gifts for you on this holy occasion...

Couples everywhere, red roses all around; 
This is Valentine’s Day, love is swirling around.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for You

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” 
~Emma Goldman

Arms of your sweetheart around, fragrance of your darling everywhere, life is so perfect, so complete. What if everything disappears in a flash? Grey clouds of isolation starts surrounding you?

Love belongs to the most sensitive emotions. A minor mistake can ruin everything in a lurch. Sometimes, it’s neither a mistake of you nor your darling’s; it is just about the situation. Sometimes, we even know that something wrong may happen, but we don’t give it a damn.

Indeed, the power of love is enough to deal with any difficulty. But, there is always a weak point of anything, be it you or your relationship. Once the hammer of bad time bangs your weak point, everything shatters down. 

Yes, we are sounding too depressing on this love filled day. It is because we want to see you in bliss always. You can prevent all these mishaps very easily and the resort is “Astrology”.

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Astrology can predict your future. It can even make things better if the hardships are foreseen. Many astrological services, paid or free, are available online. But, sometimes, you feel cheated when you don’t find the expected results out of them. But, here it is different.

We, at AstroSage, offer you most of the FREE services, so that you can get an idea of our work. Further, if you like our work and wish to know something personal in detail, you may take our paid services that are given directly by our proficient astrologers. On this Valentine’s Day, we would like to share some love life and marriage related FREE services here with you.

Easy To Fall - Easier To Maintain

People say that it is easy to fall in love, but is difficult to maintain. But, we don’t agree to this anymore. Because, we know astrology. 
Valentine’s Day

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So, these were the gifts we had this Valentine’s Day. If you like our free services and wish to go in a little more detail about your love or married life, you may take our service here - Marriage & Love Analysis

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You must have heard that love just happens once, but very few of us have left faith in this quote. However, it is true. You may think many times in your life that you are in love, but you don’t realize that it is not always the truth. It actually happens once and when it happens, you finally get to know that yes it has happened. Also, you get to know about that feeling, which you can feel for the first time in life. Ultimately, you realize that that quote is true - “Love just happens once.”

Check out more on this month of love here - February: A Month Long Celebration Of Love

If you haven’t found the love of your life till now, follow the path of astrology and clear the way of bliss in your life.

We hope this little piece of information would be helpful to you. Utilize the best of it and change your life. Be blessed!

Secret To Make Valentine’s Day 2014 Successful

Valentine’s Day in 2014 is no more a mystery for you. This 14th of February, the love life expert astrologer of AstroSage, Pt. Hanumman Mishra has brought you the astrological predictions for this beautiful day of love. So, plan your Valentine’s Day in advance with these predictions.

Valentine’s Day 2014 horoscope predictions

For Indians, every day is a Valentine's Day. All of us try to take our each relation as if every day is the Valentine’s Day. But, day-by-day, we are getting so much busy in our lives that we fail in giving our loved ones the desired time. In foreign countries, to deal with this, people celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’. As India is getting influenced by these countries; therefore, the impact of this day has increased here. While some people like the traditions of this day, others oppose it. But, I am in favor of both the admirers and opponents of this day.

If you are planning to propose someone this Valentine's Day i.e. on February 14, 2014; it is very important for you to know the result of your proposal. Also, you should know the do’s and don’ts of this day. The reason behind is that that living with a depressed mind is not easy. Taking the right decision on this Valentine's Day will help you in living a happy life with your partner.

Valentine’s Day 2014 Horoscope

Aries: This Valentine's Day, Moon is in your 4th house. If you are planning to propose someone who is in your familial relation, your decision will prove favorable. However, ascendant lord is posited in 7th house along with Saturn and Rahu; therefore, make sure that your decision does not give rise to conflicts. Position of 5th house lord in 11th house will boost your confidence for proposing your sweetheart. Along with other presents, don’t forget red and yellow flowers to gift your Valentine. 

Taurus: Moon is posited in your 3rd house. You will be quite excited to meet your Valentine. But, due to position of Venus in 8th house, you may feel that you are not looking that attractive on this Valentine's Day. The person you will choose today may prove to be a good life partner. Also, he/she will prove helpful to your work front. However, Saturn’s aspect over Moon may give some mental stress. 5th house lord is retrograde and combust, due to which you may have to put more efforts in expressing yourself. Just for the sake of fun and joy, don't say anything that may hurt the other person. Along with other surprises, don’t forget a perfume in green bottle to gift your Valentine. 

Gemini: On this Valentine’s Day, you may get success in finding a person with whom you can spend the rest of your life. Position of Moon in your 2nd house is indicating that you are planning to gift something really expensive to your Valentine. Venus, being the lord of 5th house, is situated in its own constellation; therefore, you will get success in impressing your Valentine. However, due to the position of malefic planets in your 5th house, you need to keep a watch over your speech and control your temper. Along with other gifts, make sure to surprise your Valentine with perfume in blue bottle. 

Cancer: On this Valentine’s Day, Moon is situated in your 1st house; therefore, you will get happiness. But, the position of the lord of the 5th house in 4th house along with malefic planets may indicate that your Valentine is having some anxiety. He/She might be desiring to be with a wrong person. However, if you are interested in marrying that person, the conjunction of 5th house lord and 7th house lord may not give above mentioned results, rather it will help you in marrying your Valentine. This means that keeping patience will yield favorable results. Along with other gifts, add a red dress. 

Leo: Moon is posited in your 12th house on this Valentine's Day. This situation is not considered favorable. If you are trying to get into a relationship just for the sake of fun, it would be better to change your mind. Because, if you acted patiently with pure feelings, you may get an amazing life partner. Jupiter, being the 5th house lord, is aspecting 5th house from 11th house and Venus is situated in 5th house. Therefore, you may get good results. But, due to the aspect of Saturn, even a little carelessness may connect you with a wrong person. Hence, take decision with patience. On this Valentine's Day, make sure to gift yellow color dress to your Valentine. 

Virgo: This valentine day will be quite memorable for you. If you are still single and planning to propose someone, this decision will prove quite favorable. Good news is that the person whom you are interested in, is also interested in you. Your Valentine will prove to be lucky for you. However, some dispute is possible if your valentine is from your work front or belongs to the family of a close relative. Along with other presents, gift your Valentine a shiny dress of blue color. 

Libra: This Valentine's Day, Moon is posited in your 10th house and is being aspected by Saturn, the 5th house lord. Hence, if you are planning to propose someone who belongs to your workplace, it will be a good decision. However, if you are planning to indulge in more than one relationship, it won't prove good for you. In that condition, you may lose the real love and may opt a wrong person. Also, if you are starting a relation in lust, it won't prove favorable either. With other gifts, you should surprise your Valentine with perfume in a blue bottle. 

Scorpio: Moon is posited in your 9th house. If your Valentine is living far away from you, you should try to meet him/her. If you are going to travel to meet your Valentine, it will be favorable to you. You may get a new proposal which may prove quite fortunate for you. However, if you had an affair in your past, you may face some problems due to the one. It would be better to either accept that relation completely or leave it for ever. The person you will choose today will not only prove lucky for you, but will also prove to be a good life partner. Surprise your Valentine with red and yellow flowers bouquet along with other presents. 

Sagittarius: If you are planning to find a love interest, who you are willing to make your life partner too, you will get success. However, position of Moon in 8th house may give you a feeling of insecurity. If you are facing any differences with your Valentine, this is the right time to sort those issues with love. It is important to take care of your Valentine’s feelings. This Valentine’s Day, gift a red dress wrapped in a yellow packet to your Valentine. 

Capricorn: You will get happiness on this Valentine’s Day. Personality of your Valentine will be very attractive, but he/she might be a little stubborn. Due to the position of 9th house lord in 2nd house, you family will accept your Valentine quite easily. If you try to control your temper, you can resolve the existing differences between you and your Valentine. Behave accordingly, keeping all these things in mind. To improve your relation, gift your valentine a perfume in blue bottle. 

Aquarius: Moon is posited in your 6th house on this Valentine’s Day. Mercury, the 5th house lord is situated on ascendant. 5th house is getting effects of benefic planets; therefore, you will get good results. You will get someone as per your expectations. He/she will take care of your feelings. However, doubting his/her character may develop differences in your relation. If you are attached with more than one person, it may harm you. With the effects of benefic planets, try to choose the best person from all of them for lifetime. Doing so will fetch prosperity in your life. Presenting perfume in a green bottle will strengthen your love bond. 

Pisces: On this Valentine’s Day, Moon is posited in your 5th house. This means that either you have more than one options, as your Valentine or you may get more than one proposals. It would be good if you take the best decision. Taking right decision on this Valentine’s Day will bless you with a person for a long term relationship. If you are planning to go somewhere with your Valentine, your wish is likely to get fulfilled. This Valentine’s Day, along with other gifts, don’t forget to gift your valentine a red and yellow colored dress wrapped in white packet. 

So, this was all I had for Valentine’s Day 2014. Subscribe us to stay in tune for more such interesting stuff. Also, if you liked it, please share.

Event Of The Day!

The Valentine’s Day is really auspicious from Hindu point of view too. It is because today is Purnima. The full moon day (Purnima) is considered quite auspicious in Hindu mythology. If you wish to know more about this day, please click here - Purnima 2014

On this auspicious day, one more major event is there. That is the birthday of Saint Ravidas.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February: A Month Long Celebration Of Love

Welcome to AstroSage's Monthly Newsletter. We are giving you the February Newsletter comprising all the important events taking place in this month. February, the month of love and romance is the most awaited month of every year, as it is the owner of Valentine’s Day. It is the day when the air seems fresher, flowers appear brighter and sky is painted with the color of love, red.

Welcoming February, the month of love

Valentine’s Day fever starts with the beginning of February. Falling every year on the 14th of February, the day gives love birds a chance to express their love, feelings and emotions to their partner. Also known as the festival of lovers, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to live some very beautiful moments with the person close to the heart. Flowers and hugs are exchanged and chocolates are gifted with love and feelings.

February: It’s All About Love & Romance

With February being the month of love and emotions, a compatibility meter is a must. Whether you want to find your perfect match or the compatibility you both share, you can get answers to all with our compatibility tools. To make sure your Valentine 2014 is filled with love and romance, try our software now. 

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If you are planning your marriage in coming days and looking for a memorable day, why not schedule your special day on this Valentine? Match your horoscope with your would be horoscope and double up the celebrations of February 14. 

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Good friends are not less than a family, as they are always there for our support and help. Valentine’s Day is not a day which you can celebrate with your partner only, but it’s also a day to enjoy with your best friend. Test your compatibility with your friends for life here - Friendship Compatibility

February Predictions

Don’t miss to check out your astrology predictions for the month of February. Click here to know your monthly horoscope - February Horoscope

Important Dates of February, 2014

Important Muhurat of February, 2014

(Stay tuned to AstroSage for the latest articles on upcoming festivals.)

Service Of The Month

Planning your marriage in February? What can be better than marrying your love on the day of love? Start the bond of happy married life this Valentine’s Day with our service of the month. Keeping in mind the theme of February, we present to you - Marriage & Love Analysis. Generate your love and marriage report at reasonable prices via AstroSage. 

In case you have planned everything about your marriage and a Shubh Muhurat is the only thing left, then here you get the best help of the month with our Muhurat service. Keeping in mind all the certainties of marriage Muhurat, you will get the best dates and time for your wedding day. Start your lifelong journey under the most favorable stars and Muhurat, and keep off all the negativity. 

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We hope this newsletter will be helpful to you. We will keep on sharing our endeavors, to help you lead a blissful life. 

Have a great month ahead!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the festival of love
Valentine’s Day Horoscope is predicting about the Valentine’s Day for all the zodiac signs individually. You all might have different plans regarding Valentine’s Day, so come to know in advance that your plans will be successful or not. Make your Valentine’s Day special by knowing what 2013 Valentine’s Day is bringing for you.

Aries Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Valentine’s Day in 2013 will be a day of sheer celebration for you if you are ready to welcome love. It is not necessary that all your dreams will come true but remember that sometimes even little is enough to be happy. Take the responsibility of having great Valentine’s Day in your hand and give your beloved a nice Valentine’s Day gift. If you are single then a simple day with little enthusiasm is expected for you. Arians you like to be chirpy and if a celebration is not up to the mark then you find it boring. Chances are that you will make this Valentine’s Day very special for your loved one with your creative ideas of romance.